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    I have the same problem on ps3. "Error downloading game settings." None of my friends can watch it either and they were all in the game. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. Its search and destroy and ive tried switching accounts to watch it but it didn't work. anybody have any suggestions please help A.S.A.P

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    KTPhoenix wrote:

    Where did i get the stats? Easy the 1% was from Robert Bowling when he did an internet interview just before the release of MW3 and the 40+ million from the new Creative Manager when they first showed Ghosts during a reveal last year.


    I'm not even going to comment much on this, "before the release of MW3". That's 3 years ago. And, yet again, I know your paragraph after emphasised this. But you are too worried about percentages and ratios compared to numbers. 400,000 compared to 40 million may be small in ratio, but that is irrelevant. It's like saying that Shanghai has the largest population in the world with 24,150,000, actually scrap that, because that percentage to the entire world makes it a ghost town. (0.003%). 400,000 is still a lot of players, think of the sales drop if that were to be removed.

    Also, further on that point, I can tell you now that figure is wrong, as well as being a 3 year old interview, and the community only really picking up after MW3 anyway, there is already way more than 400,000 across COD anyway. You can even see this through mediums such as YouTube and Twitch. Sniping clans dominate in both followers and subscribers, as do their players, is that a bit more evidence to show that people enjoy it? I am in no way trying to put some fanboy attitude on (i'm the complete opposite), I watch many snipers play because of the commentary and the entertainment etc. It is just another gameplay style to get some laughter and enjoyment as well as see how the ENTIRE community of COD players in general is fairing and what people are doing.

    KTPhoenix wrote:


    And QS should NOT be viable. A sniper rifle should not be able to outperform a shotgun at close range. A sniper rifle is a long range weapon and is supposed to be used as such. Why do you think there is a giant scope on it? There is no reason to use QS. If someone gets close enough to you, you should pull out your secondary because that is what it is for. If you dont have time to do that then you are already dead anyway so what is the problem? Besides, if you let the enemy get that close to you in the first place then it is your fault for not properly setting up your defenses. That is why we have bouncing betties and claymores......for defense.


    And these are the statements that really tic me off. You are saying that if I shoot a sniper rifle at you from 2 feet away, game physics DEMAND me that my bullet will not hit the other player? I should be able to fire a sniper rifle from my hip and hit you 10ft away, even further. But no, the common excuse that many have gotten so used to is that my bullet will 'magically' hit anywhere other than the guy I am shooting. Who in hell would think, "someone is 2 ft in front of me, I will place my sniper rifle down, put my hands in my holster removing my pistol before firing it into the enemy." No, it makes no sense. And 'dying' anyway will remove any point in using a sniper rifle in the first place.

    A shotgun? I hate complaining, but to counter your argument, no shotgunner in COD should ever win a gunfight. Purely because you cannot just 'sprint' with a shotgun before having the time to physically lift it in a matter of milliseconds, firing it into your enemy. A shotgunner should always be walking at a pace, you physically cannot run that fast with such good reflexes. BUT IT IS A GAME. A game that we play with a controller in our hands on a pixelated screen broadcasting electronic signals to other sides of the world. So, I don't complain, I work out strategies and move on, that is what we are supposed to do. The common argument is purely a case of, you can't overcome it, therefore you resort to blaming the game mechanics that have remained the same for over 7 years. EXACTLY what you are doing right now.

    That was one example, but EVERYTHING in COD is wrong, EVERYTHING. There is nothing realistic or close to normal in it at all, but as stated, people have to choose the one thing to pick on purely because it is something they cannot overcome, well, I seem to have no troubles.

    This is not to say, "Go pick on another feature!" or "I'm just trying to stick up for the snipers". It is saying that the game is not something to be taken with a realistic approach, whether or not you stated anything about realism does not matter, by comparing close range and long range you have already clearly told me where your argument heads towards.


    BUT THEN, you continue to talk about how unsporting a 'good portion' of them are. As well as throwing your last statement out the window, you just stated the exact thing people complain about with trolling. You spent the whole time arguing to boiling down to one point on 'objectives'. First of all...what? If you hate snipers why are you playing with them? Where is your ready-made team with all your mates to talk to since you are sick of playing with snipers who don't play for objectives? Where is your mic to talk to them and ask? Where is the pre-game lobby in your version of COD that lets you know the team structure?

    You stated your point as if snipers are the only players who don't go for objectives...how about the players who purely hunt kills? The trollers? The campers? The newbies that we as a community try to help? I'm not making any fault for them. If my team doesn't go for objectives. It is MY fault because I couldn't be bothered to get a co-operative team that I could trust instead of pub-stomping. Everyone plays how they want to play, I can't change that decision.



    People just get worried about one game mechanic for the time being and forget the rest. You watch, these forums will be flooded after AW's release of other 'faults' or *snicker* 'unrealistic' things in the game, there will be points on snipers, on C4, on pubs, on shields, on perks, on shotguns and all manner of other things.


    Then you have the nitpickers, the ones who seek out to destroy (nice reference there ) certain mechanics that they cannot seem to put up with, the ones who don't overcome, but undermine instead. This is what you are doing.


    On a side note, this is not a personal dig at you, I'm sure you may be a great person/gamer just like many on these forums, but there are always arguments, and this one will remain large throughout COD's lifespan. I am just on the side that sniping and Q'scoping should remain a feature of COD, and either the players overcome it or different play styles do.

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    I have no idea what I'm reading.

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    i know it wont let him join me but i cant join him as well

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    5 venom grenades is enough to kill them when youre not running do less damage.


    What I do tho, is I save the last the door for the one in Gas station to help out spawn control a bit. I make sure everythings checked out and then hit the top gen && see which challenge it gave me. If its trap friendly then I hit traps right away, and I go prone right away (if the challenge allows me to) near the board when you go up from bottom trap. That way no bomber can get to me, nor a gargoyle. The only thing that damages me is a scorpion, but what Ive been doing is if the scorpion makes it to the top of the red sign I drop down to the dumpster behind me real quick bcuz if he cant see you he cant shoot you. Once he starts jumping around he is more than likely to die from a trap.


    As youre laying there prone, you can see if anything made it up to the top gen past the traps and you can quickly go up the wooden platform and shoot them before they get to the gen. Gargoyles after missing a few times, drop down and run around for you to shoot. Theyre a hassle to deal with if youre improving your score as missing a single shot can drop down youre score significantly, best thing to do is to try to kill everything after the gen/door is finished, not during.


    For the ancestor gen, Ill craft venom grenades and Ill usually have like 3 NX1's leftover from the previous ancestor. Again, I turn the gen first and check if challenge is trap friendly before turning them on and Ill throw a sticky or regular flare right away. Ill do the challenge real quick if I can then I run up to the ancestor soon as it comes down from the plateau. I throw 2 venom grenades right away then switch to my NX1's I dropped after crafting the venom nades (Im not moving at all) and throw ONE nx1 at it, then finish off the venom nades on it. I do it in that exact order as I realized that the ancestor puts up its shield a second after the you hit it with the venoms and that way the ancestor cant put up its shield for a while allowing the venom nades to do their job. This will bring its health down to red and Ill throw a second NX1 at it and finish it off with my specialist ability.


    If I need to throw another flare to complete the challenge with max score possible, then I do so. After everything is all done, I like to stay near the K7 and kill anything that comes near the gen all while the traps are on and I only need to turn them on once per gen. Being underneath the gen gives you cover from bomber and gargoyles and if you run it several times, youll notice exactly where the scorpions like to go and you can shoot em down with no hassle.


    When I said I do these gens without shooting anything really, I meant it like these 2 gens are the ones where I shoot the least compared to the office or parking lot. After I do both gens I do the door bcuz if you go out near the medusa you wont be able to open the door anymore so doing it right after is important. I turn both tesla traps on before I open the gate and then I start crafting my items for the end.

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    I'm starting up a league play / pub stomping team for Black Ops II on the 360. When Advanced Warfare's released we'll move onto that, but for the time being we'll be playing mostly on Blops2. We're hoping to build a team based around good communication, so we'd like mature applicants who meet the requirements below. If you'd like to join, message iBAZw on xbox live and/or visit necagaming.enjin.com, sign up, and apply on the forums.



    -Age 16+

    -Headset/Mic (stereo preferred, but not required)

    -Kill/Death 2.0+ (Just a general guideline. If you're slightly below this, you can still apply.)

    -EST preferred, but central allowed

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  • 09/17/14--21:26: Article 1
  • Hey zxPhantom-, Glad to hear you're able to get back in the game. We do recommend that you play on a wired connection as this can help prevent drops from the server. Since the server doesn't know the difference between a disconnect and a dashboard, the player is given probation. Probation does stack, which can result in longer probations or bans. Please remember to play through each match completely before quitting out. ^ZJ

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  • 09/17/14--21:26: Article 0
  • Hey zxPhantom-, Glad to hear you're able to get back in the game. We do recommend that you play on a wired connection as this can help prevent drops from the server. Since the server doesn't know the difference between a disconnect and a dashboard, the player is given probation. Probation does stack, which can result in longer probations or bans. Please remember to play through each match completely before quitting out. ^ZJ

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    I was playing overflow in team death match when halfway through, modded lobby popped up. I left asap has i have no idea what it was. Now my prestige emblem has gone, squad points have numbers and letters in it and i cant purchase anything. My stats are empty and i have no idea what to do... Help me please. I was level 51. Dont care about losing it, just want to keep my gamertag and restart everything without having to delete my account and go through making a new profile. Anyone have ideas? I only play for fun so i honestly dont care about stats, just dont want to have to pay more money for xbox live with a new profile and all that stuff!

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    you guyS ARE A GOOD CLAN BTW

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    That blows. But at least you have all Legendary gear. I'm guessing you bought most of it though.

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    ClintBarton wrote:


    That blows. But at least you have all Legendary gear. I'm guessing you bought most of it though.


    You kind of have to buy your gear to get into the raids right away.


    Helmet - Vanguard Rep

    Gauntlets - Xur

    Chest Armor - Legendary Engram

    Leg Armor - Vanguard Rep

    Weapons - Legendary Engrams, Rare Engrams, Exotic Bounties


    I did get some raid gear, mostly got mats from the raid, but I prefer my expotic gauntlets over Kabr's.

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    I usually find sights like that are more bulky, and I feel like they're taking up more space. The frame on the RDS is smaller, and the standard dot on it is generally smaller too, thus taking up less space when using it.


    Another possible issue is the threat detector will mark too many enemies, and they'll either blend together, or I'll be paying more attention to what I see in red/marked than what is actually going on in front of me.



    Then again, I hardly use optical sights. If I'm using a gun that I can control well enough without foregrip, then I may use a red dot or some form of optic sight.

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    Straight LucK is a new up and coming organization ran by old school gamers. We are very experienced when it comes to running successful organizations.

    We at Straight Luck believe gaming is supposed to be a time of relaxation, fun and enjoyment.Our goal at Straight LucK is to bring talent from all walks of life into one unified organization with a unified goal. Are you tired of not having anyone to play with. Are you tired of not winning?  Well if you answered yes to any of these questions Straight LucK is the place for you. We strive to create the perfect gaming environment for all gamers alike.

    Contact @Straight_LucK for any questions or reply to this post.

    Thanks and happy gaming!

    (website in the making)

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    did you install them just wondering

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    I have the same problem thats why i dont have the COD App, and I dont remember to much how much time i have play but i know more then a day.

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    Some think there an advantage but i play worse with them. i dont have a problem finding targets but i like them in the game because it gives people that dont know the maps and clutch points as well a better chance at doing decent in game.

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    Tired of playing against full parties while your side is at the mercy of random, horrible teammates? Are you over being in lobbies/on teams with people you constantly have to mute?  If you can play well regardless of the lobby you are in, join some of us who got sick of the same thing and let's BOSS on these scrubs together.


    overall clan stats:  KDR: 1.5  ;  WIN %: 60%  ;  Members: 15+  ;  Member Age: 18+

    clan rank: 25 (max)

    clan division: diamond


    Currently we are only recruiting HARDCORE tdm/kc/dom players for PS4 ONLY!!!


    Our minimum requirements are as follows:

    Hardcore:  50% win %, 1.5+ KDR

    Softcore:   60% win %, 2.0+ KDR


    You need to be better than these numbers for consideration. Request a tryout if you feel you are better than your kd/win% dictate.


    The Circle of Bosses has been an established clan since CoD 4, with an experienced and core group of players who have played every game in the series.  We max out both individual player and clan level/badges/awards every game, often resetting stats and doing friendly competitions among ourselves.  We have lives and jobs, we are NOT just a bunch of kids with spare time to troll and annoy people - when we play it's all business, and we put in work!  Everything you will need to know as a member of our clan will be communicated by leadership.  We won't ask you to sign up for some garbage 3rd party website, forum, or anything else that will take time away from your life or gaming.  If you want all that social media nonsense, we probably aren't for you.


    If you are interested in joining the Circle of Bosses, message PSN: CoB_Easy or apply in-app (please include what game mode you normally play)

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  • 09/18/14--20:50: Re: Youtube Channel
  • It's not even a specific time. All your kills are obtained just like squad assault AI. you catch then on the reticle on 1st pivot then center off for the shooting. And you only spring as far as the reticle away from the target then perfectly snap back to center off on a body part just as squads AI does to it's victims. It's obvious why you do so well. you have a cheat aiming for you. Your not targeting all your enemies like squad assaults AI because your a legit player. Your doing it because you use the same scripted aim the game uses. I can clearly see that.

    And then add all the perfect pre cut angles you pull off just because you knew someone was in the room means your dead lined up with a last second change of direction as you come out from cover. Ye your legit. LMAO/

    I really can't take it anymore. The stupidity of these people who want to try and pawn off a cheat as skill.

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