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    Any updates A_Trey_U? 




    Also guys, I'm more hoping for a reply than expecting one.  But if he does reply, please don't hound him with questions in this topic.  Go start your own! 

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  • 08/27/14--12:35: ps4 named group
  • I am wanting to start a name group with ii in front of your name must have good kd and willing to play wat ever you can join other clans..just want people online

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    Bump! Looking for one or two more solid members! Looking for clan? Check us out! Need more details or intrested? Message me! My GT is caseykyzer need to have my complete roster by thursday to set war time!

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    The main menu statistic just includes everyone of the game.  Zombies is a huge part of the Treyarch games and could be part of the reason why their games always have more people on the game that aren't actually in multiplayer playlists.


    As a part of the large group that has switched back to Black Ops 2, I can tell it has nothing to do with Advanced Warfare coming out.  My group of friends switched back to Black Ops 2 way back in March because Ghosts just wasn't cutting it for us.


    Simply saying "Ghosts is the better game" does nothing for any conversation because that is just pure opinion.  I could provide several reasons why I think it is the worst Call of Duty yet, but the online population is the main figure that matters.

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    Hi Hollowpt,


    Really sorry to hear this, bro. I mean, I know that this is hard for you, and believe me, I've been on this forums section for too long now. As difficult as this would sound, I'm certain that there's nothing that support can do for you about your ban anymore. Here is an article regarding for activision's response for bans: http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/I-have-been-temporarily-or-perm anently-banned/


    Kind regards.

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  • 08/27/14--12:41: Re: No Mic = No Play
  • I agree..I used to be a lot more open to playing with people who don't have mics, and still do occasionally.  But with teeth at stake for completionist...I will almost always back out now if they don't have a mic unless I have played with them before.  No matter what you all say, you're a better team mate when you can communicate.

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  • 08/27/14--12:43: Re: Quick scoper's dream.
  • thebiindsniper wrote:


    If you did read my posts, then you will know that I want quickscoping "gimped", not "removed".  There's a difference.

    Gimping to the point like in BO, would mean getting rid of it.  If you want to gimp it then look at BO2 and Ghosts for ways how to gimp quickscoping.  Sure it is still in the game but it is much harder than in MW2 or MW3.  But you want to gimp it more and more basically until it is removed or so difficult that it ruins sniping all together like in BO.

    Also, here's a quick chart of how weapon balance is supposed to be:



    • Close Range effectiveness - Beats all weapons at close range.
    • Med Range effectiveness - Minimal (slightly better with slug)
    • Long Range effectiveness - None



    • Close Range effectivenss - Minimal
    • Medium Range effectivness - Average, but still with a minor disadvantage.
    • Long Range effectivness - Beats all weapons at long range.

    This is an opinion of "How weapon balance is supposed to be".  And depending on the skill of the players, a Shotgun can get beat by all weapons in close range, so why not gimp them also?  This is your logic, and it is completely flawed.  As you stated in this quote snipers have minimal effectiveness in close quarters, this is 100% true as snipers are now, in BO2 and Ghosts.  Only a small percentage of players can win close quarter gunfights with snipers rifles even with quickscoping.  No matter if it does give them a better advantage, snipers are always at a disadvantage up close, a SMG can out maneuver a sniper easily, and I have done it countless amount of times.  Sometimes I have been killed by snipers in close quarters but it doesn't mean that they are more effective because the sniper did kill me.  It would be like saying "Pistols are very effective at long ranges because you can kill someone with them," which according to your logic this statement would be perfect for you.

    So you're telling me that a sniper that works at all ranges with one shot kill effectiveness is OK?  No, it is not.


    Treyarch: "We tried to create gameplay separations on our one hit kill weapons (snipers and shotguns).  For close range, we have shotguns.  For long range, we have sniper rifles.  In the hands of a skilled player, a one hit kill weapon that works at all ranges is pretty powerful--probably a bit too powerful.


    They said so themselves in the video you linked to me earlier (the one at COD XP with Optic Vahn).  However, they mentioned "ramifications" of their actions.  This was most likely due to the outrage that the sniper community has verbally displayed (like they always do).  Since so many are part of the sniper community due to how popular it is, nerfing quickscoping meant stirring up the hornet's nest.  If you saw the other picture they displayed while talking about it, you'll even see the "Y U NO" meme picture.  That was basically their generalized view of how the community reacted.  Also, did I forget to mention how they reacted when the DSR and Ballista were nerfed?  Not a pleasant experience.  What's even more funny is how every other non-sniper weapon gets nerfed several times, yet nobody complains.

    Snipers are not "effective" at close ranges compared to EVERY OTHER WEAPON IN THE GAME, so it is okay.  Again they said "SKILLED PLAYER", it would be like saying if you put a SMG in a skilled players hands it could be pretty powerful, maybe too powerful.  Even they mention that skill is what makes these weapons powerful, but even for how "powerful" they are they have many things that balance the snipers out.  It is up to the player using the sniper to hit shots.  As for them trying to separate the gameplay, it is not needed, snipers in EVERY SINGLE GAME can kill in close quarters in the hands of skilled players.  Why should they not in COD?  Because of perspective and opinions.  The outrage was because snipers were difficult for the people that sucked with them.  Yet weapons like the AK74u and Famas were extremely dominate in BO because snipers sucked.  Anyone could use a SMG or AR and do good again any level of sniper because snipers were so handicapped even at long range.  This is what 3arc said in context to the pre-launch patch.  Again the community reacted because they ruined snipers and became so disadvantageous at any range that they were pointless to use.  The reason why the sniper community doesn't like the nerfs for snipers is because the weapons are already at a disadvantage and don't really deserve to be nerfed.  Yes the community was out of control, but the uproar was completely justified.  I am not saying that the death threats were okay, but the uproar of people not liking the nerfs, just to be clear.


    "Nobody complains about SMGs getting nerfed"-

    Okay bro.  I guess that accusation is proven false once again.

    Keep making false accusations please, they are so much fun to disprove.

    It was a joke.  I was describing how ridiculous Kross actually is at quickscoping.  He's so good at it, he can make any weapon a one shot kill via quickscoping.


    Also, just because people don't go "positive", doesn't mean that quickscoping, or anything else for that matter, is balanced.  C4+Shield users don't go positive, but it's still way too powerful (btw, Advanced Warfare removed C4, so there you go).  So you're saying that if I used Commando and Danger Close with infinite grenade launcher ammo via One Man Army, it's OK because I didn't go positive?

    So something that is annoying is unbalanced?  People complained about the C4/Shield because it was "unfair" because they couldn't kill a shield user.  It was more annoying than unbalanced.  Commando was completely balanced because you had to give up something to get it, and it was only useful when knifing, was still balanced just annoying.  Danger close tubes was completely balanced but was just an annoyance like most things in MW2.  Now OMA was not balanced because it allowed you to switch to the same class over and over.  There are videos of people just shooting tubes in the air in GW to get nukes, yes that is unbalanced, so I can agree there because the people were getting nukes by just shooting endless tubes in the air.

    However, when you apply quickscoping, do you think an SMG, which takes 4-6 shots at close range, is going to fare well against a skilled quickscoper who only needs ONE bullet to kill? 

    Yes because a skilled SMG user can beat a skilled quickscoper.  I have done it many times.  It is called out playing them, but you want snipers to just be kills given to you instead of having to work for the kill.  Makes a lot of sense probably because you suck or care too much about dying.



    Shotguns may have a better chance against quickscopers at close range, but it shouldn't be an equal gunfight between a shotgun user and quickscoper at that distance.  Generally speaking, shotguns are designed to have the most advantage at close quarters and it should always win a gunfight against snipers 90% of the time.  However, in a long range engagement, the sniper will win the gunfight against a shotgun user 100% of the time.  Do you see how they both have a shining strength AND weakness?  Quickscoping removes that weakness that is supposed to make the sniper balanced. 

    Remember how I mentioned the "balance scale"? A shining strength and weakness is like having equal weights on each side of the scale to balance things out.  With quickscoping applied, there are too many positives about sniper rifles aka too much weight on one side of the scale, thus making things unbalanced.  How could you not understand this concept?


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    Just making broad, sweeping statements without numbers or proof to counter what I expressed as my opinion.

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  • 08/27/14--12:45: Clan looking to recruit.
  • Hey, I am looking for people to join my clan. The leader is GoldnRyan-. If you're interested, message me on psn and I can try you out. This is mainly a sniping clan and also trickshotting. KD ratio must be over at least 1.00. No squeakers allowed! Message GoldnRyan-    on psn to tryout. Look forward to seeing you! Btw, this is a ps3 clan and its for black ops 2. Looking for all types of players, feeders, Trickshotters, and clearouts.

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    Hi CornRoll,


    Can you try the following steps. From the main menu of your PS4, under the Ghosts application, try to go under it then try to go to Related items then my add-ons then check if you can access the DLCs from there. If you can, try to download it. If they're not showing, try the steps jnikoley suggested and also, try to queue it from your download list. Log in to:


    And then go to the drop down arrow and then go to download list and then check if the the contents are showing from there.

    Kind regards.

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    I tried to turn it into an analogy that explained it well lol analogies are great for when I don't want to create a wall of text with a highly detailed explination


    just had to figure out the right one

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  • 08/27/14--12:47: Re: few teeth on local play
  • you two can play online in a 'custom match".  Just go to settings/options and don't allow anyone to join in on the match!

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  • 08/27/14--12:49: Re: What is a Forum VET?
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    Hello MatthManata,


    Thank you for your interest in The Velocity.


    Could you please apply via our clan website? the-velocity.weebly.com


    When applying be sure to include more details about yourself.

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  • 08/27/14--12:53: Re: few teeth on local play
  • I play with my 10 year old son, and he sometimes plays with one of his buddies, and for the same reasons I keep him away from public games. In fact, he doesn't even have his own Live account - he plays only on mine as a guest/split screen, and therefore has access to all of my upgrades.


    We play custom matches with joining "not allowed" and play either on our own (split screen), usually on casual, and earn teeth easily. I've never actually played on local, but I'm pretty sure you earn more teeth playing even on casual - see this discussion for more on this: Casual mode


    We play on casual because it's just more fun for him, and a lot easier for me because I find split screening way too disorienting. He's actually getting pretty good so we're graduating to playing on regular. On those few games we've played regular I've been able to invite one of my trusted friends to help us out, and it's worked very well.


    I suggest you try custom... BTW I mostly play 2-3 person games anymore on custom as it seems to make for more manageable games in terms of the challenges, and usually allows us to scavenge enough arks, etc. for everyone.

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    I am sick of joining games on Ghosts only to find that no one uses any sort of tactics, on domination people camp for kills instead of capturing flags, I have a 1.13 K/D Ratio, most of my deaths came from learning to play. I play for 8 hours a night at work so I am online quite regular.


    Either reply on here or message me, GT iceman2291

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  • 08/27/14--12:55: Re: my account got reset
  • Hi impactblu,


    You can request for your account to be further investigated by submitting a report on this link: http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/My-Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Stats-Ha ve-Been-Reset/

    There's a button there that can allow you to submit this so that this can be investigated by the right parties. But just to set your expectations, there's no guaranteed results.


    Kind regards.

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    iivrruummii wrote:


    mdub wrote:


    SMG, Spray and Prayers, couldnt handle a useable shotgun (not even close to the Spas 12) being available to counter their LW + PDW + Laser sight, combo.


    Somehow the Remington got called OP. The stats show .... thats laughable.

    I actually didn't mind the R870 at the beginning of BO2, and all used was the PDW and MSMC.  But neither the shotguns or SMGs deserved the nerfs they got.  The PDW was basically ruined due to all of the nerfs.



    I will say that the PDW's 50 round mag .... was ridiculous. Im not sure how that got through testing.

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  • 08/27/14--12:57: Re: BO2 Error
  • Hi!


    We've created a support case for you. Just log on to support.activision.com and click on My Support, then My Cases. We'll be happy to help


    Thanks ^MD

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  • 08/27/14--12:57: Re: My account was reset
  • Hi impactblu,


    It seems like you may have double posted. Anyways, I posted a reply on one of your threads. Here's what I posted.

    You can request for your account to be further investigated by submitting a report on this link:http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/My-Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Stats-Ha ve-Been-Reset/

    There's a button there that can allow you to submit this so that this can be investigated by the right parties. But just to set your expectations, there's no guaranteed results.


    Kind regards.

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