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    Hopefully its good life stuff!!!...who would have thought I'd ever be bummed about someone from an online forum leaving...wish you all the best...you are a unique individual in a world full of clones.  I have no doubt you will be a success in whatever you choose to do


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  • 09/13/14--20:03: Re: Extinction Solo FACT!
  • I will cut the tension in this thread with a knife.


    *holds knife steady*


    I agree with every poster in this thread in different ways.

    I do agree with you Profound61904, but I also agree with N0cturn41Vu1tur. Both of you make valid points and I don't see how an argument has arisen. but personally, I believe solo relic runs arise from knowledge, skill, but also TIME. If you don't have the time or the effort to continuously play and progress forward, you will never get higher on the leaderboards. Personally, I am proud of the achievements in my runs. I get top 20's occasionally and have held WR's before in solo, but fall behind purely on the time I play.

    I only have 150 escapes, but I am proud of this ratio since I get pretty high up considering such low experience (to most of the top players). If I had the time or the effort i KNOW that I could get higher consistently, that is a fact.

    It is like many of my friends, some of which have given up on Extinction completely because they don't have time for the competition.

    This is where the teeth debate arose, since, personally, I do consider myself to be a 'naturally' skilled Extinction player. But does that make me so good I am hardcore? What defines a good player? The time we can play or the score we can get?

    According to Vulture's above post I am an 'insane' player...yet I only have 150 escapes...and some would call me not as experienced.

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    Would you like to join? .7 and above welcome.

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    Cheers Fox .

    There are quite a lot of upgrading mechanics in Destiny. I'm guessing that everything is explained in the Destiny handbook - it was 32 bucks down at EB games when I picked up the game disc,,,, I should have bought it huh .

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    spartanMook117 wrote:


    Just wondering When Advanced Warfare comes out whos all still going to play ghosts?

    My guess would be only the teenagers and younger kids who have to wait until Christmas......


    Anyone who likes COD has either already quit or went back to older games. This steamy POS game can die in a flaming pile of donkey doo-doo.

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    It would have helped, but the internet has done a great job of getting things sorted out.

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  • 09/13/14--20:12: Re: Opinion
  • The best post I've seen in a long time.

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    like2nap03 wrote:


    I'll argue it all day.  Just not with you because I could have a better debate with a rock.

    Yeah, arguing has never been your strong suit.


    I legitimately can't comprehend how you think that Ghosts is tougher. I say this as a guy with a 3KD on Ghosts too lol, Your stats are even higher on Ghosts vs. BO2 too. Hmm....lets look



    -Higher bullet damage puts more of an emphasis on reaction/spray n' pray instead of having good aim.

    -Welfare handouts for bad players like support streaks

    -Kills from killstreak count towards next killstreak (Straight up bullshit...you didn't get the damn kill yourself)

    -Field orders take a good chunk of challenge out of the game. (teabag someone for a free care package or even a nuke!)

    -Super perks like Off the Grid and Amplify (sounds like dinosaurs stomping around the map lol) make the game easymode

    -Terrible balance(ARs reign supreme....everything else besides MTAR X/Vector pretty much sucks)

    -Bad map design (multiple camping power points, overly big for 6v6 gameplay, ETC.)

    -Dogs...dogs every where....ruff!



    Black Ops 2:

    -Higher AA helps bad players a little too much at times (Ghost's lower AA indirectly proves it doesn't matter for better players though since they're still doing well there)

    -Target Finder (Although in my personal experience  I found it more of a hindrance plus I usually saw the guy before the box appeared....but I digress)

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    I'm level 20! I need more light armor. I found the answer though

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  • 09/14/14--18:46: Re: cod mdw 1 häck
  • Hi Temeos.


    If I got it right, your account got hacked? Really sorry to hear this, bro. From what I know about this, you should still be able to connect with a friend through a party via sending or accepting invites.

    I'll tag the moderators for your post so that they can perhaps take a look at this for you and create a case for you.

    OGHuxtable SavageHamEmiliozGunz


    Kind regards.

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    I had not experienced this issue until recently. For a long time I was running only one relic but, as of late, I've been running 4-5 ... and "Inflict less damage" is one of the relics I've been running.


    So from what everyone is saying here, it seems like that it is some combination of relics that is causing the issue. I'm going to try it again tonight without any relics to see what happens. But last night, 100% for certain, the hypno knife was igniting the rhino on fire with the rhino dying shortly thereafter. I didn't stick around to see if the knife could be retrieved.

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    On Friday night , while playing Ghosts socialy with a few friends,I was unexpectedly kicked out of the TDM server.

    Whilst trying to rejoin back online, I encountered an ERROR message that said "YOUR ACCOUNT IS BANNED AND CANNOT PLAY ONLINE".

    I have checked my VAC status and I am NOT.... and have never been banned by STEAM.

    I do not Hack and have no Hacks on my computer.

    I have rechecked the Activision Code of Conduct and Fair Play and am at a loss as to WHY my account has been banned.

    My questions are...

    Why has my account been banned?

    How long has it been banned for?

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    I think the only one causing your issue is " Do less damage".

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    CodPro3 wrote:


    What the hell are you talking about?


    Your post...


    CodPro3 wrote:

    And it regard to education, you're the one who needs educating.


    Not really... but thanks for the concern.


    CodPro3 wrote:


    I stated that when someone states in their original post "this thread isn't meant to be hate thread that's when you know the community are hateful and you make that comment to try to keep the haters away.


    If you had written your original post the way you wrote the above... it would have saved a lot of confusion. And the community is not "hateful"...  I wrote that to hopefully set a tone for those that tend to be negative with nothing behind it.


    CodPro3 wrote:


    That's all this community is, is people replying to a comment while not referring to it at all.


    Kinda like you did?

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    I agree, KT. But I think what I see in AW is a CAC that has so many options that making an argument that something is not balanced is going to be hard to do. There's too many variations and combinations you'd have to test it against.


    But that hasn't ever stopped the community from crying the blues in the past so who know.

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    After receiving my Destiny Ghost Collectors Edition from GameStop (shipped via UPS) i charged the ghost figure as stated in the provided manual. Later the next day I inserted the plug into the back micro USB port on the figure, but the plastic housing that the USB plug goes into became detached and fell into the main body of the ghost. Now there is a large hole where the USB housing use to be and now I cannot plug the ghost into anything to charge it, not to mention the rattle of the port housing inside the figure. I tried the best I could to remove the back housing without damaging the figure but stopped before further damage was done. Everything else is fine with the collectors edition but I got the ghost edition for a working ghost to place with my other figures (and for the game mostly), but to have the figure now become inoperable only after one day and after the first charge is rather disappointing. If I have unknowingly voided the warranty somehow then please tell me so that I may try to fix the problem myself, otherwise please contact me with further instructions on how to correct my issue and finish my claim. I have created a Activision account and submitted three claims now but they are never verified or even generate a claim code for me to follow up on. If anyone knows of a direct email address or even a phone number for the warranty that covers the ghost . Thanks.

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  • 09/14/14--19:33: Take Notes Devs....
  • CoD should do something similar to this with exclusive calling cards and emblems and such to promote their own forums more....I know Ghosts did this for reaching certain prestiges in previous CoD"s, but they should expand on that.



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  • 09/14/14--19:35: Re: Clans
  • heighton86 wrote:


    Whats the story on clans anyways?? is there going to be a new format or are we going to be stuck using that shitty sorry excuse of an app?


    I think it should go back to the days of elite with a website to do everything on. it made things much easier to navigate and operate....


    all in all super stoked for this game..hopefully not a disappointment like Ghosts was


    So...  is your issue the app or Ghosts?

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  • 09/14/14--19:38: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • Sounds like a pretty brutal game for the Seahawks.  I'm guessing it was in San Diego?  The Broncos game should be tough, ya know they'd like to get back at your Hawks for the Super Bowl.  Do ya know who they play after the bye?


    God damn, that sounds awful.  I hadn't seen that video, I only saw the footage that came out last Monday, which was really disgusting itself.  Like ya said, you feel bad for her having to go through this BS all over again and hopefully it will go as well as such things can go. 

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    I think raids will be what keeps *me going. It seems hard to get a group going tho. Everyone is off doing their own thing.

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