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  • 09/12/14--19:23: Re: Clan Issues and Fixes
  • When I go through to change my clan name on the app it says "unable to change team name" why is that?

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    This is true.


    I just would hate for people to get the same rewards playing Bots that others earn against actual living, breathing, human beings.

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    ACTUALLY, that was the 1st & 2nd time where you did TIMEOUT the first 3 times. But the third game (and final game) where we played with one of your friends and he got pissed I was on the GT or something. He left the game on the third to last hive, you LEFT THE GAME right after, bcuz thats what it said on my screen..."roblair3 left the game." To top it off, you and your friend were running armor and ammo, who leaves like that?? Plus You didnt send me a message apologizing, I simply deleted you WHILE still in game. && Its actually quite funny, since you complain on here that they need to nerf awakening and thats what you basically did, made me do awakening solo in a custom match difficulty AND without armor I might add. Lol but its still all good, thats water under the bridge actually, I checked your stats, nothing to be impressed about. Just another guy withs lots of free time escaping without relics.

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    i logged in to my account today and found out that my rank has been reset !!

    need your help please .....

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    The purpose of advancing weaponry is to gain an edge on the opponent. So far we've had limited wall scanners in BO2 for peaking through walls and along with Target Finder sights. Off the top of my head, that's about as "advanced" as the primary gear got. Tacticals such as shock charges and sensor grenades, black hats, etc. Those were new. I really appreciated those. Definitely seemed to have a "cutting edge" feel to them.


    Now that this is supposedly full blown futuristic warfare. How are the weapons supposed to be more effective and yet, balanced at the same time? Since the purpose of advancing weaponry is, as a I stated above, to give you an advantage. I'm a little worried about how this may come across in gameplay as far as the weapons go.


    The duel miniguns that I saw in multiplayer matches seemed like a simple beefed up death machine. The lasers main point seemed to be that it's pinpoint accurate but fairly weak as far as kill time goes. Obviously, if you got hit my 2 miniguns at once, there would be no injury really.. You'd be ground up paste in a second. But they have to weaken it to make it fair.


    I begin to wonder how many futuristic weapons we will have but will be outclassed by a simple accurate fast firing AR or LMG. A railgun sniper that can see through walls would be nice...and to make it a one hit kill would certainly make it have that futuristic feeling of advanced technology. But....the thing is you can't have that. It would be too unfair for competitive gameplay. How do you guys perceive Sledgehammer pulling off this trick by making powerful but fair weapons??

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  • 09/12/14--20:01: Re: Any truth to this?
  • Of course...I'm such an idiot. I've commented in the "I'm The New Guy" thread already


    I'm guessing you were on 360? I wish I'd gotten Ghosts for my 360, but I've always been a PS lover...had to get one as soon as I possibly could!

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    I contacted Activision on September 1st concerning this issue and on multiple occassions including today sent in info per request. I was told more then once by Activision the invites were rolling out.


    I along with all these other good people deserve an explanation why we have done everything you ask and still no NOTHING.

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    Maybe try a variation of RARE


    Like maybe try R4R3

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    add me flipzz_34-c

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  • 09/13/14--19:19: Not happy
  • Got battle grounds for ipad installed it loaded game played for few secs then it crashed no portal connected so tried most of the day it crashed here and there got a couple things done got annoyed with it crashing all the time and having to do stuff over and over  went back to try it today won't even load  you hit play and crashes instantlly

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    Inbox me at Reyaz123

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  • 09/13/14--19:24: Re: Xbox one worth it?
  • I've been enjoying the One a bunch. Whenever I go back to the 360, it feels old. the controller feels great.


    Even though the Ghosts population on the One wasn't higher than the 360, I didn't have any trouble finding games or connection issues. I guess it depends on where you're located.


    Titanfall was an awesome game on the One. It really felt like something new. I'm hoping that AW has that feeling this year. We'll see.

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  • 09/13/14--19:26: Re: Xbox one worth it?
  • No commission for you.......



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    I agree with playing squads etc. Little thank that bugs me is the Squads etc count against your K/D and W/L but the don't count for anything as far as unlocks go. Ghosts was my first game in a long time so when I started MP My K/D was barely over 0.1

    Hard to recover from that



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    Good one but where did you get my "Most Likely to Be Sterile" championship pic from???



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    is that like going 1 and 20?

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  • 09/13/14--19:34: Bonjour,
  • Bonjour,

    je me permets de vous contacter car mon fils ne peux plus accéder au mode multijoueur et je pense fortement qu'il a été victime d'un piratage. Il joue sous mon contrôle parental depuis l'achat du jeu or il ne peut plus accéder à la plateforme multijoueur et nous recevons le message suivant :"platform_P2Pauth_publisher_Banned".

    J'aimerai que l'on éclaircisse la situation car je trouve cela fort décevant pour le prix payé pour le jeu.

    Que peut-on faire?

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  • 09/13/14--19:35: Looking for --
  • looking for introvert friends for HC matches. you must be shy, very quiet, awkwardly good at the game, have less than 10 people on your friends list, and are an active player because agoraphobia is setting in.


    HC KC Clan Ta'Veran [CTV] also must be willing to go through a trial of 1v1 HC match on Nubtown vs me if i win you join and i take you under my wing and teach you the ways. and if you win, you can opt out because you will have the chance to laugh at me and disgrace my name and not join my clan.


    also, i love you


    my GT: VenserTheExiled









    420 friendly

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    its not the trolls, teeth... its personal life stuff and extinction? GOTTA GO!

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  • 09/13/14--19:49: Hitmarkers on Hardcore
  • Anyone else notice increased hitmarkers on hardcore modes? And i mean not just one or two, or from across the map either. I mean close quarters, with your gun pretty much in the persons chest.


    It has become almost impossible to carry out a solid streak. I am half decent and not whining either. I play aggressively, and admit do camp on certain maps. But since the past update i went from averaging 25-35 kills depending on map, to 10. And my KD has dropped from 1.8 to 0.9.


    I have asked the players in the lobbies and either I get laughed at or ignored. I have googled it. And i can't see it being a godmode hack because they still die. But they seem to be so fast, and get nearly 70 kills each round. And it seems like there is 2 per lobby.


    Any one have this issue and know wtf is going on??

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