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    I applied. Would love to get accepted!

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    Hey guys,

    We're a brand new casual/competitive clan based in Europe looking for new recruits.

    We'll play everything from league play to pubstomping, trolling and zombies.


    In order to join you will have to create a new account and be active on it.

    If you're inactive for over 10 days without notice, you'll be kicked from the clan.

    You will have to have +1.00 k/d, if you dont I will have to try you out.

    You will have to be +14 years old, main thing is you're mature and respectful to others.

    We're setting up a league play team to try and get to masters and do clan battles.

    To qualify for our competitive team you will need a headset, know callouts, spawnpoints, etc...

    If you're interested add Hazardous-DJ or leave your psn.














    Competitive EU team



    Competitive NA team


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    thebiindsniper wrote:


    The only "let the game play for you" Call of Duty titles, IMO, were MW2, MW3, and Black Ops II.  With the overpowering strength of the streaks from those games, they offered near-instant success with very little resistance (since only a small handful were smart enough to counter anything).  Ghosts made the streaks a lot weaker to prevent them from overwhelming the enemy team, but it seems it wasn't so favorable since the community became too comfortable with how the streaks used to be.


    With the items that are listed in Advanced Warfare, I doubt they will be of any major hindrance to the experience.  While there are plenty of detection-based features in the game, their usefulness seems very limited to the point where they are mild inconveniences.  It's like the shock charges from BOII.  They're everywhere, yet at the same time, it's nothing to cry over.


    Lastly, the target finder, tracker sight, and thermal sight didn't play the game for you.  Sure, you can see the enemy a little better than usual, but since when does that feature alone allow the user to develop more skill?  You still had the aim and shoot the guy, so what was the problem?  Since when was a small little red diamond going to offer me an advantage to the point where it's broken?  What's to complain about next?  That the ghillie suits are OP because they're hard to see in the bushes when the real problem is that people cannot accept responsibility for their lack of visual acuity?


    ...oh wait, people do complain about ghillie suits.  Why color me surprised and slap me silly.




    Brother, I hope you noticed I mentioned things you can carry. I am a huge proponent for de-emphasizing streaks. Streaks that do too much for you are not the same thing as always on aids that target or highlight an enemy for you


    MW2 did not have sights that targeted enemies for you to shoot other than 1 sight on a sniper that was less than 50% useful. Same thing for MW3. I already noted the target finder for BO2. It was very effective.


    The target finder, tracker sight, and thermal sight do play the game for you... how? You ADS... and unless they have a counter equipped... they bloom on your screen like a sunrise. This was not the case in COD4... WaW... MW2... BO... MW3... But now? Fail to equip certain perks and you are a highlighted, easy to see, greenie friendly target... simply because they've designed the game to do a lot of the thinking and learning for you.


    Target acquisition should be learned... a skill... not a given based on your sight.


    That's all I am saying.

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    CodPro3 wrote:


    Just shut up, you're an idiot and need to be educated.


    MayI ask you a question?


    When you blow your nose... are you concerned about the impact to your IQ?


    Just curious... because, I will be honest...

    ... I shudder to think about the IQ impact when you poo.


    Take care.

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    SevenThug wrote:


    Totally agree with gens/hives/drill.


    However, if you're slow to traps in the final area on exodus, I'm turning them on. Some people get pissed. Sometimes I run engineer too though. Nothing to be pissed about. It makes the final area go faster.


    Most people running it are just kill whores. Get over it if that's what why you run it. They aren't "your traps". If you suck and I'm surrounded by cryptids while trying to get an ancestor, I'm going to turn it on.


    I don't suck at being engineer and I make sure all the traps are set while making sure the drill/generator isn't getting damaged but its duma@sses that immediately set the traps as soon as I start the generator that piss me off. The traps are for the Engineer and if you don't know that then you shouldn't be playing. No one else is immune from the traps or affects the traps like the engineer.  Just like medic/tank/engineer sacrifice faster reloading and WS sacrifice scorpion jizz immunity/extra health/trap immunity.

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  • 09/16/14--20:43: Merx Gaming (READ)
  • Team Merx is a new up and coming organization ran by old school gamers. We are very experienced when it comes to running successful organizations, and also have the connections to bring players of all skill to the opportunities they seek. Our leaders at Merx not only have experience with competitive gaming, but also have degrees in business management. I will say this helps give us the upper edge when it comes to securing sponsorships and creating great relationships with popular companies.

       Our goal at Merx gaming is to bring talent from all walks of life into one unified organization with a unified goal. We are always looking for individuals who are top tier gamers, Streamers, web designers or just top quality casual players who want to have fun. Her at merx we go by our own creed  (Unity Dedication Loyalty) That is what we are about.

    If you are interested in becoming apart of a team that is motivated and has the funding and experience to take you to the next level, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking to launch our site around mid October. After our site launches we will have multiple giveaway thanks to our Sponsors, friends and Affiliates. 


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    Bielsalmighty wrote:


    I had an experience like that, but I was on the winning side. The reason I got a kill after sponging bullets was he had an auto rifle and I had a fusion rifle. Also he was too dumb to scramble when it made that charging 'waaaaAAAAAH' noise LOL just stood there shooting like a melon


    I wont be doing much crucible though, not overly taken with it tbh. Maybe it'll grow on me, maybe not.


    I tell you what it IS good for though! CAUSING SALTY TEARS OF RAGE!!!! Heres a list of everything deemed OP on the Bungie Forums:


    - Shotguns

    - Snipers

    - Fusion Rifles

    - Auto Rifles

    - Rocket Launchers

    - Nova Bomb

    - Titan Fist-Smash

    - Titans Shoulder Charge melee attack

    - Hunters Gold Gun

    - BladeDancer

    - Radiance

    - Blink Strike

    - The Titan Class

    - The Warlock Class

    - The Hunter Class


    All the things listed have been requested to be nerfed. Already. And I thought CoD folk got THEIR knickers in a twist LMAO


    There was absolutely zero weapon balance in the beta... I haven't played it post-launch.


    ... then again...


    I didn't enjoy Halo MP.



    The complaints are funny... but... where there's smoke there's fire. COD at least modifies campaign elements in MP...

    ... Destiny doesn't.

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    sparyandpray wrote:


    fix the host severs they keep crashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You're having issues connecting...


    ... just sayin'.

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    Come check us out

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  • 09/17/14--20:18: campers song so funny
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  • 09/17/14--20:23: Re: iPhone 4 App won't load
  • Wi-Fi

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    At this point, with all the mediocre reviews for Destiny, I question not how well it will sell but how much of the current player base Bungie will retain for current play and future purchasing.  I just traded my copy in today for $40. Story was average at best and left you with no feeling for the world of Destiny.  The patrol mode is in a big lifeless world for target practice.  Use it to grind for materials for upgrading and some bounties.  Once you get to level 20, you have to grind the same set of strike and/or story missions over and over again from 18 to 20 to 22 and 24.  I play the same two missions with randoms three nights in a row so I called it quits.  After level 24, there is no match making available for the high end loot they over hyped.  Plus they have no voice comms for their fireteams.  You have to set up "play dates" to play the missions because Bungie wants you to communication with each other but no voice comms provided.  Go figure. :-(


    So I didn't feel like grinding over and over again on retreaded missions when Bungie made it that much harder to play with folks and get the loot they hyped.  My gaming time is very "unscheduled" and doesn't fit in with what Bungie expects players to do.  They already excluded about 80% of its player base from raids due to its design so I expect as more and more players reach level 20 and see what Bungie did with the game at that point and how much gaming scheduling they have to do get the high end stuff, there will be a lot of trade-ins, particularly in November when 4 major games hit.

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  • 09/17/14--20:30: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • Man, I picked up Avengers #35 today (along with Avengers World) and the eight month time jump was just so overwhelming.  Spoilers ahead, so if you're reading this Iron ya may want to look away!  Anyway, so there's been the big war with AIM for over a year now.  Maybe even two?  And Sunspot just offhandly mentions he bought out AIM and they're nice guys now....And it's such a huge letdown.  I know the Avenger kids delivered a blow to AIM by erasing stuff, but they still had mindcontrolled Smasher, a huge army, the Cult of Entrophy, and everything.  The Avenger kids issue ended on a shot of the Avengers about to fight AIM troops around the Capital building.  Maybe I'm forgetting something, but Sunspot buying out AIM just makes the whole big saga feel deflating.  The issue doesn't even remotely allude to what happened to Clint and his arm, which is just plain frustrating.  Suffice to say, this issue did not leave me as a very happy Hawk.

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    I completely understand this whole thing here, which is honestly why I've been trying to lead a charge to get new upgrades added.


    But, instead of creating lots of different topics all for the same thing, why not consolidate the effort into some of the existing topics or idea threads. Not trying to draw attention because I wrote it, but there's actually a pretty good discussion going on here ( Additional Update Ideas (Final DLC Idea) ) and some of those ideas in this topic are already present there. Join in, provide some thoughts and a vote.

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    I'm finally level 25. I made it FWC Rank 2 and I purchased my first Legendary item. Still haven't even seen a purple engram dispite Gambit finding 2 and jnikoley finding 2 today alone. There has to be something wrong with my character. I farmed a spot for an hour today, probably got 50 greens and 15 blues but not a single purple.

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  • 09/17/14--20:33: Clans that i can join (PS3)
  • HELP PLEASE... I really wanted to join a clan. My PSN Danial_Destroy13. My favourite type of gun is the ballista. If someone invited me to their clan, they will be appreciated. I can be the scout. Thank you !

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    Hi my PSN "Danial_Destroy13" i like to join the sniper division. My favourite weapon is the ballista. Hope there still space for me to fit in. thx I'll text you later.

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    TrueShot  Is Here For You!!!

    *AGES 14+                                                                                      




    -Competitive Division-

    -Zombie division

    -League Play Division

    -Sniper Division

                                        Contract Info

    Contact us on ps3, Kik or Email

    Ps3-  TrueShot_GoDzz



    Kik-    BraveWarrior556






    Email- mikelsanchez297@yahoo.com



                                            How to get in

    1.Have to contract us first saying "tryout for which Division "

    2.When you Add TrueShot_GoDzz   i  will 1v1 with either use snipers or guns

    3.you have to get more that 5 kills with a sniper points are 10

    4.you have to get more than 15 kills with a gun points 30

    5. if you got pass the points needed to join you

    make  a account itsTrueShot_YourNameHere


                                  What We Need

    1.. Need a Recorder.

    2..Active members!

    3. The Best Of you!


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