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    oRLsx317o wrote:


    I would like to know why Danger Close exists in the first place. Sure, it has a purpose - clearing rodents out of holes would be my best guess - but after many years and many games featuring it, surely they'd know by now that it's used purely to troll?


    I think you've answered your own question. Trolls, noobs, newbies, and "clearing rodents out of holes". Like it or not, this is a pretty good percentage of players.


    Besides that, I feel like the damage of explosives has been nerved over the years. I certainly seem to be able to walk away more often after explosives go off than in older titles up to MW3, in Core anyway. So danger close brings them up to a more lethal dose (like it used to be). So in general, everyones lethals are dumbed down (a good thing) and the ones that really enjoy lethals need to equip danger close. I don't know the actual damage numbers, just going of a feeling.


    I'm not defending it being in the game, but it doesn't really bother me...... I could care less if it stayed or was removed. But I won't lie.......... I do enjoy shooting my Panzerfaust with danger close at window campers and enemies camped up in rooms with their ied's and sights on the doorway.

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    Oh yeah this is a free weapon clan you can use any type of weapon. Emblem is your own preference. If anyone has anything that can record and post at youtube you're free to join without battling me. I don't care if your kd is below 0.2 just be in this clan. Hope to see you there.

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    XXb1g_ballaxx I wanna try out

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  • 09/18/14--21:07: Re: Marvel Heroes MMO
  • I'm still lagging behind you at level 46 right now, but I've been finishing up Tales of Xillia 2 instead of playing Marvel Heroes.  I'll probably play a lot of Marvel Heroes this weekend and get Rogue to 60 then.  She's tons of fun, that's for sure.  I'm not much of an X-Defense person, so I've mostly been playing terminals and midtown with Rogue myself, and she does plenty awesome there, too! 


    Have you tried out the new Bronx Zoo area?  I ran it once tonight with Widow to try it out, and it's pretty cool!  You get to fight mutated lizard versions of all kinds of weird animals, including Lizard Giraffes!  Not to mention some cool boss fights with the Lizard, Kraven, and Mr. Hyde.  It's pretty fun and gives you a variety of things to do, between finding computer terminals, protecting zoo-goers, and smashing lizardified animals. 

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  • 09/18/14--21:32: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • @Hawk: Haha, no, he just spends all his money on sports tickets for some reason.  I guess that's his main hobby, so it's pretty much the only thing he spends money on.  To be fair, we sat through the lines during halftime, which I'm sure is when the lines are longest for food and stuff, so you wouldn't miss that much of the game if you went during the middle of it.  Yeah, it's one of those kind of things that's really nice to do sometime to see what it's like, but you probably wouldn't want to do it every week, even if you could afford to, you know? 


    Yeah, I almost never see stores run out of new blu rays, but they did this time, I guess.  That's also a super busy Target store, though, so that probably had something to do with it, too.  Guardians is gonna be crazy, though.  Might be worth it to just pre-order it somewhere just to avoid having to run to all kinds of different stores to find it! 


    Yeah, I'll probably see if I can just put it on my Super Smash Bros. pre-order (which is coming in 2 weeks, actually!).  It's not a big deal, though, since it's only $5.  Yeah, the sets are $35.  I'll probably get the Spidey one at some point, but I kinda wanna make sure I like the game before I buy a bunch of extra stuff for it, you know?  I'll probably just focus on the Avengers stuff first and decide if I want the Spidey stuff after, unless there's a really good sale or something on it.  I'm not sure if I'm gonna get some power discs at some point.  You don't know what you'll get out of the pack, and I don't really like to buy random things, but it kinda reminds me of buying packs of cards for card games when I was a kid, which was always cool.  And some of the costumes and team-ups look pretty cool, like the Winter Soldier team-up or the symbiote Spidey costume!  I'm leaning toward a no to start out, though. 


    Haha, yeah, you just traded in your old set of Clint problems for a new one!  A game with classic Clint and Bobbi with the whole set of classic Avengers fighting Kang or Ultron... You'd probably faint from excitement over that!


    Yeah, I know what you mean after dealing with the lame Superior Spider-Man stuff.  That's... really weird.  It's probably just one of those situations where the person doing the cover doesn't really know what's going on in the story, though.  It seems like the covers rarely match the story.  It sounds like the whole storyline isn't working out so well, though.  It almost sounds like they're just skipping over everything that happened with AIM for no reason.  They've gotta be going back and explaining that better, don't they?  I bet there's more to it that they're just not saying yet... or I hope so, at least.  That just seems so anti-climactic. 


    You're right, they did announce a LittleBigPlanet 3!  It's supposed to be out on November 18th, actually, and I had no idea!  Of course, I barely played the first game, so I guess that's not too surprising.  I might look at giving this one a try at some point, though, since there's not a ton of PS4 games out there right now. 

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    A clan where you can have fun and be chill with everyone in the clan. if you play for fun? thats cool! If you are an active call of duty player and want to play in clan wars and win in clan wars then you found a nice clan for you! If you got any questions please contact me on my Xbox 1 account called Trillkilla42O the zero is actually a capital o. add me and we can talk. If you have high K.D. and want to play clan wars, thats good. if you have a low K.D., me and my guys can help you get your K.D. up so we can get you into clan wars. we still play after clan wars so you will always see me and my members around.

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    if you live in canada and in the U.K. then i do want you in my clan as well. same with U.S.

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  • 09/18/14--21:53: Payback time
  • Last night i played exodus with 2 some random 25lv guys who runned slayer ammo, i noticed in beginnng that they dont throw down much ammo and i dropped much cash for them,  then they started to throw ammo and wests over fences so me and other random guy dont get them. I msg the other one that he will not escape before he has been down. I didnt press the cortex and i had them to run around about 1h before the other one went down and hes mate left the game earlier, and when he was revived i was ready to press cortex. He asked me "why?" and i told him that i finish what he started.


    This kind of things happened to anyone? What would u do?

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    Hi, i'd like to join.

    My PSN  luisyjavier200

    I have a mic but I don't trickshot

    Dat a problem?

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    Same here. In Addition my Flip Flop Frynos House is gone too...really sucks.

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    B usiness l o se P roblem S olution  + 9 1 - 9 9 15467377

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    [TRBE] MajorLeagueTribe

    Clan Level: 20

    Clan K/D: 1.75

    Region: United States [Pacific]

    Members: 11

    Division: Diamond


    Clan Requirements:

    -Be active, friendly, respectful, and participate in clan wars.

    -Be loyal.  Don't bother applying if you're a clan hopper.

    -18+ Years of Age

    -1.00+ K/D ratio


    Founded by myself and maowskys during the Black Ops cycle, we have been playing together for 4 years.

    We currently have a perfect clan war record narrowly grinding out the last victory.

    Now opting into Diamond Division for the FINAL Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan War.

    I am looking for selective players who will be playing 7-11PM PACIFIC TIME.


    Clan Wars Schedule:

    Diamond: 9/20-9/21 7pm-11pm PDT


    Add "shredsector" on XBL and leave a message with your KD/Level and if you have any app experience.

    Not interested in mergers.


    Thanks!  Hope to see you on.

    My KD: 1.97, 275+ Hours Logged



    Message was edited by: shredsector

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    pending recruits are on standby if needed

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    P roblem  S o lution B aba J i  + 9 1 - 9 9 1 5 4 6 7 3 77

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    V a s h i k a r a n   S p ecialist + 9 1 - 9 9 1 5 4 6 7 3 7 7

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    A g h r o i   B a b a   J i   + 9 1 - 9 9 1 5 4 6 7 3 7 7A g h r o i   B a b a   J i   + 9 1 - 9 9 1 5 4 6 7 3 7 7A g h r o i   B a b a   J i   + 9 1 - 9 9 1 5 4 6 7 3 7 7A g h r o i   B a b a   J i   + 9 1 - 9 9 1 5 4 6 7 3 7 7A g h r o i   B a b a   J i   + 9 1 - 9 9 1 5 4 6 7 3 7 7A g h r o i   B a b a   J i   + 9 1 - 9 9 1 5 4 6 7 3 7 7A g h r o i   B a b a   J i   + 9 1 - 9 9 1 5 4 6 7 3 7 7A g h r o i   B a b a   J i   + 9 1 - 9 9 1 5 4 6 7 3 7 7

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    ON L I    BL A C K   M A G I C   S P E C I A L I S T   + 9 1 - 9 9 1 5 46 7 3 7 7 

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    B l a c k   m a g i c  S o l u t i o n   + 9 1 - 9 9 15467377

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    Come and tryout for the new best clan on PS3 only

    you must be 14 or up to tryout

    We need more active players so if you are good and you are always active this is the clan for you


    If you would like to tryout please add TysrO_Rush, TysrO_GoDzz or TysrO_Cheesy

    Or message us on Kik: BraveWarrior556 - Rush, Mikel2999 - GoDzz or WillsterGeorge - Cheesy


    We need editors and recorders in the clan aswell

    If you have any questions message Any of us on Kik or PSN





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    m a r r ia  g e  p r o b l e m  so lu t io n  + 9 1- 9 9 15 4 6 7 3 7 7

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