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    Its so sick that people have been wanting to join the team. Any body on this post. Keep in mind as long as you have something different and you have style or potential. It'd be really cool to get you guys in the team. Hmu "Para_Gabeoh". Unfortunately when I start the team youtube channel. I'll have to make more decisions on who stays in the team and who has to go. My goal. Is to make this team and the players in it grow.

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    उत्तर प्रदेश, जम्मू और कश्मीर, श्रीनगर औरंगाबाद महाराष्ट्र धनबाद झारखंड अमृतसर पंजाब नवी मुंबई महाराष्ट्र की रिपोर्ट में वाराणसी

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  • 07/23/14--22:19: Re: Buh bye Ghosts.....
  • Join the club ego. I stopped playing this regularly ever since I finished my first prestige. I only play when you guys ask us to participate in clan wars. I think the game is just very boring. There's nothing new and exciting like before. I feel as though they do not give any incentive for us to play the game like they did in previous cods. That actually started in bo2 but at least that game wasn't so boring like ghosts is. I could name a number of things that are killing this game but really there's no point. It's evident that people don't like this game judging by the total players online at any given time.


    I even stopped commenting on the forum regularly. I was really put off by the way they handled the ranking of forum members. First they get rid of post count because they don't want people to feel like, for lack of a better term discriminated, because they have a low post count. Then for some reason they back track and add this ranking system? The little green number under everyone's avatar. But they don't even include the previous post count for everyone in this ranking system. So for someone like me who has been here longer than most people, it makes me look like an amateur to the forum because I stopped posting regularly.

    This this along with the game itself really discouraged me from having anything to do with ghosts or the forum for ghosts.

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    I completed all 5 hideouts without being seen on my first play-through...the 'suspicion' meter or whatever it is remained empty for the entirety of each hideout. I completed all the other achievements, then totally uninstalled and deleted my save game files from my Xbox One and started new. I just completed a hideout on this play-though (again, completely unnoticed) and the achievement did not unlock.


    How can I fix this?

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    Thanks to the devs for the heads up on here!  I followed the forum for Black Ops 2 when it came out and with all the issues on that game, I can't think of a single time where Treyarch ever openly communicated with the zombie community.  If they did, it always seemed to be cryptic messages from twitter.  


    I like the fact that not only has IW listened to the Extinction community, but also give us little teasers like this. I wish Treyarch would have did the same with their last game.

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    उत्तर प्रदेश, जम्मू और कश्मीर, श्रीनगर औरंगाबाद महाराष्ट्र धनबाद झारखंड अमृतसर पंजाब नवी मुंबई महाराष्ट्र की रिपोर्ट में वाराणसी

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    check invites

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    Glad it worked out for you.

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    great! I also want to see the type of shots you'll go for so I'll try you out in a private match.

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  • 07/23/14--22:28: Re: Looking for clan
  •                                        Fallen Victim

                                                         Come and join askillful and friendly community


                                               Clan Stats

    Clan Level: 19

    Members: 84

    Clan K/D: 1.25

    Clan Win%: 50


    K/D of 1.3

    - You must play at least 2-4 days a week

    - You don't have to be very good at the game but should be able to work effectively with your team

    - You must play with the Clan Tag and play with other Clan Members if any are on

    - It is highly recommended that you own the Call of Duty App to be able to communicate with other Clan members and so that you can stay up to date on Clan Wars

    - It is recommended that you own a mic (Optional)

    - You must play as a Tactical and Strategical Team and use Team Work

    - You must play with pride and show other people and clans who the real Pros are

    - You must be friendly and respect each other

    - You have to stay dedicated and loyal to the clan


      More Info

    We want to take our clan to the next level so thats why a 1.3 K/D is a MUST!

    If you play above your K/D message me.

    PS4 leader and Commander - LuckyAlpaca

    PS3 leader and Lieutenant Commander - noconcern

    Xbox one leader - XxWonkaNaterxX

    Xbox360 leader - xXboxManiacXx

    Message if your interested in being a part of the clan.

    If you want to feature as a partner clan leave a comment or message me!



    Hope to hear from you

    - LuckyAlpaca

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    Wenn du wist knnst du in mein clan komm :-)

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    If your looking for a clan on the ps3 download the ghosts app or add me on PSN to join the clan SAVAGExWARRIORS

    This is clan is a new clan and is rapidly growing and shows lots of promice. We need new members and need you.

    We accept almost any applicants.

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    Nice mouth. Funny how I am so wrong but yet I can tell the difference in whats happening when I read a web page and play in an online lobby in COD. Just because you run off the same IP means nothing. One thing uses Java, another uses TCP IP, another uses UDP depending on the circumstance.


    The way I was talking about how they were different was the way they play the actual multiplayer GAME itself compare to for example how you surf the web compared to MP gaming, not to how the game treats AI. I never even MENTIONED AI in the games so how could I be wrong about that ? They ALL actually use some version of the cloud for something. Forza for example still uses the cloud to actually RUN its dedicated servers directly thru MS based servers. Surfing the web uses mostly HTTP (TCP/IP) connections with error corrections to a powerful host. UDP for online game doesnt use HTTP and doesnt use error correction. Totally different animals.


    So tell me then what would be the difference between a "non listen non dedi server" and a listen server in COD ? You apparently dont know what a listen server is. When you play the old COD during a game you are at the mercy of the HOSTS connection (listen server), not yours if you are connecting to a host player. Unless you are the lucky 1 % that get a dedi in Ghosts.


    A dedicated server means the game is dedicated to running the server. Dedicated servers simulate game worlds without supporting direct input or output, except that required for their administration. Players must connect to the server with separate client programs in order to see and interact with the game.


    a listen server means you play and host at the same time. They otherwise function like dedicated servers, but typically have the disadvantage of having to communicate with remote players over the residential internet connection of the hosting player.


    I used the closest term possible (listen servers) because developers stated that was the closest term COD has always run the way of listen servers. I also use that terms because the game does not use P2P like some people like to say which means all players can connect to all other players like bittorrent. Listen servers (COD) all connect only to one host which plays the game for him and everyone else. Dedis and the cloud are in a set location so connections will mostly be the same and smooth to connect to, connecting to a hosts Xbox will constantly change because the hosts location will constantly change. Thus you get random latency , connections , dropped hosts (even the ones where their connection just flops out) etc.


    QUOTE "Just a reminder that we are using a hybrid system for Ghosts online play to deliver the best possible connection. So sometimes you might be on listen-servers(thats player to host player) and sometimes you might be on dedicated servers, depending on which offers the better connection."


    When you are surfing the web your "IOS console" uses different protocols to surf. You cant play games like Titanfall or Ghosts or BF4 on your "IOS console". you can mostly only play Angry Birds multiplayer on that "gaming console" not some huge gaming hit with dozens of players. Do YOU play 32 vs 32 players in BF4 on that gaming console ? You are using different protocols for one thing when you are "making this post".. Not the same protocols for running console games in game. You might actually try to understand how the internet works. When you connect to this website it isnt sending 30 commands per second for you to read this page or post to it. It sends ONE command when you come to this page until you click another box then it sends one more.


    As for my I STILL have not yet got booted back to the lobby cause the host quit because it seems like every game I am in there is no host. One of the benefits of living 70 miles from a dedi which is assumed to be in Sana Antonio. Even IF the player count of hosts leaving games was as high as 10 percent we would ALL be seeing drops around 10 percent. YES I get "no games found" once in a while but that is a defect in the ONES matchmaking, but I have yet to be kicked back to the lobby when a host quits. Perhaps that is because I am almost always host and not connecting to a dedi cause I never quit games, I jump lobbies yes but I never ever quit a game of Ghosts.


    But all of that technical jargon above is worthless. Fact is that you are getting uptight for something that all of us have to deal with. You are no more important than us. Weve seen threads like this for almost a year now. We dont really need to see it again and neither does Activision. They will run whatever types of servers they want and they will do it year after year. And yet you still keep buying the games and complaining about it. Maybe next year you wont buy the game, oh no thats right you will.


    Just because you are pissy because you get booted back to the lobby doesnt mean you have to come in here cursing like a ten year old on mommies computer. Be glad some people get to have dedis at all. I mean this is the first year they tried them out so be glad they have SOME. Take your smart mouthed attitude where it actually might do something like the schoolyard. Your foul words dont offend us adults here.

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    My PSN is Rishard21

    forgot to put tht in there

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  • 07/23/14--22:40: Re: The next COD after AW.
  • All I know is I hope Treyarch go 3/3 with their latest release.

    I love past Treyarch games as they are more "fun" for me - that could also be a sign of the times however (less Clan/eSport/Competitive/YouTube focus).

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    The app. is the accurate source... 98% win doesn't happen unless someone just started & got lucky  

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  • 07/23/14--22:40: Re: Insult/Hate Messages
  • I keep messaging back and have fun for myself

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