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  • 09/14/14--19:48: Re: Domination idea.
  • iMurderedYew wrote:


    I have an idea for domination. We all know that most of the time if you play Dom it's all just people going for kills and not playing the objective. What if they added an incentive to capturing points. Let's say if your team doesn't have any points captured and you get a kill you get 5 points. But if you have 1 point captured you get 10 points. If you have 2 points captured you get 15 points. And if you have all 3 points captured you get 20 points. I know those are the real point values but you get what I'm saying.

    Does anyone like this idea? What at your thoughts?


    I get trying to reward PTFO...


    ... what they need need to do is reward winning...  JFW...


    .... then PTFO takes care of itself.

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  • 09/14/14--18:30: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • I think only Rice's wife can press charges and she didn't want to.  I read that Goodell was more lenient on Rice because he was afraid of victim blaming if Rice was suspended for a year, which I can see as a fair worry.  I imagine she would get all kinds of crap had Rice been suspended a year before that video came out.  I'm not saying that Rice should be allowed to get off scot free cause some jerks would rather blame the victim than a cherished football player, but I understand how Goodell might hesitate to indirectly dump more crap on someone already going through a tough situation.  Obviously, the most important thing is for both the Rices to straighten out their personal lives, whatever that entails, and any punishment is secondary.  The NFL does need to make it clear that Ray Rice's actions are disgusting and unacceptable, but the message should be that its unacceptable because hitting a defenseless person (regardless of gender or relationship) is a scummy cowardly thing to do and not about some random of games someone misses.  Having to assign a number to something like this is weird, ya know.  The two game suspension he initially got was absurdly low though.  That it's lower than most positive drug tests is insane.


    Hopefully I explained that in a way that I don't come off as some jackass apologist, haha.  Like I said, I find these kinds of things hard to talk about since you only hear so much information and these are real people's lives we're discussing.  I prefer to talk about how Hawkeye will kick Ultron's ass or which side will I help in Dragon Age, haha.  I haven't really paid too much attention to the Rice Ray saga so if I said something stupid ya can ignore me.

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  • 09/14/14--19:52: Re: Domination idea.
  • Izjar11 wrote:


    iMurderedYew wrote:


    I have an idea for domination. We all know that most of the time if you play Dom it's all just people going for kills and not playing the objective. What if they added an incentive to capturing points. Let's say if your team doesn't have any points captured and you get a kill you get 5 points. But if you have 1 point captured you get 10 points. If you have 2 points captured you get 15 points. And if you have all 3 points captured you get 20 points. I know those are the real point values but you get what I'm saying.

    Does anyone like this idea? What at your thoughts?

    I get what your saying, but that would ruin the experience for solo players.


    This is the catch


    Play with friends, and coordinate and enjoy these games or play solo with randoms, and get random results.


    Not tracking on how encouraging PTFO ruins things for solo players, brother?

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  • 09/14/14--20:16: Re: Marvel Heroes MMO
  • Rogue is totally awesome.  I had her hero pack pre-ordered the day it was announced, so I've been playing her a good deal this weekend.  I got her at level 37 right now, and she's so much fun to play.  There's just so many options, and I haven't even scratched the surface of what she can do in this game so far!  Right now, I'm using her signature, her basic punch, the rubble smash attack, Magneto's area power, Scarlet Witch's Chaotic Hex, and Storm's hail power.  I also got a few points in the big gloves off buff, along with the Kree Resilience passive, along with the She-Hulk damage buff and Taskmaster buff.  Oh, and I got Widow's stealth for a movement power, too.  I haven't really nailed down exactly how I want to play Rogue yet, but I'm having fun experimenting with the different powers so far.  What are the stolen powers you're using right now?

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    Nap, can I have some of what you're smoking? Must be damn strong lol.


    First off:

    "BLOPS 2 has a UAV up every 3 seconds so everyone is always on the radar."

    Nap, my man, as a fellow TDM warrior in arms, how can you say this blatant lie? Do you not remember the struggle for #tdm125? The sacred dream we held dear to our hearts? The hope to hear the dog's howl in TDM lobbies? How we fought against Vonderhaar's prejudice so our children and future generations can have killstreak equality? Even though the miracle never happened and we failed in the end.....


    Outside of like Domination and Kill Confirmed, Black Ops 2 has the least UAV coverage out of every COD game, Ghosts included. Sure, in Ghosts you need 2 Satcoms to equal one UAV, but the odds of hitting a 3 killstreak for both you and your teammates are a hell of a lot higher than hitting a five killstreak UAV in BO2....a five killstreak....a freaking FIVE KILLSTREAK!.

    Pretty much makes garbage players on your team even more worthless.


    In comparison, a six killstreak with Hardline in BO1/MW2/MW3 got you a UAV, a Care Package, AND a chopper. Daaaayyyyyuuuuummm.


    "...Ihat is part of where the skill gap comes in.  You have to play differently depending on what weapon you are using.  Most people can't adapt because it is more difficult"

    I think you're confused with this point. There's a difference between a high skilled gun and well....a piece of **** gun. A high skilled gun would be something that's harder to use but rewards you for mastering it. Like the BO2 SMR/FAL/M8A1(MLG's favorites), MW3 MK14, BO1 G11...I could go on and on. A bad player can't just pick up those weapons and do well, you need to have good aim, firing, and control to succeed with it.  Meanwhile a piece of **** gun is a piece of **** regardless of how good the player is. Sure, someone could pull off good scores with one but they would get better results using a top tier gun instead.


    For example in BO2, the SMR requires more skill since it's a high recoil semi auto with a slow ADS time but it rewards you for mastering it with a nice two hit kill range/TTK. The AN94 is more reliable and easier, but you can do just as well or even better with the SMR if you put the time in to learn it.


    In Ghosts though, a good player could get decent scores with a marksman rifle/SMG but they're not really gaining anything for using them. They would get better results using a top tier weapon like the AK-12.



    Your argument makes no sense at all. Ghosts has huge maps with tons of wide open spots with multiple areas for people to pick you off, lots of hiding places to blend in, towers, and camping power points with only one entrance in. (like that one building on that boring ass grassy city map). Outside of the few smaller maps, a majority of my TDM games on Ghosts end up hitting the time limit because people are just plain afraid to move due to those factors.


    Black Ops 2 has smaller tightly controlled maps with multiple flanking routes/entrances into rooms/buildings. Ghosts does not. You say people can "lock down the 3 lanes with TF LMGs" (also what are these "3 lane maps?"), but like I just said, the maps have tons of ways to get around them and hit them from behind. I guess "that's where the skill gap comes in".


    I think it takes far more skill to do well in Ghosts because of the fast kill times, better hit detection, lower aim assist, and maps that actually require tactful thinking.

    Again, what? First, The fast kill times make the game completely reaction based. Whoever panic sprays first wins. Aim does not matter. Second, what is better hit detection? I always see people spouting this off but never back it up or explain. Both games feel exactly the same to me when it comes to hitting targets. Third, Ghosts proves that lower aim assist only hurts bad players. Most of the good DA guys on my friends list have similar accuracy/KDR on both Ghosts/BO2 despite the AA difference. I'm sure you'll notice that too if you compare.

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    Hey there I am the owner of Merx Gaming. We are a NEW casual and competitive gaming organization with big goals and big promises. We are multi platform Ps4 and Xbox1. Currently only the Xb1 side is open. for more info reply to this post. You will go through a trial period in order to be a candidate and trust me you wont be disappointed. You must be 18+ for this position. Serious offers only. This is not a petty child clan. this is a serious gaming organization looking to grow. Some info will be held until you are 100% in. The org is not fully up and running yet and we have 2 members as of right now. We need help recruiting. everything else is under control. thats all there is to say interested let me know. reply to this post or msg me on xbox one Rx CoolKidRex

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    The TTK was too fast, the maps were too big, the target seeker attachments were broken, the KILLstreaks were worthless and Support was far too dominant, simple helpful things like connection bars were removed completely, Amplify was a disgrace at launch, time limit games were rampant, moving around the overly bloated maps was penalised by every prior mentioned game mechanic, the Shotgun, Pistol and Marksman classes were atrocious and had minimal niche use in the game, the UAV needed more than ever was nerfed into oblivion, objective play went back to being unrewarding again, the perk system just didn't work and was a main reason Tacticals and Lethals became such useless niche classes with the exception of probably the I.E.D, the squad points were utterly pointless and unrewarding, the maps were so dull and grey forcing people to camp or use Thermal Scopes because targets weren't immediately obvious, none of the strong guns in the game have recoil, Ghosts destroyed burst weapons, Ghosts catered to the MLG crowd yet again, Ghosts didn't introduce a single worthwhile new game mode.


    Ultimately Ghosts was just a safe cookie cutter game, which took few risks and it showed because it was bland, dull and unimaginative. It's punishing game mechanics killed the enjoyment for much of it's casual playerbase, coupled with the big tedious maps like Siege and Chasm. The killstreaks were so dull and the ones that were actually strong were just designed to infuriate and rage, such as the Guard Dog. Team Deathmatches in Ghosts were the most boring experiences for me in the entire franchise.

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    Fever family has a core structure that is built around providing a platform for players to strive and awarding members progression for their continued efforts - Become part of our one of a kind community today!

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      Rogue Clan Is Here For You!!!

    *AGES 14+                                                                                        



    -Competitive Division-

    -Objective Divison

    -League Play Division

    -Sniper Division

                                        Contract Info

    Contact us on ps3, Kik or Email

    Ps3-  Rogue_Sythe




    Kik-    BraveWarrior556




    Email- mikelsanchez297@yahoo.com


                                            How to get in

    1.Have to contract us first saying "tryout for which Division "

    2.When you Add Rogue_GoDzz or Rogue_Sythe  we will 1v1 with either use snipers or guns

    3.you have to get more that 5 kills with a sniper points are 10

    4.you have to get more than 15 kills with a gun points 30

    5. if you got pass the points needed to join you

    make  a account its Rogue_YourNameHere


                                  What We Need

    1.. Need a Recorder.

    2..Active members!

    3. The Best Of you!


    Competivite Division


    -Rogue_GoDzz (Leader)















                                        Sniper Division












                                  League Play divison


                                                                                                                     HOPE TO SEE YOU JOIN   

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  • 09/15/14--19:24: Re: Ghost multiplayer
  • The game plays perfectly for me....I rank it as one of my favs of all time.  Sorry you are on the bad side of the lag Gods.  I feel your pain...it was like that for me in BO2.

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  • 09/15/14--18:56: Extinction Knowledge Sheet
  • It won't let Vulturus make new threads for some reason, so he has asked for me to post this on his behalf. I in no way take any credit for this.


    Hello, if the community wish to look at my documented sheet which contains many info

    about extinction then i recommend following the download link below:





    Goodbye Ghosts ~waves hand~

    Vulturus Flying out!

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

    --   00   --   Content Included   ---------------------------------------------------------------

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

    1: Loadout

    - 1A: Classes

    - 1B: Pistols

    - 1C: Ammo Type

    - 1D: Team Support

    - 1E: Strike Packages

    - 1F: Equilizers

    - 1G: Relics

    2: Armoury Upgrades

    - 2A: Teeth Upgrades

    - 2B: Teeth System

    3: Weapon Analysis

    - 3A: Sub Machine Guns

    - 3B: Assault Rifles

    - 3C: Light Machine Guns

    - 3D: Sniper Rifles

    - 3E: Shotguns

    - 3F: Marksmen Rifles

    - 3G: Miscellaneous

    4: Schematics

    5: Cryptid Analysis

    6: Score Sheets - Regular Mode

    - 6A: Point of Contact

    - 6B: Nightfall

    - 6C: Mayday

    - 6D: Awakening

    - 6E: Exodus

    - 6F: Additional Info

    7: Score Sheets - Harcore Mode

    - 7A: Point of Contact

    - 7B: Nightfall

    - 7C: Mayday

    - 7D: Awakening

    - 7E: Exodus

    - 7F: Additional Info

    8: Differences

    - 8A: Lobby Differences

    - 8B: Difficulty Differences

    - 8C: Venom-X Differences

    9: Challenges

    - 9A: Map Specific

    - 9B: Gun Challenges

    - 9C: Kill Challenges

    - 9D: Miscellaneous

    10: Special Locations

    - 10A: Intel Locations

    - 10B: Easter Eggs

    - 10C: Egg-stra Locations

    11: Special Thanks

    12: My Strategies

    13: My Farewell

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    CCompletely turn off your Xbox, unplug it, and then come back on. Should clear the temp cache. 

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    Stopped reading right there.  That last sentence.  I promise I didn't read a single word after that epic piece of BS. I just can't.   lol There is no way I'm reading past that.  I can't imagine how big of a steaming pile the rest of it is

    Are you kidding me? Really? You're either trolling or blinded by your masturbation over Ghosts. Think about the past COD games.


    COD 4/WAW had a moderate amount of UAVs, BO1 was a bit spammy because lots of people used Hardline to get a 2 kill UAV, MW3 had the most out of all CODs because of support, objectives counting towards streaks, as well as BO1's Hardline getting buffed with 2 assists counting as a kill. UAVs out the ass to the point where there's even a song on youtube about it:

    MW3: UAV Online Remix (ft. Chris Smoove) - YouTube


    BO2 has the least out of any game, do you not remember that's the BIG reason we WANTED TDM 125 in the first place?! Five killstreak, four with Hardline, no stacking or support streaks.  It really ruined FFA, TDM, and S&D (many people complained about this on the other systems). UAV spam was only a major issue in Domination and Kill Confirmed at launch but Treyarch fixed that by increasing the score required...which in turn hurt FFA/TDM/S&D further.


    Ghost's UAV is nerfed for sure but you gotta look at the bigger picture, you still have MW3's support package, 2 killstreak with Hardline, objectives equal to kills, and field orders occasionally giving Satcoms. Your average garden variety player can can still easily slap up Satcoms, can't say the same about consistently getting five kills in a row every match.


    but whatever

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    I hope vulture reads because what he wrote really pissed me off. I never learned the medusa trick for higher scores from him or Brett. I figured it out myself and thats how I got my 650K and took #1 on 360, several weeks ago. I figured it out on a test run with some friends on xbox one. We found out waiting and killing the extra ancestor gives you more score. It worked and we kept getting 62K+ for our medusa score. Lau ended up beating my score so we figured out how to get the most score out of the ancestors and that was how we got Brett a 697K. Brett never had to tell us because we ALREADY KNEW! I never learned it from you vulture and calling me out as a fraud really pissed me off and if you would be so kind as to delete that part about me taking that information from you would be nice because I never learned it from you or brett.

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    I tried that but it didn't work.

    Well man i think im going to give up and have fun with Tranzit anyways thank you for trying to help me I really appreciate it

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    I Bought  call of duty 2 vengence and the map packs won't show up where I can play them

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