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    It's confirmed to be in the MP and from what I could tell in the videos that have surfaced recently, the cloak disables when you fire.  There doesn't appear to be any firing delay though.  So that unto itself won't save you.  The other thing that I've gleaned from the videos is that your special exo abilities such as the cloak can only be activated once per life.  This is what will keep cloaking from getting too far out of hand.  If you can only use it once before you die then most people aren't going to use it as their main strategy.  It will be reserved for situational advantages.  But yes to your point it probably will still be annoying.  Just not as game breaking as initially feared.

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    Hey, bro. What troubleshooting steps have you also tried out so far? Also, can you attach here a copy of your dxdiag so that we can check on your PC's specs?

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    From what I've seen you can still QS but you aren't going to see your sights before doing so.  You'll have to use your instincts and trust that you are lined up properly and if you are then you'll get the kill.  If you aren't good at pre-aiming you had better have some distance between you and your opponent to give those sights enough time to show up.

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    I've watched videos and the cloaking is very balanced because you can easily see someone cloaked, the only thing that might throw people off is if they're moving fast and they don't see the person because of how fast they're moving. However you'd have to be moving really fast and concentrating on other things in order to miss them and in turn I think you'd have missed them if they were visible.

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    matuzz wrote:


    thebiindsniper wrote:


    First of all, Nuketown is Treyarch map.  Sledgehammer doesn't have the rights to it.  Second of all, I actually thought Ghosts was a pretty good multiplayer.  People hated on it because they couldn't call in the OP streaks to earn 100 free kills.



    I think most hated Ghosts because it was god awful boring and had such a stupid spawn logic.

    It was boring.

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  • 08/13/14--11:43: Re: Origins EE xbox 360
  • Assuming that I am one of the two lol ill be late tonight closer to 7pm maybe custom and I join in?? Ill take wind if I have too lmao

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    You can check out Shadowelite555's link for the rules for the game. But if it's vac, it's not really with the game, bro. It's with steam now. And I really hate to tell you this, but I'm afraid that Activision support can not do anything about this even if in any case you say that you're not really vacbanned. You can check this link to see for your vac ban status: http://www.vacbanned.com/

    And also, this link for support's response for bans: http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/I-have-been-temporarily-or-perm anently-banned/

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    They should just give PC players what they want. Ghosts is a very bad port on PC and if COD plans to continue making PC versions, they need to regain the trust of the PC community. They need dedis and server browser so they can choose to play on the nearest server with the lowest ping. They also need to add multi-monitor support, too, for the high end PC gamers. It's something that the PC community resorts to third party programs that should have been a built-in feature. Nowadays, 3rd party programs that adds multi monitor support are banned by VAC.

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  • 08/13/14--11:46: Re: Ps3 Sniping Clan
  • psn:pierceyplum

    very active

    ive been quickscoping 2 years trickshoting 3 months

    im very god at the game i bet i could win u in a 1v1 quickscope match

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  • 08/13/14--11:46: Re: How do I look up clans?
  • Bump, answer would help a lot

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    IDontKnowlol wrote:


    The lag between players will decrease, dramatically. There will be no more host advantage.


    The lack of host advantage =/= the lack of lag.


    IDontKnowlol wrote:


    You'd be an idiot to say it doesn't help with reducing lag. i.e if we don't have dedicated servers, the game will lag more and for a few simple reasons. Obviously there are more factors which contribute:


    Nah... you'd be an idiot if you think dedis affect lag. Lag is about ping.


    IDontKnowlol wrote:


    A player has to host. I.e You would host the game, putting you at a disadvantage to others. That means everyone in the lobby would have to contact you to get the game information to display on screen. That's really bad especially for a shooter and fps game. That means, if someone is over the other side of the world from you, they receive a ginormous amount of lag and desync. This means, everyone in the game will have either less lag or more lag which again is stupid, for a game. With a game like BF, everyone is contacted based on their Geographical area like in the US. Therefore lag for each player is drastically reduced. Also, running the information from a stand-alone server, eliminates host advantage and reduced the need for lag compensation, thereby further reducing lag in-game.


    I get you don't get how network infrastructure works... and really don't get what lag compensation is.


    Dedicated servers eliminate host migrations, offer improved security... that's about it. If player A pings a listen server host at 100ms... and he pings a dedicated server at 100ms... the connection is improved how? Proper host selection and matchmaking are what matters not if it's a listen or dedicated server architecture.


    If you are playing with a person on the other side of the world... it's gonna suck. Dedis don't overcome geography. Also... if you have a group of 5k players who ping the nearest dedi farm at 250ms... yet ping each other at 50ms... how is that better for them? They would benefit from listen servers. This is why Ghosts had a hybrid model of dedis and listen server.


    IDontKnowlol wrote:


    In simple terms, you're saying,you can't reduce lag by using dedicated servers. You're wrong. Dedicated servers run the server for the game, and are DEDICATED to it. They don't have to run the console operating system like PS4 or Xbox One, therefore the information will be passed faster through this type of server, than from a console, which is processing more than just data for the game.


    The more you know...


    Nah... I'm not wrong... but you can continue to believe so.



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  • 08/13/14--11:40: Re: Final MP Thoughts.
  • I wouldn't agree that MW2 was the best CoD experience to date, just like Ghosts, that game has plenty of flaws. It did revolutionize CoD, I'll give it that and the old team that made CoD4 which was perfect before they got fired. However, they tried to add in so many things that we were given the first classic example of why you shouldn't trust the CoD community, because they try to abuse everything. Many things just weren't balanced and I went back to CoD4 a lot during MW2 times. You can see that the development of the game started bleeding, IMO the lack of balance in MW2 contributed to MW3 being so dumbed down compared to MW2, they also fired almost half of the team and needed a new developer, and you know the rest. If you wonder what I mean is unbalanced, it's ranging from super OP weapons and killstreaks that encourage camping like the pavelow, chopper gunner, nuke, harrier, I could go on and then the ridiculous combos like Danger Close, Commando, OMA and unlimited noobtubes.

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    Well, from what I know about this, the maverick was originally meant to be included with the packaging for Onslaught and wasn't really meant to be a micro DLC. But that's just what I know. Perhaps, the developers decided to make it a micro DLC to help other players who wants the gun but can't but the map. Also, in a manner of speaking, Onslaught map and the Maverick gun are two separate contents...

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    I play BF4 TDM on PC and it's more enjoyable, more action packed, and faster paced than Ghosts' TDM. Ghosts is just a snorefest with a lot of TDM games ending by running down the clock. 

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    Is this LDS as in Latter Day Saints??? or Lotus Dragon Somethings

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  • 08/13/14--11:56: Re: How to make a clan?
  • forever   they will not bring the app back ever   as there is no more clan ops or war it is no longer needed on black ops 2 and mw3 because there is no longer a need to manage a clan....      they put all the effort and support into the new app for ghosts even thogh it barley works....      in the next year or two they will prob cut the ghosts one off too  and i figure wither in the next 5 years they will cut off ps3 servers all together

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    Did you also try it on solo play? Also, what difficulty did you try it on? Haven't really gotten it myself, but from what I know is that you need to beat it with yourself equipping all 4 classes using your account.

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    I agree with you OP.  Having never played AW I won't go so far as to call my opinion a rant.  If I had a voice in Activision that carried any weight my preference would be to go back to a game with a bit more realism.  I hate to bring up the past titles like CoD4, MW2 and BO1, but all of those games had great maps and the fairly balanced perks (yes I know nube tubes and Danger Close were a curse to the franchise).


    The super jumps and cloaking have me really worried as the CoD community is very much known for exploiting in-game features.  One other thing I'd like to point out about AW and the community is what I perceive as a steep learning curve to these new wrinkles.  The first time someone gets killed by a cloaked player the first thing he's going to do is create an account, come on the forums and blast the game; swearing to never buy another CoD game again.


    I've never been one of those folks on the forum clamoring for a major change to the game, although I would say that I'm glad the game engine has been re-written.  I'm hopeful that the new engine and mechanics will have a postive impact and appreciate the fact the Activision/SH/IW/3Arc recognize the need for this update.  Again this is just my opinion, but in a perfect world the development studios would focus on game performance and give the micro-transactions and next year's release a bit less attention.  This obviously would never happen for a number of reasons.

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  • 08/13/14--12:00: Re: How do I look up clans?
  • You can look up Clans through the COD Ghosts App.  You can search for both players and Clans. 

    However, once the War starts you should be able to look up all your opposing Clans through the My Clan tab.  There is a section for the Clan War and it lists all your opponents, you just tap on the Clan name and there you go.

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    that is the point though, I am not actually "VAC" banned, both on steam profile and VACbanned.com i have never been banned


    so wtf is going on here? i did nothing to deserve this, ive got a $120 dead game in my library.... bull crap

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