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    Thanks Gambit. Now if only they get going with 3D Bluray support and finally let players change their gamertags (as rumored after the last PSN survey)

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    The problem isn't the 'health' or the 'hit detection'.


    The real issue comes from the lack of recoil in the vast majority of the fully automatic weapons. There is a reason the marksmen class is an irrelevant joke. Because there is no reason to use them over Remington and friends.

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    Sahara Squad is a growing and competitive Call of Duty Ghosts clan looking for more players. Sahara Squad is looking for more players so we can play as a team and all benefit! Currently, we have 11  members. Those members are on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but we are still looking to expand to other platforms. The easiest and fastest way to join the clan is to get the Ghosts App, search for Sahara Squad, then send in an application. If you do not have the app and are still interested in joining, friend me on Xbox Live: SavSmith33 and send me a message! We can then join the same match when we are online at the same time and I will send you an invite.

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    I liked the skill system, the concept and all that. The problem was finding a good match. I only found one good one. The others had people flying through walls, stuff like that.

    I really wanted this game though, simply because it had some cool features like the field orders, and some pretty fun killstreaks in my opinion.

    Any chance they will provide a patch for it? Probably not though...

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    just no

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    I'm going to try a few games and see if there has been any change because it was pretty terrible yesterday

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  • 07/22/14--08:21: Re: Stun Ammo...
  • Stun ammo is good for laughs..run it with do less damage and pistols only...good fun.

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    gambit1969 wrote:


    A new system software update is rolling out today, version 1.74.


    The only information in the update is that its for the stability of some operating functions.


    Lets hope this does not cause the PSN to have a fit like some previous updates did..

    I love the ps4 but certain things on its menu seem blah to me. I wonder if they will have a more free flowing system or improve orbis further.

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    Made my clan 3 days ago and kd is 0 win ration 0 and spinning dog tags

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    MAAWS is the best way to respond to a Helo Pilot.

    If you don't want to run support streaks then you should at least have a LMG class

    with Blind Eye, AP rounds and muzzle brake (maybe even rapid fire) = problem solved.

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    We are now level 11 if your still interested

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  • 07/22/14--08:30: Re: Trinity Rockets
  • Great vid...after watching I realize I have never once used TR's...something new to try- hurray!  Would be fun to see if you could escape with whole team using them..

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  • 07/22/14--08:30: Re: Number of kills in solo
  • I believe that you are correct with a not set amount spawn for the entire games duration, a range will be set for each specific hive might be the actual answer. I have had hard-core solo games reach over 1,000 kills, point of contact is a usual range from 500-600 on average but can exceed a little. maybe below 500 too dependant on barrier hive speed?

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    Thanks a lot for the tips, guys. I am a newbie actually. I did just figure out how to get Cpt. Price on my own, but I still cannot figure out how to get the Ripper submachine gun. Please advise. Thanks.

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    the next extinction game could be were taking back our territory by defeating them but there are more harder enemies too... maybe the earth will become similar to awakenings theme but more apocalyptic!

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    Hi. My clan is currently recruiting.


    Clan: Prophetic Justice

    Clan K/D: 1.5

    Clan Win %: ,44%

    Clan Wars: Silver Division

    Clan Members:   thomson8508 (Me) - My K/D: 1.57





    We are online every night between the hours of 7.30pm and 11.30pm (UK Time) and sometimes during the day. We are Hardcore players and usually play in the Hardcore DLC lobbies. We are looking for active players, who can play in these hours. We are looking for players who can work as a team, using tactics, coordination and team work, with a similar ratio to mine above (over a 1.00 K/D), and who have DLC. We are not interested in immature players/trolls. We are looking for friendly people, preferably over 18,  to join us in our rise through clan wars. If you are interested, leave your GT underneath or message me on this forum or on xbox live.

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    Well also I dont pay any real attention to guns, hit points ,etc. To me it just takes away from the fun of the game


    No offense meant or taken. I just was trying to prevent it going off topic too far.

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    rankismet wrote:


    Is it just me or does the marketing for AW seem a bit AWOL?


    I suspect MP will be teased if not revealed on 7/24... #hammertime... but it just seems...


    ... peculiar.

    sometimes the best marketing is NO marketing............less hype, more..........something else.

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    How big is your clan we have 30 members

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  • 07/22/14--08:43: awakening all challenges
  • Hello! Someone can help me to do awakening completionist? xbox360 gt: z C A R P z

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