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    I ordered Advanced Warfare Atlas Limited Edition on Sunday, and the delivery date on the tracking order and email says 1st November, My question is Will i receive the game on Saturday? 3 days early? and also has anyone else ordered via Very.co.uk?



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  • 10/28/14--03:43: Re: Looking for a PC CLAN!
  • Hi Axowy,


    I am the leader of a PC clan, I tried to find you on Steam but could not. Please send me a friend request on Steam: (DoW)JoeCampr, so that we can talk about you and your friend joining. We have both European and American members.


    Talk to you soon,


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    I have to say that there has been a noticeable increase in parties /clans being in any given lobby. That is not a bad thing - cod is a team game.

    Problems arise though.

    It leads to more lop sided games.... especially in objective gameplay.

    It leads to more frequent dashboarding. I often see peeps leave once a well drilled opposition starts spaming killstreaks.


    Truth is when mercenary playlists were available the populations just didn't justify it. It's a between a rock and a hard place situation.  The more you dilute playlist population the worse your matchmaking experience is going to be.


    Playing generally as a lone wolf you just have to accept what you are in for. Yep - your KD/WL (stats in general) are always going to be lower than if you partied up. I know that on the occasions that I do party up freinds I tend to get a buffing to my stats


    If there is a high enough player population to allow for a matchmaking system which tried to join randoms together without compromising connection - excellent. Alas, I do not think a mercenary (player controlled decision) list will come back.

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    Not fair I'm coming first from both teams and my teammates lose most matches.


    People like pwnstarzdotcom have like 10 win loss ratios, they are rewarded for their skill by having better teammates which brings their win loss up.


    Having teammates as **** as mine affects gameplay too as well as my win loss stat.


    Why is win loss a part of call of duty if is fake.


    What is the point of it being in there? All it means is some people are placed on the "better" side of the code than others.

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    In CoD, I'm a solo player.  First, I want to address something that was said earlier:


    rankismet wrote:



    Friends communicate, coordinate... even sacrifice (their KDR, CP's, etc.) for their friends. Solo players tend not to communicate, coordinate, and are generally more selfish. After all, they are playing just for themselves (and I'm not saying that is you).


    I only play TDM.  I had never thought about myself as a selfish player.  I provide cover fire when able to do so; when a team mate is in a cover-battle, I leave him space to strafe; I blow up explosives if I come across them; etc.  I thought I was doing a lot of nice things, and then I read someone somewhere say something about hating it when teammates that use blind eye don't run launchers to take down airborne streaks.  It was a watershed moment.


    My name is Stdlib_h.  And I am a selfish player .


    I take disabling sentries very seriously, though.  ( Unless a team mate runs directly behind me and sets it off - then we both get killed. )



    But back to this.  Obviously, I love close and tense games, but I also want real games.  I don't want the situation to be contrived to always give me close games.  If I get lit up by a 6-man clan, then that's the standard - I need to improve.  If, after three or four games, we get destroyed by an average of ~30 points, I'll leave and look for a new game with the awareness that I need to improve - not that clans need to be restricted.  I don't feel it's wrong doing that after the game but not mid-game.  I wouldn't want to be artificially protected from this experience.  I think getting stomped occasionally is necessary for character balance, humility, seeking improvement, holding oneself accountable and it discourages entitlement.

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  • 10/28/14--04:07: Clan try outs PS3
  • iif you have the following add me

    a mic


    a person that can be the leader when im not on

    not a hacker or cheater

    add christien345 and message me

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    it's getting to that time of the year, when I get really excited for when the New Call of Duty game comes out..

    but Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare I must say with all the things I've seen and heard about the game if I had to describe it using only one word

    I'd say "Unbelievable" and I honestly can't wait to get my hands on the game to start playing. It made me happy just going shopping the other day and went buy myself an energy drink and noticed that my local supermarket sell's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Monster Energy Drinks a lot of my money already been spent on them. and been getting all fired up and ready for the game to come out a while ago I reset my stats on past call of duty games, so I could bet my own progression stats and re-live the good time I once had with past call of duty games through out the franchise so far im beating my own targets.


    but high to average K/D guy like myself, ranking up quickly using well tactic's and strategies have always been my thing but im really looking forward to trying all the new stuff that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has to offer

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    Bahahaha@ wrong side of the code..... you know, there are MANY things you can do for your team besides cheesing the scoring system that would help your team win...

    What I'm trying to ssay is, there is more to being a team player than being on top of the scoreboard.


    And really its all irrelevant. If you don't want to risk randoms "losing dispite your godliness", get some friends.

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    AW is about a week away. Clan Wars has been confirmed for Advance Warfare. Need a group to pub stomp with on release?  Apply at npowned.net

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    AW is about a week away. Clan Wars has been confirmed for Advance Warfare. Need a group to pub stomp with on release?  Apply at npowned.net

    We are in need of someone who is dedicated and a strong leader to lead our ps4 side

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  • 10/30/14--04:25: Re: PS4 Pre- Load
  • I just pre-ordered the digital and it says expected download the 1st or 2nd.....I hope it's the first with my download speeds though.

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  • 10/30/14--04:26: Re: Are ping bars returning?
  • So in other words you "could tell that you were lagging."  Thank you for proving my point.  Experienced gamers don't need to be skipping around to notice lag.

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    If the game does wind up having a lot of camping I hope they make Exo Mute Device an unlimited ability to help balance it out.

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    Lol I know. I was going to write that, but I thought some Americans might not get it...

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  • 10/30/14--04:32: The New Claymore...
  • So the new claymore appears to be a hunter killer drone am I right? Its the new exlosive drone. But heres the thing...On spawning and if its equipped...this thing will seek out enemies and destroy them in exactly the same fashion as the hunter killer from bops2...only it isnt a killstreak?? Overspam alert!!!! And what is the counter????

        I discovered this while looking for the new claymore, which doesnt seem to exist. Look, im actually loving the thought of using this fun gadget but not loving the thought of getting blown up by it every two seconds??!! Does anyone know or could inject a reason into this thread for why this thing wont be megga spammed more than anything in history, that would put my mind at rest a little...

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  • 10/30/14--04:34: Re: PS4 Pre- Load
  • Thanks, good to know, I was thinking that if everyone that per-order on PS4 was getting the download at the same time it would be a heavy strain on the system.

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    Xflop has barely just outsold wiiu, and yeah, i hate everything from their policies, "entertainment device" to the garbage layout of the controller. Speaking of rude, im not the one acting like a fanboy ripping apart the guy who handled the glitch thread for the duration of ghosts, all for inviting people to join his clan or friend request on ps4. Ive been posting in this forum since wii, never saw you except for in support.

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    You still don't realize that your opinion doesn't actually reflect the truth but just what you think?

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    When i start Call of duty black ops 2 the load with black screen and than error with saying Call of duty black ops 2 stopped working i try verify the files and try few times re install and the same problem happens.

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    If so, I think it will change as people start to learn how to use the new movment abillities as well as the maps. The EXO suit might open up for the players that aren´t very hardcore CoD players to get to a high rooftop.


    We´ll just have to see!

    Hope you´re having a fantastic day.


    DayZero 4 days away!

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