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    I usually find waiting up to 15 - 30 seconds after quitting a match then trying again gives a higher chance of being put into a different match than the one you quit from.


    The again as others have stated it could be a matchmaking problem, not enough players currently in that game mode or you live in a location where there aren't many people who play call of duty ghosts.


    Not many people play ghosts compared to the other cods which will also make the problem worse.


    Think when MW3 came out on 360 alone it would have 600,000+ online at the same time Also when blops 1 came out on it's release (a few days in) it had over 3 million online at the same time on 360 whereas ghosts 360 doesn't have anywhere near that figure. A large population of players went back to Black Ops 2 or one of the older cods and now that many players moved to the One and Ps4 that also doesn't help the problem as the players are now spread out across two more consoles.

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    Good luck explaining that to the montagers.


    I will have to say that I kinda like your idea in the OP except for one issue. If being prone provides normal ADS and you already know how to QS, then you also know how QSers would respond to the formula you provided.


    They'll just drop to prone to QS. It might take a little more pizzazz to pull it off, though, since while prone you can't easily 360 scope.

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    Great idea! I'm going to look into JIVE's Ideation feature to see if we can't capture community thoughts/input. Then we'll have a place to post this kind of feature feedback that is interactive.

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    its not even fair at all! the most op tactic and it ruins the balance of weaponry. please do what BO did and just get rid of it. it has no place in today's CoD and im sure many would agree with me.

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    No matter what AW turns out to be like? Two things you can bank on happening ...


    1 - there will be an enormous outcry to have stuff nerfed


    2 - there will be people whining about lag.

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    The X 501st Legion X is recruiting for new soldiers to be in our clan. We have recently dismissed some clan members for not assisting during the past clan wars and are looking for people to take their places. We as a clan are looking for players who are commited to joining a clan and who will be loyal to is and its cause. (Mercenaries need not apply)



    - must have at least a 1.2 k/d or higher for an automatic bid (1.0 to 1.1 may tryout)

    - must have a mic

    - must be VERY ACTIVE AND PLAY DURING CLAN WARS ( at least 4 hours daily during clan wars)

    - fighting with other clan members will not be tolerated



    The X 501st Legion X was created for the squad of clone troopers that were under Darth Vader's command during the Clone Wars. They also were the storm troopers that took his orders during the galactic civil war era. The clan is in the Platinum division, and is at level 15. With a combined k/d of 1.29, and a total of 10 members as of now. Those who  show interest my check out our clan website, located at clan pages. From there search for: X 501st Legion X. You may make comments or start discussions their if you wish.



    I am the commander of the X 501st Legion X; ( Aaron5588 ). I have had COD Ghosts from its release date and have been playing the multiplayer since that time. Also I am a max prestige with a 1.43 k/d.



    We are very interested in players who specialize in LMGs at mid to long range on all maps. With myself and another are our primary snipers, we also have a few players who have the run n' gun thing going for them. And the last members are our front line with assault and marksman rifles. As a team we can finish most maps with a victory, even against those with better overall k/ds. As such we are looking for those players who are wanting to be apart of a good team oriented clan, we also move the support killstreaks around to help out each other. During clan vs clan matches we have the buddy system and cover each others backs and generally help each other.


    If anyone shows interest in joining our clan, message my LCDR of recruiting at his Xbox Live gamertag: MLGBon9Hitz... or message me on Xbox Live: Aaron5588, or submit an application via cod app...

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  • 06/10/14--12:17: Forum Rank Shuffle
  • I'll get right to the point on this one...


    Do you like the way the point system on the forum site had been rearranged?  Do you support the change and feel that goals are more achievable and offer a greater incentive to level up, or do you not support it, and feel that it subdivides the community more than needed?


    Personally, I like it. How about everyone else?

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  • 06/10/14--12:17: Re: Spawn trappers wanted
  • unnamed.png

    So not intimidating... only 3 hours played and you barely win more than half the games. Fail...

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  • 06/10/14--12:18: Looking for a clan!!
  • hi, i am looking for a clan, i don't mind if it is shocking, just one with a pretty cool clan tag


    I am on just about every day, and will join in clan wars for sure! I am fairly new to ghosts, but i am a lvl 16, with only a few days experience. My k/d ratio is fairly low, but that can be improved

    Please invite me, or add me on psn: mbj00

    alternatively, comment your clan below, and i will request to join



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  • 06/10/14--12:18: Re: Boot for Inactivity?
  • % minutes would be a good time, sometimes a teammate tells you that their gonna drop the kids off real quick so you don't plant yet.

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    I found BO to be more prevalent in terms of people QSing.  Honestly, I'm hard pressed to recall more than a half dozen actually effective QSers from Ghosts since I began playing the title.  I believe the issue was dealt with enough, to the point where I don't notice it anymore.  Those players who are able to kill effectively with the technique are quite versed in their craft (unlike in MW2 when literally anybody could do it).  I feel that IW got it right on this issue with this game.

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  • 06/10/14--12:20: Re: anwsers
  • The DLC has not been propagated enough. My apologies for bringing the connectivity issues into the conversation but technically, I didn't, you did.


    In any case, I have similar difficulty upon finding matches immediately after an update. You have to allow the rest of the player population, particularly in your region, to have a chance to also perform the update. For me, that usually takes 12 to 24 hours. But it also depends upon when my console does the update. If I run the update during prime time, it may take only an hour or two for it to become easy to find matches again. If I do it at 8 am on a Tuesday morning, it'll be either later that evening or the next day before the fast searchers return.

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  • 06/10/14--12:22: Re: need clan for ps3
  • or let mme know if anyone would be interested in creating a new clan!

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    It's just the games way of saying , dont be a quitter.

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  • 06/11/14--12:13: buried end game question
  • so i have done all of richtofen's side of the easter eggs. so i was playing a game the other day and this guy in the lobby said that if everyone has done it then every time we play together we would get start the game with all perks. is this really true cause i thought it was a one time thing?

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  • 06/11/14--12:13: Re: Unlimited Oracle?
  • No wonder.

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    When people take peoples world on the internet for anything.

    Exhibit A ladies and gentlemen.

    "wow more people on mw 2 than ghosts too.? thats unbelievable." - Robaboa.

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    Hey Falcon, Near Myal Lakes? (Sorry if the spelling is wrong) I moved from that area to Brisbane CBD, even though I live in Sydney, Maroubra. I hope this is not to personal?


    he he yeah I have a running class

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