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  • 08/31/14--10:45: Re: this gif's for you
  • http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0kyn1zdIz1qdezf9o1_500.gif

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    When I play solo I have an IMS for this challenge. I place one by the drill and head down to the pond trap(also I have engineer on)... that way I have 125 health and an ims which gives me time to get the challenge before hunters get on the drill

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    Run_N_Gunning_Camper wrote:


    I just want to point out that the forums are hostile to people with complaints. I have a feeling that the common COD player is repulsed by this. The devs wants feedback whether it's good or bad. Anyone with a complaint normally gets into an argument with the forum regulars and leaves. The devs simply gets more feedback from other social media outlets compared to these forums. The devs are looking for genuine feedback from the masses (the common COD players) and not from the few that frequents these forums. We have to keep in mind that the opinion of the masses, what they perceive, is more important than what the forum regulars think.

    I believed this to be exactly the reason, but honestly go to a twitter post by someone in IW or even SH and read the insults on leashed by randoms, and strong stuff is said. I do not think it has to do with the quality of posts, its the reason to post here that makes no difference to them.

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    hey what clan are you in

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    FaRe Clan Requirements:



    - Must Be At Age 11 or More!

    - Must Agree To Change your Youtube name to FaRe ____ or ____ FR

    - Console Players ONLY: Must Agree To Change name within 1 month of gaining access.

    - PC players ONLY: Must Change Name Once in Since Its Free.






    Send atleast 5 clips(exceptions can be made)to my email: faremystix@gmail.com

    Use Clantag "FR" when going for feeds/trickshots.



    Editors/Graphic Artists:






    Make/Link Us a video that you recently made. ( 2 minutes MAX )

    Send Links And Videos To My Email @ faremystix@gmail.com



    Graphic Artists:



    What Programs Do You use For Your Work?:

    Make Us A logo/banner(NOTE:We will be getting other logos/banners(maybe)so if you are denied we will not use your work!):

    Send Images To my Email @ faremystix@gmail.com



    Thank You We Hope To See You Soon!

    PC players add me on steam @ Mystix

    Console Players Contact Me on Skype @ mason.dunn.13 (YES I am 13 plz don't judge me tho)

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  • 08/31/14--10:54: Re: Random thoughts thread

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    "I have to agree, even if the numbers were out by a couple of thousand that would still not change the result i.e considerably more people are playing blops2 than ghosts."


    "I Would agree, numbers are good enough... It's obvious in how long it takes to get into a match... It will say, 2/2 games available and I'll sit there for 30 minutes to play a match... Never that way with blops!"


    Thank you for the support.  It is nice to see there are other level headed people out there who do not see conspiracy theories everywhere.


    Hopefully Infinity Ward learns from their mistakes and goes back to more of a classic Call of Duty multiplayer formula for their next game in 2016.  They have a tough job though because they have to follow up Treyarch's games, which are now the most popular in the three-headed monster that is the Call of Duty.

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    I think you mean all the "cheaters" are talking about. These aren't people. "People" play the game fair and have feelings for others. They don't use cheats and antagonize people they are beating down with their aim-cheats to have fun for themselves.


    They are low.. They can't wait to hear someone say "X is cheating" so they can go off about how you suck and they are skilled. They are so pathetic.

    And the funny thing is they all think they are so smart because you don't have 100% solid proof on them means something. (gives them a right to tell you that you suck at the game) I mean, seriously? it's very easy to see your cheat constantly snapping target to target just like squad assault AI.

    A legit human wouldn't be mimicking this AI movement as often as the AI does it if he was any form of a legitimate player.


    And you have the nerve to call me crazy? Those are the crazy people. The ones denying they cheat (because it bypasses an anti-cheat system). They seriously think it's impossible to spot? <--(now that's crazy) They're pulling double pivots to land a target as often as the AI and in the exact same manor as the AI? Ok Sure buddy!

    And As soon as they get spotted they go into how you suck at the game and that they are skilled<--lol Now that's crazy!


    They really think (NO ONE) not 1 of their peers can spot the cheat that is getting around the anti-cheat?.<--Again that's crazy almost bordering insane.

    have a good one!

    Guarantee your another player in our midst single and double pivoting to all targets and in the same manor as the AI as well. Let's see some of your game play. LOL. I bet Your Another snappy aim player going to try and claim (it's me!!) (you suck!). Mmm hmm sure pal, all you can do is snap a straight line to the target like a cheat!?. let's see you draw circles around the enemies head considering your so awesome on the mouse.! Ohhh right. all you can do is snap and double snap perfect straight lines to the target and abruptly stop on target exactly how the AI scripted aim does it. LOL.. Ok boss! yep I know. Your all Pro! lol.


    Anyway what these scum cheaters do is a form of bullying. And me personally, I'm fed up with it. Obvious groups of cheaters sticking together and attacking anyone who spots their lame cheat in game or in these forums.

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    recruiting NOW!!!

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    Hello Torumbra,


    As far as I know, Devastation is now on the regular rotation. In that case, it will or can be played in random.

    There are no options for you to choose the map alone to be played in multiplayer.


    Kind regards

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    Hi F0RG0TT3N_50UL5,


    Have you tried the steps I recommended for grymhyperiom10? Also, I was reading on some of your posts, and it seems like this is for Skylanders. I'm not sure if it would work for you. But for CoD account, this should help you out.


    Kind regards.

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    Hi artthuz,


    Sorry, bro, but your concern's a bit vague. Can you provide more details? If you're referring to creating a CoD account, you already have one. The forum account you're using right now is your CoD account.


    Kind regards.

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    Hello artthuz,


    Where are you trying to create a COD account? You need to be in Call of Duty®  and then sign up for an account.


    Then, you need to link your console account and other account into that Call of Duty account.


    Here is a link that can help you, Activision Support .


    Hope that helps.


    kind regards

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  • 08/31/14--11:08: Re: I really need help.
  • Hi L2HA,


    Really sorry to hear this, bro. I mean, I know that this is hard for you, and believe me, I've been on this forums section for too long now. As difficult as this would sound, I'm certain that there's nothing that support can do for you about your ban anymore. Here is an article regarding for activision's response for bans: http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/I-have-been-temporarily-or-perm anently-banned/


    Kind regards.

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    planet of the apes!?

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    I don't believe this to be true maccabi. Matchmaking we were told was ported from BO2 to Ghosts and "improved", and whilst some minor improvement has indeed been noted, the problem is absolutely not fixed for us. I can go into some detail and prove non-localised matchmaking is taking place (especially when solo MP gaming).


    I appreciate ATVI are not responsible for ISP location data for each of us, but if ATVI know there is a problem by using the ISP geo-data to matchmake, and they either (a) don't fix it properly with a revised matchmaking system or (b) drop us into fully dedicated servers with a broader spread than we have on Ghosts today, how can we even consider AW for a fair and reasonable MP expereince?


    I know the answer is "we can't", but it's frustrating that the matchmaking system and serving environment is being held under wraps. It feels like a dirty trick to capture pre-orders before dropping the bomb that either there's a "hybrid coming" or alternatively saying nothing, because by doing that it's better than giving us the truth.


    This is not an invite for anyone to flame or counter this as an ati-CoD post because it's not and anti-CoD post. It's an honest question from a devoted community member who's been suffering poor service for the past 2 years (as so many others have too).

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    Hello DaCunha-Bam,


    Where did you download or purchase first the DLCs.


    If you have it on your PS3 and you will have it on your PS4, stand alone DLC does not transfer to the next gen.


    Also, just to add up, were you able to use the DLC before on your PS4? Providing more info about this will help you and us too.


    Hope that helps.


    Kind regards

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