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    Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app? Also, I would recommend you try a full reboot for your device then check it again. Hope this helps.

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    I play Reinforce a lot. I have won every game I have played so far. (I play with a competitive clan) For some reason, after some games, I get a game played, but not a win. If I look at my wins statistics, it will count as a loss, even though we won that game 4-0 or 4-1 etc. The connection did not mess up, nor did my connection.

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  • 07/06/14--23:26: ARs, or SMGs?
  • Now, I'm really late. SMGs are the dominant weapon in BO2, but then the top OP ones like MSMC and PDW got nerferd back in 2012/13 lol. I was wondering if they're still better than ARs, since I haven't found anything saying SMGs are still better than ARs after the patch. All I've noticed after the patch was a little extra kick to SMGs.

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    I want to get to a high round on origins if you want to join send a message to my gamer tag    HazardousKILLAS


    My mic has just broke so mic is not needed as long as you are good at zombies

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  • 07/06/14--23:24: Re: What difference
  • Aah ok, thanks, but how do i know wich is mammoth and wich rhino? They look same

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  • 07/06/14--23:29: Re: Remove The Map Free Fall
  • Well, everybody has their own opinion. Not that I don't mean anything by this nor am I contradicting you or agreeing with you, but if I can recall a quote I have read here somewhere before, what you hate as features can be loved by others. I personally find Free Fall to be a bit cool map and the fact that it's also small. The map that should be removed, IMO, is Stonehaven. It's a snipers and campers paradise.

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  • 07/06/14--23:29: Re: solution to campers
  • GamingNinja911 wrote:


    Lets get one thing strait, we all hate campers, trick shoters, trollers, cheaters, ect, unless you are one. If you report them it does nothing. They still exist. I have found a way to solve this. When a player is camping, quickscoping, trolling, or in any way anoying you, you can mark as one of them as one of these titles and filter them out of your matchmaking, for ever, unless you unmark them. If a lot of people mark them  as a specific title, it will filter them from every player's matchmaking for a period of time, aka banning them. Then the  counter resets

    I take it this is a troll post considering you wish to severely punish people who camp because you've been recently demolished because of your lack of apparent skill.  You've also given no reasoning behind your idea, except for the possible hint of simply hating the legitimate playstyle that defeated you.


    Also, I bet you're only 12 years old since you spell slightly better than a first grader.  Prove me wrong.



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  • 07/06/14--22:46: Most ridiculous reason
  • Most ridiculous reason why someone left the game. Yesterday in beginning when everyone rush to first lockers on awakening so i found a locker key when game started so i got there first and grabbed a gun and the ark and there was some american high prestige guy who sayd he was suppose to get the first ark and left the game lol, and that was first time i heard him say anything in the game.

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  • 07/06/14--23:35: Re: SnD players needed :D
  • Hey I've been trying to add you since I saw this message. Guessing something is wrong with XBL since it wont let me add you. It'll let me sooner or later. Thanks for the reply

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  • 07/06/14--23:39: Re: Most ridiculous reason
  • I disagree. I think the WEAKEST player should get the Ark first.

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  • 07/06/14--23:40: How active are the DLC Maps?
  • So ive been playing ghosts and wanting to go back to black ops 2, which i use to own and i was thinking of getting the season pass for blops 2 but i am wondering do the new maps get often played on these days or is it more the standard disc based maps?

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    I'll join add msrkid

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  • 07/06/14--23:38: Re: A Perfect Call of Duty
  • This pick 20 system sounds an awful lot like MY idea...right down to the 20.


    Oh yeah, but I did think of it a year ago.

    Create-a-Class.  What it could be or should be.



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  • 07/06/14--23:41: Re: ARs, or SMGs?
  • Really late to this. This is an overall tricky question seeing as both categories have strong contenders even after buffs/debuffs.


    ARs- FAL, AN94, M8A1

    SMGs- MSMC, Skorpion EVO, Peacekeeper


    Honestly in my personal opinion i feel they are tied 3-3. All depends on what gametypes you play and what your preferred playstyle is.


    Since I'm and SnD player and prefer mid-long range battles I go AR

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    Am I too late to join if not its MSRKID

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    Just avoid using Wireless. Most probably your wireless is dropping the connection. Wireless aren't stable most of the time. For internet web surfing, not an issue but not for games.

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    Hmmm I'm always for playing with new people but a person claiming to be a woman with no mic is quite suspect, especially in a community like CoD where there are non stop trollers.

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    Add me msrkid

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  • 07/06/14--23:37: Re: What difference
  • The appearance is similar to the Rhino, except it has a blue glow , similar to the Phantom and a blue inscription on it's forehead








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  • 07/07/14--23:47: Re: I dislike attachments
  • All the ARK does is force players to run tightly disciplined teams, which I like. So it hurts public lobbies, but as long as people communicate beforehand, it should be okay.

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