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    Level 25 micro clan (3 current members) looking for 3 active players.  Clan name Bregan D'Arthe.  Need players who are willing to commit to playing clan wars.  Other than that, not too picky as long as you are decent.

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  • 07/21/14--06:52: Re: Shoot First Die First
  • This happens to a lot of people, shoot first and die instantly by the other player. It may have to do with your connection and lag. I am not sure because I am not technically as sound as other people are on this matters.

    But a few weeks ago I watched a video from Drift0r explaining the instant death that you seem to get. It had to do with your gun's TTK and with your ping.

    Better to watch it yourself and make your own conclusions.

    I hope you find the answers you seek.

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  • 07/21/14--06:54: Re: Quick-scope Lobbies
  • Flaw in the games coding???? Can you please tell me what this "flaw" is?? You do know that snipers have mechanics in place that no other weapon classes have to deal with right?? In that case aren't all other weapons taking advantage since they don't have to deal with the accuracy/damage penalties snipers have?


    Make a sniper only lobby, I don't have a problem with how you play, if you have a problem with how I play it should be you that has to go else where.


    Ghosts is easy to snipe on?? Then why did all the pro snipers stop playing ghosts because they felt it was too hard? And have you ever played MW2/3, you clearly haven't.


    Snipers if anything are underpowered, even at long ranges most people choose an LMG, Remmington or even marksman rife over a sniper. What people don't understand, or refuse to accept is that people who use snipers and are good with them are generally good players, your not getting beaten by them because they are using a sniper you are getting beaten by them because they are a better player than you, end of. Good player ability always trumps weapon/perks/classes.


    And get over the realism argument, saying you don't like snipers because it is unrealistic is plain hypocrisy and contradictive, everyone who plays the game is using something in an un-realistic manner. I bet you don't complain about getting that across map kill with an SMG do you?


    If you don't like snipers that's fine, that is you opinion. But at least try to have a little respect for those who really enjoy it, were not trying to cheat or annoy you, we are playing the game how we enjoy playing it.

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  • 07/21/14--06:56: Re: Quick-scope Lobbies
  • Or maybe, and please don't take this wrong. They are just better than you? Remember, most of these guys have been doing the EXACT same play style since MW2, thats 5 years ago.

    Also, I just want to add, that even though it may be a flaw (although I disagree with that), that no matter what anyone says, the 3 Activision teams won't ever remove it. I have 100% faith in that. This is because the sniping community IS the biggest one out there (whether we like it or not), and removing it means they are essentially saying bye-bye to a large percentage of their fan base.

    Remember we are also making other people money, and providing them with jobs, and seeing how Ghosts went slightly downhill for many, I think they'd like it to stay that way...

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  • 07/21/14--06:56: Re: Buh bye Ghosts.....
  • We'll miss you Ego but in everything there comes a time to move on.  See you in AW.

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  • 07/21/14--06:57: Re: Forum friend requests!
  • Hi guys, I just want to say. If you add me from this forum and topic, please please send me a message as well to say so.

    Because I have lots of escapes and some decent scores on leaderboards, I get lots of requests per day, from people in lobbies. I don't accept these people because they are adding me for that reason only. Where as on here, I have put my name down on purpose to try help people get their escape, or to help with another achievement etc.



    GT: NOT YOU 87

    Console: Xbox 360

    Location: England, UK

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    Well...you want a mystery box, a way to pause (me too!), a wave mode, and a special powerful weapon for each map. Sounds like you want to play zombies really bad lol.


    I really like the way it's progressing so far and I just want it to continually evolve in the same fashion. New aliens with new logic and animations. A continuation of the story, which is actually really good so far. Some new types of traps would be pretty cool too.

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  • 07/21/14--07:01: Re: Wich is harder?
  • Having a killcam makes it harder for the person who got the kill because they now have to move around the map.  Not having a mini map means you can't keep track of the locations of your teammates.  That introduces a lot of luck.  Players on the other team can easily get past your team and kill you.  It takes skill to monitor the locations of your teammates on the mini map and move in such a way that an enemy can't get through.  That skill is not present in hardcore (especially when playing solo).  Shooting a teammate is an annoyance when playing with a group of randoms.  I could easily ask why should I be punished because a teammate ran in front of my bullets?  I think hardcore is much easier for a new player to do well in.  There is a degree of luck present that simply isn't there in core modes.  At a higher level (one communicating party vs another), I think they are just as difficult in different ways.  At a lower level (new player with no party and random players in the lobby), I think core is more difficult.  That new player would have to have much better aim, would have to move around the map (killcams), and would have a much harder time flanking in a core mode (HUD). 

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    I actually wear them but mostly I do it outside of clan wars.  It's not tactically sound to wear them but I figure if I can beat someone with a neon sign on my head then I'm going to be that much more dangerous when I take it off.  Back to your OP though, I play clan wars mainly for the stuff.  But I'd still play during the week of the war even without the stuff just because the competition is higher and you do find people playing the objective hard.  Securing a win when you know everybody is bringing their A game is very satisfying.  I also just like playing with my clanmates but we do that whether there is a war going on or not.

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  • 07/21/14--07:06: Re: Shoot First Die First
  • Same thing on Xbox One. It infuriates me more then anything. Theres times where I'll get 3 to 4 hit markers..they shoot me once (not a headshot) and I die. They need to fix alot with this game but this problem should be a high priority because it's complete BS.

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  • 07/21/14--07:08: DLC Problem
  • Hey!

    A while ago I had quite a lot of dlc's because I had the Benjamins Camo and Cargo Grind folder pace keeper inprencipe every map pack that I had bought but consecutive point I had not. What I do not know, so I bales so my question is whether someone who DLCs me again can give or can help me account was "BeAsDbyANooB or UpZer_ Replay





    I hope someone can help me!

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  • 07/21/14--07:09: Re: Buh bye Ghosts.....
  • gambit1969



    Yea, Destiny has officially turned me off. Its been a great run and we all shared some laughs. I will be on AW and if you guys need me on Ghost let me know...Cheers


    long live CTFI and the endless rushers to shot at

    time animated GIF

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  • 07/21/14--07:09: Re: Quick-scope Lobbies
  • It's not a flaw. If IW thought it was a flaw, it would be removed already, since arguments like this have gone on too long. It is just another play style.

    Read my post in the next comment chain below, and tell me how those aren't 'flaws'.


    You just don't look at the larger picture my friend.

    I can make a list if you like of unrealistic things that will never be fixed, yet many of you just want to choose one:

    ~Dead Silence

    ~Quickscoping (THIS IS IT?????????)

    ~No fall damage with resilience.

    ~Throwing C4

    ~Instant Weapon Swapping

    ~Shotguns that don't kill from 30ft away.

    ~Reloading (Bullets don't transfer between clips magically in real life, just to get it as full as possible).

    ~Having 180 degree vision while aiming down a sight.


    ~Every single perk. EVERY.

    ~Throwing Knife instant kill, ON MY FOOT.

    ~Unbrokeable riot shields...

    You get the point.


    These are things that have been in COD since COD4, they are incredibly unrealistic, but this is the game, and it is, a game. I, personally, find it tougher going up against some of these above, than snipers, and a good player can outmanoeuvre any play style if they know what they are doing...otherwise NO-ONE would get any kill-streaks.

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  • 07/21/14--07:13: Re: Quick-scope Lobbies
  • A shotgun SHOULD kill you from across the map, you are just used to it not. Just like you should be used to people using snipers for the past 6 years.

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  • 07/21/14--07:20: Re: Lost rank
  • Could still use a little help.

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    IMHO, slugs are only viable in hardcore where they are *always* a one hit kill (even with a silencer).  Use your shotgun like a sniper rifle that scopes in quicker  or a bolt action rifle from the older CODs.

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  • 07/21/14--07:23: Re: Amplify is useless
  • That's what you get for being an ash0le and using expensive headsets in an attempt to be better.

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    hey guys im looking for an xbox one clan. im here to win and have fun. any openings my gamrtag is:

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    ghamorra wrote:


    I tried making threads on the offical Bungie forum but that forum is hot right now that it's tough getting anything to linger long enough to garner attention. Since there's a good bit of you guys here that play Destiny I'd like to start a thread about it so I can actually talk about the game. Feel free to share this and get the word around. I really want to talk about this game.

    How I feel when I destroy one of these


    laughing animated GIF

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    Active Clan Details:


    Level: 22+

    Clan KD: 1.20

    Clan WL: 53%

    Members: 15+


    Active Spots Available:


    xBox 360: 18

    xBox One: 26

    Lt Commanders: 4


    How to Apply:


    *• Register on clan website - l3ss7han0rdinary.co.uk

    *• Fill out Application to join (Found on Home Page)

    *• Wait to be contacted by a member of our leadership team


    Requirements to join:


    *• 13+ Years Old

    *• 1.0+ KD Ratio

    *• Must have Mic

    *• Must play 10+ Hrs Weekly

    *• Must do Clan Wars 4/5 Days

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