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    hey my kd is 3.24 pub stomper psn FreshAF247 add if u want to make ppl rage lol

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    Well the day is finally here.


    The whiners finally got what they wanted, increased TTK. The take home lesson here boys and girls is whine all day and night about something and eventually Activision will cave in. Apparently learn to adapt does not apply to "mature" adults playing this game, yet an infant pretty much learns to adapt to survive. Can it be the community is actually composed of people who are chronic complainers who are never satisfied?


    CoD players are by far the most pussified bunch of people in the online gaming community. People lose a gunfight and suddenly its lag comp, aimbot, wall hacks, camping, rushing or guns kill too fast. Then these same players spam the boards with garbage complaining of balancing issues when anyone with half a brain knows that re-balancing the game won't make these complainers fare any better as decent folk learn to adapt. It seems that spending $60 on a game entitles all of us to play like gods and if we don't do well, automatically it's something wrong with the game and not the player. Then all of a sudden, its nerf this and buff that, thinking it solves the problems, but nope, just more crap to complain about when the patches don't work out as people expect them to.


    Frankly, I am curious to see how this will change the make up of the game. I believe good players will still wreck lobbies and aiming impaired players will complain even more that it's so hard to kill anyone. In one week players will complain about how TTK is too long and how Black Ops 2 is still so much better.

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    It sound like you might be one of the haters you're talking about.  The only difference is that you're hating on Treyarch.  It seems that the last two Treyarch games have been better received than the last two IW games. 

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    hey looking for a clan with war cry camo in diamond   for ps4 my kd is 3.24 and im a competitive team player . Lets win games ! psn is freshAF247

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    Does it make you feel better to pretend that only bad players don't like Ghosts?

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    hey looking for a clan with war cry camo in diamond   for ps4 my kd is 3.24 and im a competitive team player . Lets win games ! psn is freshAF247

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    Um, wrong, Neversoft doesnt exist anymore, it had a merger with Infinity Ward and now Neversoft is Infinity ward. If you dont believe me, look it up.

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    Ghost>Titanfall for me

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    if u could msg me on psn if interested id be very happy to join the force i got a mic and play this game like its my last day ill get too lol : P

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    HAVOC ELITE GAMING is now recruiting.  We are currently looking for active membersthat play on a regular basis, Aged 17+.  We are competitive and above all play to win. Want to ask any questions, message me on XBLHAVOCxTayLeNa or on twitter @Havoc_Elite.


    Please read ENTIRE post before applying

    You must play ALL 8 hours during Diamond Division clan wars!!

    (We play the EST times of 7-11pm)  If you do not play, you WILL be kicked.


    • Clan Level 25 (Red Tags)
    • Diamond Division
    • Clan K/D 1.56 W/L 62%
    • 60 Members
    • Clan Tag. HOAX (Havoc Over All Xistence)


      To be eligible for this clan you must:

    1)Be an active player


    2) Have over a 1.4 K/D ratio


    3) Play Full Clan Wars(8 Hrs every other weekend)


    4) Be mature (only 17 years old or older)

        - this also means having respect for other clan members


    5) Be dedicated to the clan:

        - No clan hopping



    6) Join the clan website

       - You may not be in this clan without joining the website

    7) Download and join in our messaging app that we use to communicate during clan wars.

    8) Follow the clan rules specified on the website

    Last but not leastHAVE FUN


    All of our members are very friendly and easy to get along with so make sure you do the same

    All of these rules are continually enforced (especially about being an active player). If you break any of them, you will be cut from the clan

    If you are not active during Clan wars: You will be dropped from the clan

    We will NOT accept glitchers, hackers and/or modders of any sort.


    Applying: (Takes 5 minutes total)



    Step 1 apply on our website havocelitegaming.com


    Step 2 Msg us to let us know you applied


    Step 3 Once accepted join our Clan Chat on a (messaging app) and your good to go (this is primarily for clan wars purposes)

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    K. Yup, another example of people who whine getting what they want. Safe to say the consoles are next.

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    I sent you a friend request and message

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  • 06/28/14--19:02: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • @SBN: Applebees has Marvel and DC trivia?  I wish my Applebees had that!  I'd actually go there sometimes, then! haha, nice job on the second place, though, and that's not a bad prize for second place. What was the first place prize, anyway?


    I'd definitely be interested in watching it.  I don't know what link rules you're talking about, though.  I've always been able to post random links of Tales of Vesperia awesomeness or hilarious Leverage moments without issue. 


    I could never get tired of having tons of time off.  I could just write and play lots of video games... Awesome.  Calculus is no fun, but what's wrong with English?!  English classes are the best kind!


    I'd rather spend my summer unproductively, if working a boring job is considered productive.  More time for writing and more time for video games and all that stuff would be awesome.  Oh well, the story's coming along really well, though.  I've really been able to add some awesome details and add some extra depth to a few backstory-type things that are making it even better, I think.  It's totally turning out better than I expected when I started out.

    Awesome!  Sounds like quite the trip.  Any particular reason you're going to those places?  Also, happy birthday (yesterday)!  You do anything cool for it?


    So, are you doing an outline then?  I know Hawk and I are both outline people, though I know lots of people don't like to do such detailed outlines.  Lots of people in my college creative writing classes liked to just jump right into the story instead, which I totally can't stand doing. 

    Yeah, that's pretty much what I do, figuring out the personality and backstory of someone before adding appearance in last.  It's the least important thing, in my opinion, but you totally need it to really imagine your story playing out in your head.

    Cool!  I think every character is inspired by some characters here and there.  After all, it's not like DC has a monopoly on crazy villains who think their crimes are funny.  There's plenty of examples of villains like that, which doesn't mean they're ripped off or anything, you know?  Sounds like you're excited about it, though, which is the most important part.  You can't write something well if you aren't excited to write it.


    @Hawk: I saw a decent bit of that Germany game (though I was distracted by video games and skipped some of it, of course).  They played pretty defensively, and it wasn't the most exciting game.  You didn't really miss much. 


    That must be it.  After all, it's a currency whose value hasn't changed at all over time!  Haha, the first million of many!  To get the license, you basically just need to send in your college transcripts, get fingerprinted for a background check, and get a district to sign off on a form, saying they have a need for more subs.  The form is the biggest problem, since the districts just don't have a good way to contact them for it, even though tons of them need more subs.  It's kinda a mess of a bureaucracy.  I'm actually about to start this online training program for one district, though, since some of the districts have requirements like that to work there, besides having the license.  I'll let you know if movie turning on and off is in the program, since that sounds pretty difficult.  I might need to ask you for some advice on that.  Yeah, Friends was probably my favorite sitcom of that 90's to early 2000's time period, and it seems like it's always on TBS or some local channel, since they have so many episodes to show as reruns. 


    I know!  It's clearly the most important piece of news in the history... of history. 


    Yeah, it looked really cool!  Each of the characters looked to play pretty different, and the world looked pretty big and fun to explore.  Cap looked really cool with all his shield throws, too, not to mention how quickly he was bouncing between enemies.  A Guardians of the Galaxy set was actually leaked a while back, I guess.  All 5 movie characters are supposed to be in it, with Star-Lord and Gamora as the two in the playset and the others as individual figures.  I would think an X-Men one would have to be the other one, with 5 or 6 characters.  Wolverine and Storm would have to be in it, and you'd think Cyclops should be there, too.  Jean and Magneto totally make sense, unless they keep Magneto as a villain.  I could see Iceman, Beast, or Colossus being in it, too.  And I'm still holding out hope for Rogue, of course.  Yeah, Spidey works for SHIELD and is training with them in the show, I think.  So I guess he could have been training to be ready to be made an Avenger, if they're affiliated with SHIELD there. 

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  • 06/28/14--19:03: Re: Free-For-All is broken
  • Those comparisons aren't even close to the same.

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    They're still technically the Neversoft team, but they've been merged with the tattered remains of IW, yes.


    Apparently Activision's hope is if they combine three or four poor or crumbling game developers together into one, that will somehow make them a single good developer...


    That's sort of the definition to insanity, continuously doing something that doesn't work with the hope that at some point it will.. I digress...

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    hi i am wanting to join a competitive clan on ps4 preferably in Aus im 16 yrs old my GT:epicGam1ng i am a tactical player. so if you have a clan that plays competitive hit me up

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  • 06/29/14--18:48: A few questions
  • I have been playing COD BO2 since October 27 2013. It's been quite a while but I'm still not that good. I have a few questions that might help me get better.


    1. I play combat training to increase my accuracy, is that a good strategy?


    2. I always put on a music playlist from youtube when I play, is that good?


    3. I play sniper and smg classes, I don't have much problems playing with just bots but players move too much, should I approach players from further away or closer? (I always try to hardscope enemies when sniping for better accuracy)


    4. Some players keep jumping sideways and behind me, it's quite annoying, I can see it coming but never react fast enough to survive, any tips?


    5. I find going prone seems to make surviving easier but the block is annoying even though other playing can move just fine, anything I'm doing wrong?


    6. I quit lots of matches on combat training when strong players team up and give the other team no chance to win, I find that really unfair since the computer should decide who goes with who for best fairness and if players decide to pair up, they should be matched with others who decide to pair up. Also why whould strong players play combat training anyway? It's for weaker players like me to practice, not to anger weak players who are looking to be better. Am I the only who feel that way?


    I hope someone can help me answer these questions. Thanks!

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