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    And this is why I want to strangle people like you. You are ******* WRONG. The theory video is very very retarded. He must have a mental problem, including yourself. Plus the song is not going to be by A7x. It's going to be by Kevin Sherwood since the Samuel's crew is back. Idiot. Use your brain.

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  • 06/30/13--16:46: JOIN NEW CLAN NSEAW
  • I AM TAKING ANYBODY WITH AT LEAST  1.25 KD AND A 250 SPM AND WE WILL DO ZOMBIES AND COMPITIVE SEND APLICATION NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 06/30/13--16:47: Re: ..
  • hahahahaha what about mother Fraggers

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  • 06/30/13--16:47: Re: c4 is faster on xbox.
  • You sound like the kind of person that believes the moon landing is fake.

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    Are you in a clan?

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  • 06/30/13--16:48: Re: ..
  • ._.

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  • 06/30/13--16:49: Re: INSOMNIACS [PS3]
  • Bump

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  • 06/30/13--16:49: Re: ..
  • hahaha jk xD

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    Totally agree with the camos for a start, its an FPS game, camos should be based around war scenes (woodland, desert, ice/snow at a push urban) but not these silly little glow in the dark things and bright pink with flowers on etc, if you want it to feel like an a FPS first it has to look like an FPS and these camos make it look like a disney pixar shoot em up.


    Remember when you killed someone on MW3 and money came out of them? why? the game is rated M or 18+ blood shouldnt be an issue.


    Maps definatly need an overhaul, there was a thread somewhere else and someone (sorry cant remember who) had pretty much hit the nail on the head, the maps need to bigger but dont neceserarly need to be huge to be good, aslong as verticality is brought into them, ie have maps with maybe 4-5 playable stories to shoot up at and down from and to provide flanking routes etc. Dont get me wrong though a 5 story nuketown or hijacked would still be shamefull, the maps do need some elements of extra size added to them, personally the smallest maps should be standoff sized, medium maps roughly drone sized with larger maps roughly the size of a small and medium map added together. they dont need to be battlefield sized but abit bigger than they are currently would be nice, and they definatly need more than 3 routes, at least 5 would work nicely, (obviously there will still be routes which are more popular than others but its nice to have a choice of which route to take and not have it dictated to us by shoddy map design.)


    Pick 10 CaC system was pretty good but i would suggest this, wildcards dont take up 2 extra slots, so if i pick perk 1 greed and an extra perk it should only take up one slot, the next point is the wildcard that gives you an extra lethal, should allow you to carry a different type aswell not just 2 of the same type. And lastly killstreaks should be incorporated into it to create a pick (enter number here) system, Each killstreak = 1 slot. or do it as a pick 15 system where the more lethal a streak is the more slots it takes up.


    Killstreaks - this is a big topic, some people feel streaks have gone way to over board while others beleive they are not overpowering enough, some only play for highstreaks taking away from the objective modes, my suggestion would be have all support streaks - UAV, CUAV, SAM TURRET, AUAV (advanced), include things like ATTACK HELICOPTERS and PAVELOWS but have them specifically for support actions like hovering over an objective to help defend it. they shouldnt be circalling the map kill whoring. (exceptions for TDM/FFA/KC because killing enemies is the only objective)


    Perks - Need abit of an overhaul from BLOPS2, perks should not be or attempted to be made into weapon attachments, ie adjustable stock.


    Weapon Attachments/Leveling - Weapons should only be allowed to use attachments their real life counterparts can use, different zoom level scopes/silencers/extended mags, not all weapons in the same class should be able to use the same attachments, add things like underslung rail (i know its battlefield but it works). Im abit undecided on the leveling of weapons, i mean its nice to have a challenge with them but at the same time it would be nice to just pick a weapon with the attachments i like and go play rather than having to unlock them at certain levels, the camos should be level based but off of kills and not headshots, the more experience you have with a weapon the better adapted you'll be to different map styles, this could tie into the new character customisation aswell.


    Mute All But Party Button - This is one of the best things about BO2 (apart from the replacers videos) please bring it back.


    Party hosts - Please allow us to simply change a party host without having to close the party and rejoin the new host.


    Vehicles - I dont agree with vehicles being in the game ive got battlefield for that purpose, but say for example there is a US Army hummer with a mounted machine gun ontop in one of the maps, it would be pretty cool if we could access that machine gun to use for our teams defense/attack. the vehicle wouldn't be drivable but the machine could be used like a sentry gun - has to be player operated no automatic sentry.


    Spawns - If you plan on making the games 6v6 create 7 isolated spawns without sightlines to one another (as best you can of course smaller maps may struggle with this) to ensure a player always has a safe area to spawn in, 9v9 then make 10 spawn locations etc etc. No revenge spawns, if i kill someone tough they should have to make there way across the map to try and kill me not get spawned right behind me, it was their own fault they died in the first place, they shouldnt get rewarded with cheap kills for dieing.


    Deathstreaks - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO who ever thought of them in the first place needs to be fired with all due respect they are horrendous, why should someone get rewarded for dying consistently.


    Weapons -

    A.) Balancing - who cares, i dont mean any disrespect by this but has the taliban/al-qieda ever rufused to play wars because the american/british forces have superior weaponry? some weapons are more powerful than others its a fact, we as players (who lets be honest all claim to be fairly good in some aspect of the game) should learn to adapt and counter other weapons, not have the devs constantly nerf and buff them.


    B.) Sniping - Quickscoping is getting boring now especially in objective gamemodes, design the maps to give back long range engagements for snipers so they can be used as they are intended in real life, for long range combat and reconasence.


    C.) Shotguns - They shouldnt be primary weapons, making them primaries means they need to be overpowered to be able to compete, they should go back to secondaries.


    D.) Pistols - No pistol/hand gun should be able to out-gun an assault rifle or SMG in combat, they should be last second havent got time to reload weapons.


    E.) Weapon Stats - Things like weight/clip size/round size/fire modes should be displayed rather than boxes that light up showing a weapons stats.


    F.) Weapon physics - Base weapon weights should dictate how fast a player can run and not what class that weapon is from, different AR's have different base weights to each other for example, also things like adding attachments should increase a weapons weight, therefore movement speeds, aiming times etc.


    G.) Weapons should have the same firing modes as their real life counterparts, there shouldnt be an attachment that allows us to swith firing modes it should come as standard on weapons that have different fire modes and should be available on weapons that dont have them in real life.


    H.) Diversity - 4 LMGS 4 Snipers 4 Shotguns and then 7 SMGS and 10 AR's? Please give us say 10 or so of each weapon type, it doesnt matter if some have similar stats its just nice to have more of a choice.



    Gamemodes - We need something completely new, KC was ok but not much different from TDM, Hardpoint was ok but just a mix of Domination and Headquarters, it would be nice to have something completely revolutionary like Attack the Base where there is one bomb site in a building with one team defending one attacking, the attackers have to gain access to the building and destroy it before the time runs out, the winnin team is the team who completes the objective in the fasted time.


    Longer games - Currently i find most games end too quickly, TDM for example should be double the score limit it is now or remove the score limit and have it as most kills in 10 minutes, same applies for CTF (most flags capped in 2x10 minute rounds) DOM (most points scored in 2x10 minute rounds) SnD (best of 11 rounds) these are all just example of course.


    Remove Core and HC - Instead of splitting the player pools up come up with an intermediate, for example have no permanent UAV but use core health % with no health regens (again just an example)


    Previous Map Vote - Please please please get rid of this feature, its so boring having to play the same maps over and over again.


    Dedicated Servers - I know its been mentioned a thousand times but this game needs them, ive been playing battlefield the last couple of days (yes im a hardcore cod fan) and although you still get odd lags spikes here and there the overall experience has blown CoD away, the constant losses of conection to host on cod is becoming rediculous now almost every game someone disconnects.


    In-Game Stat saving - Stats should be saved at regular intervals during a game.


    Game Stats - KD needs to go, the value of a player should be based entirely off of Win/Loss ratio and teamplay. (exceptions for TDM/FFA) something like KPM (Kills Per Minute) might be more appropriate.


    I think thats all for now but if i think of any more ill be sure to add them.

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  • 06/30/13--16:50: Re: WHY ACTIVISION WHY!!!!
  • Hi Rocketereloader,


    We all have our favorites.


    If you haven't already done so, you may want to take a look at the update notes in the community forums:


    Xbox 360: http://community.callofduty.com/message/413598236#413598236

    PS3: http://community.callofduty.com/message/413598388#413598388

    PC: http://community.callofduty.com/message/414210154#414210154


    Should you have any other questions, you can also reach us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ActivisionAssist and Twitter https://twitter.com/ATVIAssist


    Regards ^AH

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  • 06/30/13--16:50: Re: ..
  • I'll smack you...

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  • 06/30/13--16:51: Re: ..
  • hahahah >.<

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    ROFL!  Well, one stat that it doesn't show you after the game is your S/PM but I'm sure mine is much higher than Reds. That's the confusing part, how I am consistantly better than him in everything (occasionally he may beat me in a single stat in one game) but I'm loosing more points if we loose and gaining fewer points if we win, against the same enemy team.


    If we had been in two different games and both lost, even if the scores were similar and the ranks of all the players on each team were similar, it would be understandable how our scores could seem "backwards", there could be some other dynamic at work that we don't know about between the two gamers, however similar they might appear on the surface. But we're in the same game against the same enemy with the same average stats and I'm outperforming him in every way most of the time, only to earn less points if we win and loose more if we loose. That's why it's such a head-scratcher to the both of us.

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  • 06/30/13--16:53: Re: Call of Duty Perk Ideas
  • My comments in Itallics.

    surridge1990 wrote:


    Most of them sound pretty descent except a couple,


    Firstly theres spyware - could you clarify whether it will permanantly show enemies as arrows on the map or wether it would work like recon did in mw3? because a perk that always shows enemies as arrows would be the most over-powered and over-used item in the game and would soon get very tiresome. The way you've described it makes it sounds like a permanent VSAT/BLACKBIRD/AUAV which would just be silly.

    All this perk does is make those red dots on your Minimap become arrows. Think of this perk turning a UAV into an Advanced UAV (MW3). The Minimap is not changed (if an enemy doesn't fire, then they are not appeared on the Minimap).


    Secondly my personal opinion is that blind eye and ghost should be merged together like it was before, it should keep you off enemy uav's and hide you from AI controlled streaks/sentries etc. its annoying having to use two different perks to shoot down 2 different killstreaks ie spy plane and attack helicopter.

    Blind Eye is a stealth perk for in the air (AI controlled specifically). Cold-Blooded is a stealth perk for those on the ground.


    Thirdly theres Lightweight, i know many people are suggesting that the lightweight perk is whats messing up the hitboxes, i cannot confirm or deny this as i dont really use it and really pay attention to what people use in the game but if like many people are saying it corrupts the hit boxes would it not be best to leave it out at least for this edition of the series just to see if it is or isnt causing hitbox problems.

    This one IS skeptical, because Lightweight, Stalker (MW3), or any ability that allows any speed enhancement doesn't really corrupt the hitboxes, for that is the engine's (or devs') fault. If the hitboxes are having problems with basic movement, the enhanced speed doesn't make a difference.


    My personal view on the perks should be one of 2 ways:


    1.) 5 perks in the game and you can pick one per class, these would be as follows:


    a.) Stopping Power - 25% extra bullet damage NO.

    b.) Juggernaught - 25% extra health NO.

    c.) Ghost - Invisible to enemy uav and killstreaks Skeptical...

    d.) Scavenger - Resupply ammo, lethals and tacticals OK.

    c.) Blast Shield - 25% less explosive damage done, less effected by tactical grenades OK.


    2.) 15 perks in the game and we can pick any 3 for each class, take your list as an example but remove the tiers so any combination of 3 perks can be used.

    {Will edit when I return...I have to go} 

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  • 06/30/13--16:53: Re: Why are pistols so OP?
  • You can compare them with primary wepons, the TAC-45 can out-gun an FAL in some circumstances and that's the most powerful gun in the game.


    The B32R is a beastly gun in CQB and will beat an SMG.


    The Fire Seven is an overall good gun to use.


    The KAP-40 is well rounded, it's great in objective based game modes, you can clear a hardpoint with that thing, quick. Sure it has a small mag size, but stick extended clips on it and it's better than a lot of the SMGs.


    The Executioner isn't great to use, as it's range is terrible, and is the only one that doesn't outgun primary wepons.

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  • 06/30/13--16:53: Re: Need Some Help
  • Do you and your friends want to merge clans with mine? I onli have a few members also..

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  • 06/30/13--16:53: Re: ..

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  • 06/30/13--16:55: Re: ..

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    Fits in both I guess?

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    Brazil, this time by Fred aided by none other than Neymar, Brazil almost winning this match. Brazil 3-0 Spain

    Update: Neymar once again here. He hits the second goal for his side against the champs. Brazil 2-0


    Update: Spain were expected to come up with their best performance. But this is simply a disappointing performance by them so far. It looks like the hard-fought extra time match against Italy from a few days ago has definitely took it’s toll. Has it?

    Update: What a start for Brazil. They have taken a very early start against Spain. Hulk clips a cross to the back post and here it goes. Brail 1-0 against Italy

    Update: National Anthem of Spain is on and there are jeers and boos from Brazilian fans. We are going to see hostility in its worst form here

    Spain are looking like an impregnable wall. Will they be unseated by Brazil? Everyone seems to be asking this very same question at the beginning of the final match here today. More than 75000 soccer fans have already filled the stadium and there is unprecedented excitement. Who is going to win the match today?

    No one is sure. Both are extra ordinary teams with extra ordinary players and both have been in their best forms throughout the Confederations Cup. The two sides are so good in their game that any prediction is very difficult at the moment. Though there are many analysts who suggest that Spain, being the number one team in the world have more chances to win the game, but Brazil are a great side and they are playing one their home ground that itself is a big advantage with a team. They will be cheered in a big way, while Spain are sure to get jeers. There is no doubt about it.

    A latest report says that Spain have won their last six encounters against South American opponents in all competitions, including friendlies. The last Latin American side to beat Spain was Argentina in a friendly in September 2010. They have also won their last 28 matches so far.

    The best thing about the Brazilian side today is the fact that they have no injury worries and are expected to field the same team that beat Uruguay for Sunday’s final against Spain.

    Teams combination

    Spain (4-3-3): Casillas; Arbeloa, Ramos, Pique, Alba; Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta; Pedro, Mata, Torres.
    Brazil (4-2-3-1): Julio Cesar; Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Marcelo; Luiz Gustavo, Paulinho; Oscar, Hulk, Neymar; Fred.

    Where: Estadio do Maracana, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

    When: Sunday, June 30

    Time: 6 p.m. ET

    TV: ESP.N (cov.erage starts at 5:30 p.m. ET)

    1. L.i.v.e St.ream  es.pn3

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