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  • 07/28/14--05:17: Re: Quick-scope Lobbies
  • I would like to add I always find it hilarious have much BS quickscopers fight to defend their "skilled" craft.  Whatever.

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  • 07/28/14--05:21: XBOX ONE GOLD CLAN JOINN
  • hey if u wanna join a clan join UsuK your k/d has to be higher than 1.0 and must be a active player we are a gold clan level 16 message me at catracho171 or rply here

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    Lets see if we can get you some support help- calling cbb9b67f4d05589c2416172f3ff14359, e1f66febc12d7f6346c520d4983b8e0cc559bd6d7e5d29188a66b4e700e20e90- good luck!

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  • 07/28/14--05:27: Re: 1080 or 720
  • I read Ghosts isn't 1080p as all Day 1 releases were unable to achieve this standard....Plus if you have a smart TV it should be able to cope with 1080 & 60fps so can't see why you'd want to go to 720...most lag is due to connection to host in my experience not the TV/Xbone graphics lagging

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    I Really don't care what system your using ,the only  thing that really matters is it user friendly ? Is it easy to use, easy to access, operator friendly ? 

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    Yeah, I understand what you are saying, and I also see where you are coming from but I think the masses were left bitterly disappointed with BO2 from both a game and storyline point of view and I am not one of the people who is buying into the end sequence being some kind of "metaphor" for something else... especially not that it is taking place within Agartha.


    The main reason why I think this is the final quote from Samantha. It is meant to represent the fact that there is something happening within their real world. Something more terrifying and without the heroes she plays games with or the magic that is present within those games she plays.


    The next zombie game will have a more realistic setting and will see point accumulation no longer a feature (apparently). If this is indeed the case the it is a shoe-in that the sequence is exactly what the majority of us believe it to be. It explains exactly why we are moving towards a more realistic setting and evironment for zombies.


    I am not saying the OP is wrong. I don't know for a fact that these rumours I am hearing are true but it would make sense. Definitely a lot more sense that having to take a blatent sequence and try to think of it as some kind of metaphor. The idea of it being set in Agartha does not explain why Eddie is a child the same age as Samantha is. The final quote from Samantha is the only thing that happens in the sequence that should be focused on and it certainly does not suggest that they are chilling back in the aether playing toy story.


    Hell... if we are going to go down that road then maybe you or the OP can explain how Samantha ended up in Agartha in the first place. She was replaced in the MPD with Richtofen and last we heard she was inside his body roaming Griffin Station, so how did she end up in Agartha? There was no explaination as to how this came about.

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  • 07/28/14--05:32: Re: Cod Ghosts Nemesis DLC
  • Please for the love of everything not terminal again.  Anything but Terminal.

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    That must have taken forever to make but you did a really good job with it.

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  • 07/28/14--05:34: Clan Members Wanted Xbox One
  • We are IcONicZ EVOwe are a level 14 clan getting promoted to diamond division and we need more members there are currently 6 spaces available.


    must have a mic

    must know call outs

    Must be active

    any abuse to other team mates will be punished

    my GT is mr crazy65 message me or apply on the app

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    Can I join I'm a pretty good quick scoper my name on psn is lukeovgy69

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    Just a quick tip I found as well that some of you may not have known.

    When you post a question, we used to have a 'correct' and 'helpful' response. The 'helpful' command is no longer shown as yellow and next to the green star for 'correct', but if you are the OP and click 'actions' next to the post you'll find 'helpful', the action is there.

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    to me its eddies turn. samantha had hers she said we will make it right or fix it or whatever, thats why it isnt over. plus its activision and treyarchs cash cow as if there just gona let it end like that lol.

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  • 07/28/14--05:39: siCK Clan Recruiting
  • Gaming is changing. The Next Generation is upon us and no matter what system you play on, its always a better experience playing together with a good team.


    The siCK Clan is a Playstation clan where we are enjoying the new generation of console while also supporting the old one. So whether you're still playing the PS3, already on PS4, or are considering the change, we have members ready to make your gaming experience even better. We have over 200 registered users and currently have teams for COD: Ghosts and BATTLEFIELD 4 on both systems. We will also expand into any game which takes the fancy of our community.


    200 active members may seem a lot, but everyone knows one another and we treat each other as one big family. Our member base is composed primarily of people from the USA, Europe, and Canada, who span from recreational players to professional gamers- you will fit in no matter what you want out of your gaming experience. With members from all over the world the chances are no matter what time you play, you will find some members to join up with.


    Rather than spending hours reading through countless, huge posts to find a clan that suits you, why not visit thesickclan.com and have a look for yourself at what we believe is the best place for you to settle into.

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  • 07/28/14--05:43: Re: Something is very wrong
  • This.  You've summed up my experiences and opinion with the last few titles perfectly.

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    nuttin2say wrote:


    Izjar11 wrote:


    didn't realize he was in his late 70's and smokes cigars


    lzjar. Where have you been? Don't you know that COD is ... going futuristic?

    thats what 991570d212affe1ec618ea8d9f630c02 will look like in a few years? drinks beer with hotties and play COD still? hmmmmmmm

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    I am looking for a clan for league play, I would like to join a clan with good communication skills and team players who play the obj ( unlike my old clans... )


    - I have a kd of 2.01

    - I am a obj player, however could take up the slaying role if needed

    - My sniping skills are decent when it comes to S&D

    - My main play style is to run and gun with the msmc but can pull out an AR if needed

    - I was placed in platinum last season (grumble grumble) so I know it's not masters unfortunately :/

    - I am 16

    - I have a turtle beach x11

    - My favourite game mode is CTF and my favourite map is slums

    - I am willing to create a new account name if needed

    - My PSN name is "Churchill93"

    - I live in the UK and I'm on most of the time and available to play

    - If you would like me to join your clan then reply with your details




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    website is www.clankillgaming.enjin.com and right now 14 members on all platforms trying to get it bigger. I kicked alot of people out of clan for non participation.   the website is new it is something i have just started doing and have not told everyone about it yet because it is not completely down yet and there is a chat feature and forums in it also.

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  • 07/28/14--05:51: Responce time confusion
  • Obviosly when playing cod i need the best responce time available but i have a problem the responce time listed on tv is not your usual 2 or 5 millisecnod ones it is listed like below

    Horizontal: 30 - 90 kHz

    Verticle: 50 - 75 Hz

    Any one know how good they are for cod?

    Edit, sorry it not tv it is monitor

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    Good evening everyone. As the title says, we have a couple of clan members who are suffering burn out and aren't keen to play in the next CW. Can they leave temporarily and then rejoin the same clan later. Our logic is at least the remaining players wont be  fighting an uphill battle against numerically larger clans?


    Thanks in advance!

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