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    tank glitch...


    getting out of a long game and starting a new one thinking you have jug...


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  • 08/28/14--13:50: Re: "Teeth" is plural...
  • Thought I was in a gaming forum for a minute there LMAO

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    Interested I have a 1.74 kd new to ghosts on ps4 but was in active clans on Xbox so I know my maps and clan wars I've competed in a bunch winning all I was in a max clan with all ppl above a 2.0 so get back to me so we can discuss a try out

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    Character skins look epic.


    trippy animated GIF

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    Hello liberat3,


    As far as I know, stats got reset due to corruption. This is because of leaving the game or quitting the game early, playing in a wireless connection and


    playing in a hacked or modded lobby intentionally or accidentally. But I found this link that might help you,  Activision Support . You can fill out the


    form on what happened on your stats.


    Hope that helps.


    Best of luck

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    XD its okay.

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    i gave up on getting past the skull rank when i had 2,000 downs and only a 54kd. this year after over 4,000 downs i decided to try and get shotguns. Iv'e gotten the knife rank and now have a 213kd, it can happen just keep trying. your far from having bad stats with only 1,000 downs

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    My uncle passed away someone will play with u but I just need 1 player can will your friend be okay with that

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    My view is that gaming changes with society and available technology, as does everything else which is commercial in nature.


    The generations growing up now live it seems on social media sites and mobile phones, inter-activity between live people seems to be dwindling. When I was in my later teens we all went to the pub, nearly every night. Not to drink alcohol but as a meeting place, to talk, to meet girls, play pool, discuss our motorbikes and rally cars.


    But someone with 500/1000/2000/5000 friends on Face book in reality has no friends, they're acquaintances at best but mostly they're not friends.


    Me, I am obviously old compared to the average age on here which must mostly be about a month older than a sperm. For me the future of gaming will be a fully 3d surround sound, full head gear wearing, immersive experience where you can play a game by yourself or with your electronic 'friends'. The question has to be will a well written electronic 'friend' really be any different from 'Bob in Toronto' who you've also only ever met via Face book or similar? Let's be honest, the first company that can provide some form of 'inclusive sexual experience' at some level, will make Thousands of $Billions over night.


    Games are rapidly becoming not the just the entertainment opiate of young people and the more all of us become insular in life, the more that will change gaming.


    The COD/Forza/Dirt that get's produced in 2080 or maybe even sooner, is going to be truly amazing, pity I won't see it.

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    If getting rid of SP so they focus on MP, I'm all for it.


    I played SP in WaW.  Was fun.  But after playing MP it was just too boring shooting bots in SP.  Just me....

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    Hi WasteLanDeR,


    No worries, bro. I would also perhaps suggest you try portforwarding with them. Set port forwarding on your router to the IP address of your PlayStation 3. Call of Duty games use ports 36081, 3074, 3075, 3478 UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and ports 80, 81,443, 3074, 5223 TCP (Transmission Control Protocol.) This may help out with the matchmaking as well. Here's a link for more details: http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/How-does-matchmaking-work-in-Pu blic-Match/


    Peace out!


    Kind regards.

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  • 08/28/14--14:06: Looking for a clan ps3!
  • Need an ACTIVE clan!

    online everyday !

    i have a 2.0 kd if that even matters

    addd me if interested: xDalekSec_

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    K Cool where U from?   Clan wars 13-14th and battle royal 20-21st that be on Saturday and Sunday 7-11pm

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    Whoaaa we got a badass over here .-.

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    A support case was created for you and you should be contacted shortly by a Customer Support Representative, if you haven't been already. You can view and update your case at the Activision Support website. After logging in, go to "My Support" then "My Cases".




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  • 08/28/14--14:09: Cant finish a game on PoC?
  • Okay for the past couple of days I am unable to finish a game on PoC, I am really irritated now in why it disconnects me at the 2nd barrier hive all the time. even in solo!


    'The Call of Duty: Ghosts sever is not available at this time. blah blah blah...


    this is really getting irritating when trying to do the guide here!

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  • 08/28/14--14:09: Re: matchmaking for the uk
  • Yeah it sux...especially when you've put so much time into the game that you know what you're capable of when everything's working as it should, yet the outcome of most games comes down to fluctuating connection quality. I actually had a game of TDM on Prison Break last night where I went 42-2 (using streaks of course); next game - same lobby - I went 17-13 and I couldn't kill anyone that was actually facing me lol in that 42-2 game, the bullet registration was like it was back in January or February - flawless. In the 17-13 game, it looked like I had a 500ms ping!


    Huh, I'm surprised at that. From what (admittedly little) I know of Finland, you guys are really modern and high tech? I'd be surprised if there weren't many PS4 users playing Ghosts there but then again, how would you even know? The matchmaking is broken so you probably hardly ever see Finnish lobbies anyway haha


    You're absolutely right. The game played so well months ago...I think it was a patch in February or March that screwed everything up. One to "optimise matchmaking for Clan Wars"? Smh , good job IW

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  • 08/28/14--14:09: Re: Looking for a clan ps3!
  • AAre u gettin ps4 for AW where are u from ? We are in untied states looking for US players only do u have a mic? How old are u?

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    ok i'll be online in about 45 minutes after work send me friend request whiskey_49

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