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    Hi there,


    It seems that your account got corrupted when you accidentally joined a hacked lobbies.


    To protect your stats from being corrupted again,make sure you play public matches over a wired connection.

    Complete public matches, never play on a shared connection and only play private matches with players you know and trust.

    Play again to rank up.


    Kind regards.

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  • 08/25/14--10:59: Re: HELP READ THIS !!!!
  • The page didn't cause the issue.  You used a different email address than the one that you used for your COD app account and that has caused the app to go haywire. Unlink your account and relink it to your original COD app email address and you should be fine.  The COD app can't handle email address changes and does this every time someone tries to change it.

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    It is bluetooth support on the PS4 so I wonder if it will work on ps4 or do I have to buy a separate PS4 portal?

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    I applied through the app.

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    Hey there,


    His right, there's no way edit clan on website.


    You must use Ghosts Clan App to manage the clan.


    Check this link for the Call of Duty App Compatibility Activision Support


    Kind regards.

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    Hey Cdb2el,


    We have created a support case that explains how league plays. To update or respond to it please sign into support.activision.com and select my support and then my cases. Thank you. ^BM

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    No TV is going to help with online latency (lag).  There is a different kind of latency which is a delay between the video input signal being received, and it appearing on screen, which is known as input lag.  Although Samsungs aren't the greatest for input lag, try connecting through input 1, and re naming it "PC". Many Samsungs have this feature, and it's better than game mode.  It will help with the input lag. I find the game runs best for me outputting in 1080p@60Hz.  If your PS4 video output is set to "automatic", that should already be in effect.  I also go to the PS4 settings and turn off HDCP.  Early PS4 software was causing video output problems in games with that feature turned on, so I just keep it off, unless I need to watch a blu-ray, or connect a video recorder.


    If however, you are experiencing frame drops from online lag, you have some pretty severe online latency. I rarely see frame drops, and that is when viewing other player's killcams.


    You need to do everything on your end to reduce online latency. 

    Make sure you are using a wired connection

    Make sure you are getting Open NAT in game

    Test your line quality on www.pingtest.net.  You want a ping below 30ms, and a line quality grade of A-, or better.

    If you are using a shared internet connection, make sure other devices that are connected to it are not hogging your bandwidth by downloading, streaming, skyping, etc.


    Keep in mind your upload bandwidth is just as important as your download.  I only get 5mbs down, but I also get 5mbs up.  I almost always get picked as the host. On a different connection where I'm getting 20mbs down, and 2mbs up, I almost never get picked as host.


    Another factor, and it's mostly out of your control, is the quality of the lines in your neighborhood, and what region you are playing in, and who you are playing with.  All those will have a major impact on online latency, and if severe enough, you will get "frame drops" of the lag variety.


    If the game is in fact so bad for you on PS4, try finding someone with it on XBONE and compare it for yourself.  I find for me, it plays, and looks the best on PS4.  It could be you wouldn't like it on any platform, but try checking everything I suggested, and see if it helps your gaming.


    Good luck.

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    I accepted.  Add me on xbl. Also if you have a smart phone, you can sign up for our website we have mobile compatibility.

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  • 08/25/14--11:08: Re: Hacked Extinction lobby
  • Hello Lord_shadow,


    As far as I know, getting into hacked or modded lobbies intentionally or accidentally may lead you to getting banned but this will


    still under go investigation since getting banned went through a lot of it. You can check on this thread though,


    Ghosts Online Code of Conduct


    Hope that helps.


    Best of luck

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    The no drill tooth is bogus, did 3 runs on PoC yesterday with same crew, minus the down differential in each game they were identical; complentionist, platinum escapes, etc. EXCEPT repairs.


    game 1 - sooo many repairs, everything stated above = 12 teeth

    game 2 - 2 repairs plus all above = 12 teeth

    game 3 - nearly perfect game, only one down for entire match for entire team. NO REPAIRS = 12 teeth ; Da Fuq?!

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    Hi DonkeyKnockMe


    For better experience, you need to use the COD App, there you can communicate with your friends using the app's Clan Chat and Rally up features. Also, creating emblem there is really cool.


    You really need to download App is you want to manage your clan.


    Check this link for Call of Duty App Compatibility Activision Support


    Kind regards.

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    when i'm going to play multiplayer lets me that it can not be played by call of duty ghost maid, whan am i going to be able to play again

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    Hello FinIsHere,


    You cannot edit clan through the website since the Elite is no longer available. You need to download the Call of Duty app for


    you to manage a clan. You can check this link for FAQ regarding the Call of Duty app, Activision Support .


    Hope that helps.


    Best of luck

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  • 08/25/14--11:17: Re: join HUZZAH
  • Bump come on ps4 players we need teammates that work together

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    Also try to clear the cache and cookies of the browser first before logging in on your account.


    Kind regards

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    InDeilaWeTrust wrote:




    BTW... try posting more information than, "Yeah." You may think your subject says enough...


    ... but it doesn't.

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    But activision are not using another check system there are using the vacs and as I said steam have said the vacs has detected nothing and his profile remains clean and as I said activision are not reviewing pc banns even though they have for other systems and said player has been waiting for a reply from activision for at least an explanation .the other thing is that steam has allowed / advised  the player to set up a new profile from the same ip addres and reinstall his game brought from steam  using the same key code  on to that although he will have to start from scratch because they know he his no hacker and that activision wont review pc vac banns . I have a nephew who on his first game on the ps4 version was connected to a hacked server that prestiged him and was promptly banned but that was reviewed by steam and activision and was ban was removed .So my point is again that just because some one is banned it does not make it written in stone that they hacked as you seam to think . You could be right about the player hacking but activisions  refusal to at least review a ban that even steam have said is wrong just because its on a pc and not another platform you would have to admit is strange . And your point about clans is a valid one they should be more vigilant about their clan members and as we are a small clan we do sometimes use shadow play/ recording to post games to each other just for the laughs they contain or good game play / kill streaks so in one way we do and if we are in a clan war ie 4 v 4 the surplus players watch the game sometimes to which makes said players guilty not guilty ban stand out even more .

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  • 08/25/14--11:23: Re: BO2 Error
  • Hi there,

    Are you trying to download videos to YouTube?

    Kind regards.

    2014 11:38 PM

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    hey Mcetpm


    we went ahead and created a support case for you.  if you sign into support.activision.com and select my support at the top of the page then select my cases.  from there you can respond or update your case as you need.  ^BM

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