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    Happens to me quite often, however, the keep valid attachments armory upgrade can sometimes remedy a little pain.

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    The edition I bought was the same price as game and pass and the rest came along for the ride.  The paracord was a bit too fancy to wear around, but many outdoor type keep one around. 

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    Hey Mate! Have you tried to use another browser and clearing the cache and cookies?

    Also, try to copy and paste the link, instead of clicking it.

    Hope it helps

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    You can follow these steps:


    1. Log in to https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-us/download/list

    2. Click on your PSN ID and click on Download List.

    3. Look for the DLCs that you want to download and check if it/they are downloading on your console.


    Hope this helps.

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    people want their killstreaks and the killstreak system now even with the update isnt as good for obj... i still play the obj just for the xp and that helps me level up faster

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    chrissyx30 wrote:


    Go play blackops 2 with all the other objective adhd kiddies and leave the pros alone to get our kills on this

    ****** please

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    AntiGov wrote:


    maccabi wrote:


    AntiGov wrote:


    maccabi wrote:


    AntiGov wrote:


    You forgot to mention that JD no longer works for Treyarch. I think it's safe to assume that even the community manager would have a better understanding of the lag compensation system than you and I put together.

    Why would you assume that? With respect to JD when he said what he did he was speaking without consulting anyone and it was his own opinions.


    I do continually laugh when you think i dont know what im talking about but anyways whatever

    You do remember how he ended up getting the Community Manager job right? Why he created a fan site and the like. Was he or was he not a part of the Call of Duty 2 modding community?



    I didnt realize being fluent on radiant makes someone an expert on netcode? must've mised that memo


    AntiGov wrote:


    Why should anyone take what you say as being factual? I've presented my opinion and your only rebuttal is "you're wrong". What do you know that you're telling me. Show me how I'm wrong. I'm an adult, I believe I can handle being proven wrong.

    i really cba to list everything again use the search function on the forum for once

    I was referencing him being a part of the modding community, not so much as to what he actually did.


    I took you're advice and searched the forums with all sorts of variations of your name and lag compensation. I didn't find a single post that explained client side lag compensation, host side lag compensation, nothing about the rewind method of lag compensation, and nothing explaining the use of artificial latency other than a few threads listed as "fix for lag comp". What I did see though was that you constantly explain that theater and kill cams do not show lag compensation.


    If you had posted your thoughts on the matter wouldn't you save it? Rather than posting the same stuff over and over. Until you actually provide an opinion I'm going to continue believing you're all smoke.


    I've exhausted my time today, luckily work has been very slow. Have a good weekend,


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    so if your NOT a QUITTER than Apply: TwoLilJit Via phone app and like us on Facebook.

    A Gold Clan In BO2 & Ghost,1ST Place in most Clan wars or in top 3 in Ghost.

    Looking to Grow  a bit and add to current roster NEED a total of 4 extra players only a couple of WEST COAST and a couple on East Coast side


    Must have a .65 KDR or Above to qualify for this Clan. The clan on the Mature side.

    But Fun at Heart as you can see, and no manditory WEEKLY efforts.

    But When a Clan War is Shceduled or Targets are indicated

    on the App Map,All Members are required to participate. Through

    out the Clan War. Individual effort's help so do what you can,and as a team have some Clan Op weedend

    matches from time to time. This is a Casual Competitive Gamming Clan.

    When a Clan War is in Session for the four day's at a time it is( MANDITORY THAT ALL PARTICIPATE) for at least 2hr at a time

    or be KICKED>


    WE DO NOT REQUIRE Weeklly non clan wars participation. But teaming up outside of clan wars does help clan XP and is encouraged.

    This is the trade off of being in a Casual Competitive Clan.

    Must again be able to compete daily for the four day session and Contribute to Capture Targets.

    You must be able to follow the Chat info provided to you on the

    app as to direction given on what is to be captured and so on.



    Must accept freind request ASAP. For Clan Chat related Ect. Only want decicated players

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  • 06/27/14--18:16: Re: Reapers Regiment PS4

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  • 06/27/14--18:16: Re: 7 day code not working?
  • Yeah, you should contact Xbox Support for this issue, since the code is from Xbox.

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  • 06/27/14--18:19: How do I access the DLC
  • How do I access the DLC maps after they have been fully downloaded? The Extinction modes can be accessed but No DLC maps are coming up randomly at all ever. Why is there no options to play on the DLC maps only? I want seperate options for each DLC xpac's to play on the maps provided.

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  • 06/27/14--18:19: Re: Put your name out!
  • XD okay shadow, sorry I set the bar soo high. but that's why one of my friends were telling me why didn't I put my name out since I have the scores etc. besides, I like looking at the top player then press up and it goes to the bottem. for example point of contact regular solo 4/1,523,690 it makes any relic solo run feel good due to the large number of people doing jack on the map with 60 points lol. Chaos leaderboards, have you seen mayday, theres god damn too many above 20 million now!

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  • 06/27/14--18:19: Re: how do i get out of clan
  • You can leave your clan in-game. I have tried this because I am the only member of the clan. Just go to Barrack then Clan Details press the Triangle (for PS consoles) and the Y button (for the Xbox consoles) then select your gamertag and select Leave Clan. You can try that and see if it works...

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    Reapers Regiment

    RPRR is recruiting. We are a elite clan with our own website, I speak from experience when I say that if you join our clan to have fun with other people while playing then you wont be sorry.

    The clan started in October of 2012 .  We are currently in the top Diamond Teams.  We look for players who are more focused on winning and playing the objective.

    Requirements are as follows:

    1. Must but 21 years of age.

    2. Have a mic.

    3. Must be an active member in the clan once you join.

    4. Have a ton of fun and enjoy.

    Apply here www.reapersregiment.com

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  • 06/27/14--17:32: Re: Where are the COD fans ?
  • But that doesnt mean that the games are crap, perhaps people are getting tired of COD altogether ? Games do have their death knell.


    I mean I do admit that Ghosts has way too much overkill on perks but the game is still the same overall. The overkill of perks use it stupid, but I dont play it as much not because its crap its because I am tired of the same exact game everytime. I was starting to get tired of it during MW3.


    But having both competitive titles selling poorly at the same time still doesnt mean they both sold bad cause they sucked. Way too much of a coincidence. There are also other factors involved and not just your hatred for IW. As you said people have been dropping this game since COD4.


    So if the COD series was doing so poorly for your freinds list that quit the game after COD4 then how come the sales went up three or four years before Ghosts ? If that were the case wouldnt COD sales dropped to extremely poor immediately AFTER COD4 instead of just this year ?

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  • 06/27/14--18:27: Re: Put your name out!
  • I havent gone for score yet with Extinction. I was planning on a high score solo run tomorrow ( first attempt ). I havent checked the Chaos leaderboards in quite awhile, then again I dont see a lot of people play Chaos Mode either.

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    I thought the latest version of the iOS is 7? You may want to try upgrading the operating system of your device. Or, use other devices that can do the multi-tasking, like for my case, I'm using the iPod Mini and I'm having no issues at all.

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    Hey Man. It seems that you are having issue with PC.

    Have you tried to check the Minimum Requirements of the game?

    Activision Support

    I believe, you should meet the requirements first for the game to run smoothly.

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    That is the thing about COD, it is like a "high roller-coaster action experience" where you play based on how it's meant to be played, which isnt bad. Though I did like BO2 decision moments where you had to choose between two options, that had some freedom with it.

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