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    my gamertag is sprightlyfever. I haven't played much on xbox one because I have nobody to play with so if you let me join I would definitely play on there full time

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    Lol again


    By act like an adult, do you mean be Mitty? Cause ya, making up lies is fun. Then after you get called on all of them you tell someone to "grow up"? Dude.

    You crack me up.

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  • 09/10/14--14:23: Re: HIGH RELIC RUNS
  • Sometimes if I'm feeling guilty about chastising some noob over something trivial, I'll throw on 10 relics on poc solo and just see how far I can get just to remember what a good ass kicking feels like...it's good for the soul.

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  • 09/10/14--14:25: Re: Looking for PS4 clan
  • If your looking for a clan then look no longer come check us out at BHl we are among one of the largest gaming communities and have clans for all most any game that allows clans.


    if your interested and want to sign up please sign up with this link Registration Form - BHL Gaming and if you have any questions or need help or just some one to play with i can either play with you or find some one who can hope to see you there. you can do this by private messaging me (My site name is MichaelBWelch) or message me with skype Michae232.


    if you want more information check out my post on this site! BHL Gaming! Sponsored By Evil Controller And Machinima Partner!

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    can anyone help me with customer service???

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  • 09/10/14--14:27: Re: MAAWS in Exodus.
  • I have no idea. I'll test it out tonight.

    Also wondering how much of an effect maxed out engineer has on this. Is it noticeable?

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    Fixed it by changing my email address on my profile to a random one then creating a new account in the app with my original email address and presto!

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  • 09/10/14--14:27: Re: Unlimited gernade glitch
  • This is a glitch...however it is unlimited tacticals, not lethals. The offender was most likely using Thermobaric Grenades, which are tacticals, and since the glitch and the thermo-balance were never patched here, it's a 2-hit kill in core (assuming you had full health) and still a 1-hit kill in hardcore with the things. Themos also have a HUGE blast radius...


    Thankfully you rarely see the big glitches anymore, but when that one is exploited its normally those or Smoke Grenades that are used.

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  • 09/11/14--16:52: Re: Minimap arrow colors
  • yup, Ghamorra was the first (on memory) in the MW3 threads to talk about this, three games in...nothing.

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    Hi there,


    1. Did you try the in-game store or on the PSN store on the dynamic home menu?

    2. Did you check if there's any update that your game or console missed?

    3. Check time and date for the PS4.

    4. Can you test using a different account if another account can see the Nemesis Map pack in the store? If it can, you might need to delete-redownload your PSN account.


    For Customer Support they open from 11am-7pm PST for support. Check what time would the support be able on your location http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc


    Kind regards.

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    To each his own.  This is all just silly banter....says nothing about anybody.  Someone quitting a video game because they're ticked off about something is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.  I don't judge anybody about anything, let alone their random comments on some online forum about a video game.  But if you feel the need to judge people over this silly sh#t... have at it....and we get it...you're sitting near the top of some leaderboard somewhere..reciting your favorite movie line or something..not sure.. you lost this illiterate bastard with that analogy...you have skill at a video game..we acknowledge your greatness....stay classy.

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    DGps  is looking  to grow kd dous not matter game skill must be at lest avg and age must be at lest 16 and above.  We are a strate up clan. if any one as any ??s plz don't be afraid to ask we are at 10 members  and we are at lev 19 gold clan

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  • 09/11/14--16:59: Where were you?
  • So, like many Americans, September 11th is always a day of reflection and remembrance for me. For my generation, I think it will always be the JFK Assassination moment, where we will always remember where we were, what we were doing, and how we found out about the events that transpired that morning.


    I was teaching at the time, young ones. I was at a Private School that was Celebrating it's 40th Anniversary, which just happened to fall on September 11, 2001. School started about 8am EST, and we immediately took our classes to a whole school assembly in the Gymnasium (PreK-12), where there were representatives from each year of the school's history, who shared a tidbit about the school from that year or events that took place in the world.  Came time for the little girl representing 2001, and all she had to say was that the school turned 40 years old.


    After the assembly, we took all the kids out to the central Quad, where they formed the initials of the school. A helicopter hovered overhead and snapped a picture. We had cake before heading to our classrooms at around 9:15am. As I was leading my kids back, a teacher ran down the hall towards me. She pulled me aside and asked if I could check the news when I got to my classroom. She had heard that something had happened at the World Trade Center, a small plane had hit or something. She couldn't seem to pull up the internet to get more information.


    When I got back to the classroom and got the kids set up, I checked the internet myself. CNN and other sites were so overloaded... they just weren't  loading. Another classroom had cable, so when the kids went outside I ran in there and began piecing the events together. The day was bizarre from that point on. I had young kids, so couldn't really say anything to them about what was happening. Throughout the day, as I handed the kids off to their specials, I found classrooms around the school to watch news updates. Went into our Science Lab just in time to see the buildings fall.


    It was so eerie as a teacher to go into  classrooms with High School aged kids and have it be so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Older kids were allowed to go home, many were picked up by parents, but the ones who stayed just sat silently, or in tears, watching the coverage.


    Talked to my mother later in the day, found out my Cousin Sandy had been in the AMEX building across the street when the planes hit. He was on a treadmill working out facing the window, saw the first plane hit. Took a shower, and then had to evacuate and run before the buildings collapsed. His brother, my other Cousin, had been scheduled for a meeting on a floor on one of the 70s levels of the North Tower but had been delayed and never got across the bridge.


    I guess everyone had their own ways of dealing with what happened. For me, we had our kids write letters to the Firemen in NYC. They did such an amazing job of it, I had them read their letters, recorded them doing so, and put together a slideshow presentation set to music mixing pictures from 9/11 with pictures of them holding their cards and their voices reading them. Had the pleasure to share it with the entire school... and a few years later had the chance to share it with a Fireman from Ladder 1 who came to speak with the school. It moved him to tears. The artistic process of it was very cathartic and therapeutic for me. Below I will Embed a link to another video I made a few years back you can check out if you'd like.


    So where were you? How did you find out, and how did you deal with everything that day and afterwards? I am curious about our non-American friends on here as well. We often hear the American perspective, but I think it would be interesting to hear what the reaction was overseas, and how people there found out and dealt with it.



    Asking Nicely: This is not a thread meant for discussion about the events themselves or conspiracy theories behind them. My remembrance is always for the impact the events had and the people we lost, as well as those affected by it. Please respect the spirit of this thread, and only participate if you are going to honor that spirit.

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    You sacrificed 3 hours a day daily on extinction and youre quitting cuz some guy with the breeder prestige has CSA lol Im done with you. Dont talk to me about reading a book or getting cultured when youre on the internet calling people names.

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    ClintBarton wrote:


    Izjar11 wrote:


    ClintBarton wrote:


    More and more hate for this game is coming out.



    People hate, cause they enjoy hating (no matter) what the game would have looked like. There is no pleasing those dudes who wanted or expected somethig else.


    Go to any forum on any game, and tell me how similar they all sound.

    I know, but it makes me sad because that's pretty much the world we live in. Destiny is such a great game. Yeah it's lacking in some places but I genuinely believe Bungie produced a great game. I read things like, over-hyped, greedy money grab, or ideas that Bungie lied in advertisements and it makes me think the gaming world will fall apart because gamers can't think past themselves.


    Most of the complaints I've seen is moaning about weapons being OP in PVP (namely Shotguns *SURPRISE*, Fusion Rifles and Auto Rifles), and early bosses not dropping uber-guns. Oh, and apparently Stealth Vandals are OP'd.


    People die, or have trouble figuring out how to do something, and come on the internet to have a moan. People used to share tips, now they badger the devs to tailor the game to them.


    The only worthwhile thing I saw on the forum was some wise soul asking for loot to be shareable between friends. Now THAT is a good, constructive suggestion!

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    Yeah that wasn't so bad. Pretty intense, as was the Boss we did in the Strike playlist. I like to think my mass revives during that LONG fight made up for my earlier gaffe

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    Lol how the hell did this turn about me?? This is about hardcore extinction players quitting bcuz some guy out there with the krakken prestige makes players like my big homie russ quit that stinkshin' life bcuz he has double class.


    Dont talk to me about being at the top of the leaderboards, bcuz Im not. The same way Im not a quitter bcuz some first prestige is out running around hypno'ing rhinos when it took me weeks to get it! This is what this whole issue is about.

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    Hi Bustoff55


    1. Can you try to use wired connection?

    2. Can you try to delete-redownload the game, then download the Devastation first then try the game.

    3. Rebuild the database of your PS3.https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1488/~/safe-mode-on-p s3


    Kind regards.

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    Bielsalmighty wrote:




    you know i read that with added thunder and lightening sound effects right

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