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  • 08/14/14--13:20: Re: servere lag on xbox one
  • Not saying you are. But, I'm just trying to say that as a fellow gamer and an active member of the forums, I'm trying to help you out here. Well, anyways, it's all cool. You can check this link from support about how to reduce lag. The ports are different since they're for the current gen. The ports I gave are for Xbox One. Anyways, here it is: http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Lag-Occurs-in-Multiplayer-Game/

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    Haven't ever seen it in the MP lobbies.

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    The verb hear means to perceive sound or to listen. The adverb here means at, in, or toward a place.


      • "It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak, and another to hear." (Henry David Thoreau)


    • "We are here and it is now. Further than that, all human knowledge is moonshine." (H. L. Mencken)


    Hear and Here - Commonly Confused Words - Hear versus Here

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  • 08/14/14--13:22: Re: Spectrum camo
  • Dang. $55 for a camo on a 10 month old game. My clan member friend paid $45 a few months ago for it. I just can't imagine paying almost a full game price for just a camo. I have a hard time thinking about dropping $2 for a camo pack.


    But whatever man, it is your money.


    I hope you figure this out. Sounds like you got a region specific code or a Xbox 360 code.

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    First off, what console are you playing on? Also, I'm a bit lost now, bro. Are you having issues with your DLCs or with the freezing? If it's freezing, is it random or does it happen on a specific part? If it's specific part, where does it happen?

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    We're working to address. Should have a fix next week.

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    Bump. 11 spots left!

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    I'll be on round 530 545

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    im looking for a active clan.To win clan wars.[Xbox 360] message me on here or e-mail me at Tseaby@hotmail.co.uk Gm-tag Diehardtom

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    Hey I'm looking for active players who just want to be in a clan on ps4 . I created a clan for Precision Society but we'll use the in game tag of sire. Looking for decent to good players who play pretty often. Don't have to be a god or have any specific k/d ratio as long as you're decent and not new to the game. I'd prefer if you have a mic to communicate especially in game modes like SnD. Won't be a game-mode-specific clan so looking for people who are cool to play anything. I'll relist the reqs down below:


    Preferred requirements:

    -Plays often, at least every other day (doesn't go missing for a week lol)

    -Decent or higher skills (If I had to choose probably at LEAST a .8)

    -Will be chill with the other members, not starting arguments or anything



    As for the actual Precision Society part of the clan I can't edit or access anything on the app since my phone broke so that's why we'll also use the sire in game tag.


    If you're interested just shoot me a friend request on ps4 user: RyzarKilth

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  • 08/14/14--13:27: Re: AW impressions
  • Time will tell.


    As with all CoD Titles... the true test will be to see where the game is 3 months in.


    Still fun to play? Still have a good population?


    Or did it grow old fast?

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    Hey man my name is Alex breheim I'm almost maxed out on cod ghosts done the right way and my kd is 1.23. Lowered cause of the grill ie suit. In dom I usually go 40 and 25 with 8 captures. I'm looking for a tight group to game with. Am 21 and play when I'm off and before/after work. Hopefully I can join  

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    Interested in a 4v4 scrim?

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    Just to add up, playing in a wireless connection, leaving the game or quitting the game early and playing in a hacked or modded lbby are one of the reasons why your stats got reset. Also, I found out a link on where you can fill out the form regarding the said incident. Here is the link, Activision Support .

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    I have try all that but I dont even remember when and how I started my cod account every thing whent hay wire when I created account for tyis web site so I really dont know how and what happened ive been using the same email I use for my psn so I don't kniw really what happened and its driving me crazy i was in a clan before and they were not doing to good then I left made my own clan played frist clan wars in gold won now second war we in platinum and we doing ok but it if we when this we stay in platinum then if we beat the next ine we get invited to diamond and that what ive been wanting forthe longest now I cant manage my clan uggggggg im going crazy whay does this stuff happen it make me so mad and sad

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    Uplink should be fun and they said they had more new gamemodes.


    But its hard to have new flag points for dom and ctf. It seems like a good idea but that would screw up the set up of the maps. And you cant change them to much or it will make one said have an advanatge over the other side.


    As for hardpoint I would like it to be random. But that might mess up the systematics of the game causing confusion instead of teams planning/setting up.


    As for K/D i think only kills should show up or just have points rather than a K/D.

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    Im not sure if completionist get you any teeth.


    I played 2 games of solo PoC with 3 relics and got 14 teeth both times. Zero downs both games.

    The first game I got completionist and had my bonus pool tooth.

    The second game I failed 2 challenges (it glitched and never gave me a challenge on 2 hives) and had no bonus pool.


    Unless... because the challenges on 2 hives never showed up it didn't technically count as a fail so I did get completionist?

    Never had that happen before so idk.


    I also played solo Mayday with 3 relics and got 15 teeth, got all challenges but had 2 downs.

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  • 08/14/14--13:30: Re: Your ideas on this
  • I like playing recruit and leveling up.  I know I am not a GREAT player but I enjoy playing.  I want to be able to have fun and level up without feeling like throwing my remote across the house because I am getting killed as soon as I get on the screen.  I am a good shooter and I can do a few good moves but putting them together at the same time is just really hard so I play recruit which is ok for us RECRUITS and nothing wrong with it.  That is what its made for DUH!  And then there are you people that jump around like monkeys while being able to shoot and that is great for you too but don't put us down just because we are unable to get it down.  We should not be able to play like you and them putting us all on the same level is just cruel! 

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