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  • 09/29/14--19:50: Re: Ridiculous enemy spawns
  • So what was the use of you saying anything?

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    I play the older titles quite often. And they are all the same besides one thing. The hit detection in ghosts is better than any cod I have played. Part of the issue is the internet itself. The fact is if 20k people can play just fine, can you really blame the game? I don't deny that you may experience the things you say. You don't seem the type to lie, and you really have no reason to. The internet is a touchy touchy thing, and games that move as fast as cod make it worse . I just assume you are hard wired and port forwarded.

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    the answer isn't allowing breaks at round 40..


    the answer is creating a hardcore mode for those players who find round 40 just getting started. A hardcore mode where there are more zombies, faster and stronger, no drops, etc. Round 50 should become the new round 15. My opinion.

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    I have been trying to link my Ghost account from PS3 to the App on both my iphone and my galaxy tablet.  I have one of my accounts from my PS3 able to load fine but the one account on my PS3 will not load in the app.  It goes and starts to connect after I give it my log in and PW but then brings up a small text across the top saying (Loading...).  It is my main account on my PS3 and want to use the app to keep up with the Clan Wars.  It seems to freeze there while if I log into my other PS3 account it loads fine and fast.  I have have to uninstall the app and re-install it to un-freeze the app from this loading screen.


    Any help or information would be great.  I know I am not the only one having this issue as another member of my clan is also having the issue.  He is actually worse off as he is the clan leader and to him it shows he is not in the clan but to everyone else in the clan it shows him as the leader still and he does not help get points in the clan wars.  I don't know if this information is relevant but to someone it may.

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    Hi everbody!!!


    After last update Call of Duty Ghosts, I couldn't play anymore the multiplayer mode.

    I checked my connection and  performed all tests and it works fine, I play other games  on line normally but  when try to connect call of duty ghosts and call of duty balck ops 2, I always find the same message: "...The server of Call of Duty Ghost" doesn't available!!

    Someone has already faced this problem?? Please helpe me!!!


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    Seems that's all that I've been doing tonight and I rarely rage quit.

    Just a bad night for me.  On top of it PSN locked me out for 30 minutes but I want them teeth

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  • 09/29/14--20:15: Looking for a Clan
  • Looking for a new clan, clan im currently in is very small and not active unless it was clan wars. Clan leader deleted me off his friends list after the last war for no apparent reason


    Current Stats:


    Level: Prestige 1 - Level 35 (Was already Max prestige but reset)

    K/D: 1.38

    W/L: 1.87


    im a run and gun type with slight camping when need be, DeWoc19 on PS3. I live in the US

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    i've looked online for solutions, nothing works, brand new linux mint 14 machine... pretty stupid this doesn't work.

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    The down side to that assumption, gotsomestars, is that when you bring it up? Whether or not it was prior to your asking/assuming, it always is a hard-wired and port forwarded connection. Know what I mean?


    Not saying that is the case here ... but it is the general pattern.


    In any case, whatever complaints I've had about COD, I have to say that over the last year the connection quality seems dramatically improved. I did experience some frustrations here recently, but I was gaming on little sleep and ... backing out of lobbies quite a bit one night. Other than that, I've tossed everything from MW2 to Ghosts in my 360 over the last couple of months and the connection was the least of my concerns.

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    I Too have this same problem but I also lost flip flop fryno's house and the mystic star strike I won in the wishing well

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  • 09/30/14--18:49: Article 18
  • Hey there SGThe_Reaper,


    We understand your concern with your account. However, we've no info on banned accounts.  For any further info please check here: https://community.callofduty.com/message/413500949#413500949


    As per our guidelines, all appeals or attempts to challenge the merit of a ban are considered prohibited.


    This post will be locked.


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    Hi @OFWG_Gaviin,


    I checked on the servers of the game and I found out that it's on Defcon 5, meaning the servers are fully operational. From what I can also see in this one, this has something to do with matchmaking. I actually pulled out an article with regards to matchmaking. Here it is: Activision Support Please ignore the steps provided below which is changing your Search Preference because that kind of option if for Black Ops 2.


    Hope this can help you understand more about matchmaking. Have a good day.

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    zingaa wrote:


    myevo8you wrote:


    zingaa wrote:


    Players who use tubes in hardcore are just bad players, they won't admit it, but they know deep down inside their awful. These are also the same types of players who avoid capturing in Domination, just bad players. truestory



    I use tubes in HC all the time and I play 99% domination. I usually lead the team with kills, caps, and defends. I average almost 8-10 caps per game and 15+ defends.

    Well then you're a scrub, tubes in Hardcore are for weak players that can't compete, but I'm sure you already knew that right? I now you think you're probably a "really good player" but if you have to resort to using a tube in hc "all the time" you're weak. Shields and beginner tubes should be removed from hc altogether, leave that to the beginners in core, leave hc for the grown ups.

    Far from a scrub. Actually probably better than 95% of the cry babies on here. I have held a 3.5 K/D or higher in every COD since COD4, and have had a W/L ratio between 5-7 on the past few.


    The scrubs are the ones who like to whine and cry about things over and over and pout when they don't get their way.


    Tubes are NOT for weak players and the ones who make such ASSumptions are arrogant and ignorant themselves. That's like saying that the only thing that should be allowed in HC is guns. While were at it, lets remove killstreaks from HC as well. Or how about let's get rid of perks like Sleight of Hand, Ready Up, Stalker, Dead Silence, Marathon, and Quickdraw.

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  • 09/30/14--19:06: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • So, tonight's episode was pretty good, with some fun little twists.  But man, I hope you guys catch the teaser to next week!  We get to see what Simmons has been up to and it's very interesting.  Tempted to say more, but I'll wait till you guys have gotten to see it.


    @Iron - Yeah, that game was awful.  Spectacular day for special teams and the defense looked nice, but the offense couldn't have been worse.  And like ya said, whenever they started to get something going they'd screw it up.  Lane Johnson is back next week, so that should help the OLine.  Would love to have Kelce and Mathis back, but it's gonna be a while with their injuries.  The Eagles have the Rams next week so hopefully the offense can bounce back.


    @Iron - i saw a little of the Vikings highlights and man, you must sure be excited about Bridgewater!  It's way too early to say whether he's the real deal, but ya gotta love the potential.


    Fury had to know something was up though.  Probably not on the scale of what it was, but he did give Natasha the super secret mission at the start of the movie to steal the information.  He didn't completely trust her, however, since he didn't tell her that he faked his death.  He did tell Maria Hill though and the doctor, so there's likely to be others that were in on it.


    Obviously!  Everyone would turn down Ms M for Bobbi, haha.


    Yeah, they could've picked worse than Troy Baker.  Nolan's Hawkeye in MUA1 was a bit bad and there was the Wolverine-esque voice he had in the Avengers United cartoon and the also terrible voice in the 90's Iron Man.  If I hadn't been spoiled by Chris Cox, I would've jumped for joy over Baker's Clint, haha.  Awesome!  I plan to do whatever I feel is most true to the character's fighting style, though I ended up maxing out Clint's melee attack anyway since ya get so many skill points.

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    cuando igreso al multijugador se congela la imagen, luego disparo a los objetivos pero no mueren, si lanzo granadas estas son lanzadas a los 3 segundos, a pesar de esto si me matan en el acto. pensé que era problema de red pero solo me sucede con cod ghosTs

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    Just do a little research and your ignorance should start to clear up (Hopefully).

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    Done it, but it sounds like you could use a little research yourself.


    Or.. wait... tell us about the games you have developed and created net code for since you are such an expert.

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  • 09/30/14--19:21: Re: Blue eyes rank
  • Just keep playing, sometimes it can take a week to get blue eyes back even if you only lost one tally mark. Don't worry, the blue eyes and tally marks are nothing to do with your rank so you have not been de-ranked.

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    I think they should do what 343 is doing with the Halo Collection.


    Actually, scrap that. EVERY major franchise should do what 343 is doing.

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