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  • 07/05/14--22:13: probation?
  • hi everyone.

    well, I just turned on my ps3 to play some cod, and a screen pops up saying I'm on a probation. it goes on to say that it's for leaving games early. I never, ever leave any games early. what has happened, is that the game kicks me for having killed my own players, but I've never jumped out of any games. and I wish it could tell the difference between someone intentionally being an ass and just running around tk'ing and my bullets hitting a teammate that steps into the line of fire as I'm killing an enemy. or a tossed nade accidentally blowing a mate up. or an airstrike taking out a mate as well as three enemies. but I understand that they can't be that thorough and just have to make it a broad rule. but really? I'm on  probation for leaving matches early when it's them ending my game and not me leaving? surely they can tell the difference in that?

    I tried to send them a message and ask them about this, but the "contact us" area on here just runs you through some info and that's it. didn't help much.

    I can take my punishment, it's not that big a deal, no skin of my back, but, it kinda sucks being punished for something you didn't actually do.

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    Ooo thx, I couldn't see the first pic with your first reaction... So your product is basicly an adapter that works in whole the house and for console and other things where you can use ethernet you use ethernet?

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    Good job of reporting people in the community being jerks instead of joining in on the jerkism.



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    Hey guys, and girls I made a new clan. I'm recruiting everyone. You can be the last player on the leaderboard " I DO NOT CARE. " If you're a sniper then please join, if you like S&R, S&D, Cranked, and/or any Hardcore games, then please feel free to join. If when you play, S&D and S&R, you like to use just combat knives then PLEASE JOIN. I love doing that. Even if you don't do any of that join.



    • Mic and/or Skype (If not then it's okay)
    • Just chill, you don't have to be online constantly, just a few days out of the week at least. (I work, so I'm only on a few days out of the week.)


    So add me on Psn; xjoker224. If not leave your Psn and i'll add you.


    Ghosts ......

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    i like. im the same way i got my anti camping class. its funny the campers then complain about the tubes anyway amplify is just as easily stopped with a tube as well. just as you are in that amplify range with dead silence is about the range where you can get that one nade kill with a tube or kaset, regardless of blastshield btw, ive caught quite a few kills when i saw the blastshield symbol and they still died. YES! I still hate the perk i believe its a bit unfair because it sucks being killed by a guy who heard you from before you can even see him yourself, i have since learned having started cod with mw2 that if you make mention of that you are a whiner complainer or the ever classic "you mad bro?" that you always have a counter it just depends if you want to use it. i hated tubes, despised them even but with all the camping, patrolling and soundwhoring they have become a friend i once misunderstood.  i always looked at it if you need amplify to get by you cant be that good.

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  • 07/05/14--22:21: Re: Looking for PS3 clan
  • Hey man I'm going to add you .

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  • 07/05/14--22:24: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • I had a great fourth, headed out to the lake cabin and enjoyed 75 degree perfection, sat out at the end of the dock, swam in the lake, read a good book, barbequed NY steak for dinner, wow was awesome!!


    Hawk I know you can't help yourself with Avenger spoilers, you would probably watch screen shots of them setting up the outhouses on the Avengers set, lol. I am going to try and stay away from most of the Avengers stuff except for the teaser trailer outside of that I think I will not watch any of the later trailers since I am going no matter what. Really do hope they have a teaser from comic-con.


    It is interesting that so many people become soccer fans when America does fairly well in the world cup, maybe it is patriotic fever or something, but I am not one of them. Never played the game as a kid, played football, baseball and basketball until HS then football and basketball in HS. So never grew up loving or watching the game. My three best friends all played youth soccer and still love the game although they all played HS basketball or football and not soccer. They always try to get me excited about the World Cup but generally I cannot watch a game longer than a few minutes. Don't mind watching the highlights of goals scored or great saves, but I have never in my life watched an entire soccer match. I get that it is the most popular sport in the rest of the world, but it is what the sixth or seventh most popular sport in America. Golf gets better ratings than professional soccer in America, outside of the World Cup if America is doing well. I did find it funny that some of the soccer commentators were saying American soccer is gaining more respect around the world and that cracks me up. The average American could care less if the world respects us in soccer. I am sure in Europe, South America, and many other places young athletes grow up dreaming about being soccer players but in America the best athletes dream of playing in the NFL, NBA or MLB roughly in that order. The majority of America's best athletes play in the those three major sports so American soccer is hardly getting our best athletes to play the sport. I am not saying that there are not other great athletes in America playing other sports in America there most certainly are, but it is clear that our very best go where the big money is. It also seems like every time America does better in the World Cup or Olympics that it is the dawn of Soccer becoming one of the major sports in America and time and time again that is never the case. However there are fans in America who are incredibly passionate about soccer and more power to them. I just have never found it to my liking.


    Since I read most of the Avenger comics, IM and Hulk I am getting a does of Original Sin and Rogue I agree I don't like this change were now Tony is responsible for Bruce becoming the Hulk, what a bunch of crap. There are some guys at Marvel that consistently want to make him an *******. Whether it is this or the time thing that is going on now, where again Tony is responsible, or the Illuminati, Tony becomes the bad guy, please, lol.

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    Yep , I recommend it, if you can't run a Ethernet cable over a long distance, - you will need 2 Ethernet cables thou (shortish). NetGear , Belkin, D-Link etc... good products

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  • 07/05/14--22:26: Re: Avengers Alliance on FB
  • Hawk you are absolutely right none of the guards are ever worth doing as an attack is the best way to use your turn. Passives are really lame as well and both need to be fixed. I am just trying to collect silver now to get IM up to level 9 but it takes 50000 silver, argh, so will have to wait a bit to collect that.

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    that video sort of proofs that to rank up is not kd

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    do they actually review all your gameplays?

    because I just got probation for "leaving games early", yet I never do. all I can guess is that it's when the server boots me for accidental tk's.  but surely it should be able to see that I'm not running from games where I'm losing.

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    Would have been awesome but, no they won't and I would be there would be such one. Since the entitlements were achieved on this particular console (PSN) which has a totally different system data for its players and what not, you can't really get that data and transfer it over to its rival competitor (Xbox). If all these competitions would just stop. *sigh*

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    Yeah I was thinking about that, like a Powerline Adapter, I will buy it if I'm sure about it that I can change my nat type! Prob it will be from tp-link

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  • 07/05/14--22:34: 2 ppl looking for a clan
  • my kd is 1.16 his is 1.20 we mainly play nights looking for a clan with people atleast 17 and up we both have mics my ign is imKrispykreme24 his is spenceman79 we will be on most of tonight

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    you dun good

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    Got a mic, 28 psn is qsilver-247.



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    Sorry qsilver_247

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    Is this for PS3 or PS4?

    If this is for PS4, try the following steps:

    - Go to settings then under PSN form there, go choose PS4 as primary console then go back again to PSN then choose Restore Licenses then reboot your console then check for the contents once more

    If for PS3, try the following:

    - Under PSN network, go to Account Management then System Activation then choose PS3 system then choose Game then select Activate then reboot your console.


    Hope this helps.

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