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    I wish there was a way to give negative responses ratings for threads like this. I'll settle for a one-star rating, though.


    The OP seems a little misguided. I'll grant that Ghosts mp hasn't really retained my enthusiasm, but it really makes me want to slap someone when they write the way the OP writes. Do you have mental issues? I'm okay with it if you do; I'm just curious so I can try to understand you're idea of logic. If you have mental issues, then your post makes perfect sense from an abductive reasoning point of view: of course it is illogical; it comes from someone that does not have the capacity to think/talk/write with sane logic.


    You're complaining because when you complain, there's always some COD d... r... (whatever a d... r... is) that contradicts your experiences. Okay. Regardless of what a d... r... is, some other player just has to contradict you. That, amazingly enough, is a perfectly logical and even a perfectly reasonable complaint.


    Except, that's not really what you are complaining about. You are complaining that the person disagrees by making a contradictory claim and that person assumes a similar, universal experience. You go on to ... similar, universal claim ... that, essentially, they are delusional because ... well, because your experiences prove that everyone is having the same miserable experience that you are having. Perhaps you are attempting irony. If you are? Newsflash: that is not irony; that is outright stupidity. More technically, it ain't irony. It is, at best, hypocrisy. You are doing the very thing you are complaining about others doing.


    And from your admission of corner camping, it sounds like that is about par for yourl modis operandi.


    I really do not care if you like the game or do not like the game. I started my response by admitting there is something, I'm not quite sure what, that has not really kept me enthusiastic about the mp portion of the game. I have had my theories. The one I am leaning toward the most is that this concept of weighted perks goes too far toward catering toward weak players. It totally twists and redefines the notion of "balance." But that is my opinion and my experience. I could come up with typical excuses like, "Oh, this game is a lag-infested, unbalanced, broken game" like other players do. But that has not been MY experience.


    If your experiences have been that "hit detection" is awful while, one would have to assume, lag is not an issue. Instead of complaining about your audience, why don't you re-examine your message? Maybe that's where the problem is? Yes, that is definitely where the problem is. You're using hyperbolic hypocrisy to make an argument that's not logical in the first place.


    If you want other members of the community to see your point of view, then you need to state it clearly. Otherwise you're going to keep having threads with a one-star rating.

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  • 06/04/14--09:42: Re: Looking for a ps3 clan
  • Evening Yolo_Nl your more than welcome of giving my clan a try were level 25 red tags and in diamond division were only a small clan  my clan is CARNAGE CREW UK 

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    I've not really used lmgs, just started with the m27, however on previous CODS, RPD MK 48 LSAT have all been useful. I agree a lot of ppl like them but I prefer movement and the L115 is more than a match for our lead chucking compardries

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  • 06/04/14--09:44: PS3/4 clan all welcome
  • We are a level 20 clan. We want more players. We don't care if you camp or chase round with a combat knife. We don't care if you're kd isn't as good as you'd like. We participate in clan wars when we can, if we miss one, so what. We are clan tentpegs, we sometimes upset people with our playing style, get over it. Apply to tkdgatecrasher  on ps3 or sutkus12345 on ps4. All welcome  

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  • 06/04/14--09:45: Re: Squad points system..
  • Totally agree, out of all the leveling systems, I  will admit Black Ops 2 was the most balanced, the fact you still had to earn tokens and many items didn't unlock until a specific level and then you were given the option of permanently unlocking an item to carry through each prestige. I have enjoyed the squad points, but find myself with excess one's now I'm maxed out, have being buying different things to experiment with classes and it did feel a little too easy being able to unlock whatever you wanted' whenever you wanted. I do hope they find some sort of a balance this time round.

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    Ok, so what your saying that Microsoft (A huge company that is worried about money for themselves) PAYS activision to get DLC's early for us to play. So we can be the deciding factor for playstation players to either get it or not get it. So in theory what your saying is microsoft gives their money away to help playstations community?

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    Banned for not creating a thread where we can post teh OT historical scrolls.

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  • 06/04/14--09:46: No Games Found
  • I haven't had any problems with finding a match until yesterday. And the same thing is happening today. I search for a match on HKC or HTDM and it's saying "no games found" everyyy single time. I had ONE time where it did put me in a lobby with one other person and just sat there for 5 minutes until I backed out. Is anyone else having this issue?? Console and ghosts NAT are both open. 20,000+ people online and I can't find a all of a sudden? I find that hard to believe. Any help is appreciated!

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    I've got a couple of hours before customer service opens up. Does anyone have any suggestions of what else to try? Any input from anyone else who has dealt with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


    Have any of the moderators dealt with this issue before?

    .BkfstWidow, SavageHam,OGHuxtable, ATVIAssist-


    Thanks all!

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  • 06/04/14--09:46: Re: Squad points system..
  • A mix of the best parts of each system is something i'd like to see.


    Weapons and Perks - Rank


    Attachments - Gun kills for Tier 1 and attachment challenges for Tier 2


    Weapon Camo - Gun challenges


    Character Customisation and Wager matches - Points/Currency


    Whilst I did like Prestige Rewards from MW3 you end up in the same situation. Once you reach P10 you pretty much have your class and it takes a way from the challenge but I do think there should be some kind of reward for Prestiging

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    im sure theres something in the smallprint here

    PUBLIC lobbies are exactly that

    YOU are not responsible

    YOU havent hacked it


    if YOUR DATA is corrupted- how do they know?

    cos they know & see all

    they know people hack,hell the games got so many code security flaws they are ASKING people to do it.

    Unless YOU are the HOST you are NOT responsible for a public lobby

    ACTIVISION/TREYARCH/COD/BEACHEAD whatever they call themselves this week are responsible for the CONTENT & its use-if it was hacked- why didnt they close the lobby & pop a message-this is an unsafe lobby please find another?

    again IF THEY KNOW YOUR DATA IS CORRUPT & THERES A VIOLATION they surely to god they can get a handle on the host?

    problem here is no movie maker to GET EVIDENCE

    unless you are a uchoober whos  (illegally - according to T & C AND making google adsense money with " smash the like button" ) taping everything you have no evidence & that my friend is a classic case of got you where they want you!

    They KNOW m8 ...they know a lot more than they let on,they are playin johnny simple !

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  • 06/04/14--09:47: Re: Living conditions?
  • That kind of looks like a certain poet's house. Is there a pond nearby?

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  • 06/04/14--09:47: Re: Squad points system..
  • My final squad member has everything unlocked. Guns, attachments, equipment, perks, everything.

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  • 06/04/14--09:48: Re: Squad points system..
  • What if they did a class leveling system where you had to reach a certain weapon prestige in order to unlock the next weapon.


    For Ghosts you would start out with the ARX or FAD. After prestiging the first gun to level 10 you could unlock the next weapon which you had to prestige that weapon to level 10. I wouldn't want weapon prestiges to take a while, maybe 10 matches top for the average player, but it would certainly bring back a level of depth and skill that has since been lost.


    A plus to this is that it's not limited to your prestige and level. One person who uses ARs a lot could have all ARs unlocked by level 30 while someone who mixes up their weapons or is a slacker might take 40-50 levels to unlock them all.

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    i know one of the patch notes says u guys fixed the spawn logic for domination but i see no improvement on the spawns..im still spawning into enemies sights and getting killed at spawn..whats the deal with that>?..i think u guys need to get rid of this "revenge" spawn system that everyone is talking about..i want the old spawns back from previous cods where i can take a few steps out of my spawn with out getting shot...if i wanted terrible spawns like this i would play free for all all the time..it really feels like im playing free for all on domination

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  • 06/04/14--09:48: Re: Thoughts on Awakening?
  • Use the electric traps. It makes killing rhinos and mammoths easy with a riot shield.

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    Definitely a Domination clip there. Takes out the entire opposing team, caps the A & B flags (doesn't matter where he spawns, he always caps A & B) ... then sits down for a good, healthy breakfast.


    A lot of people don't know it, but Dirty Harry was the inspiration behind this classic TV commercial ...

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    U KNOW THAT i would love to join but i dont have a cod app or mic but my k/d 1.27

    i dont play over 100 hours dude i would love too do that but i cant i have a job

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    I finally got to play the Invasion maps last night. I really liked Departed and Mutiny (pretty wacky theme for Mutiny though??), I found Pharaoh, like others, to be kind unfinished and ordinary, but it's OK. And Favela, well, I'm one of those that feel a little swindled by getting the exact same  map that I've already played a gazillion times, but it is a good map. It seems to be true what people are saying, that there is a lot of camping going on in Favela, but there was camping before. What has changed seems to be that now there are whole teams of campers instead of just a few campers. Still, did OK and had some fun. So far there are only two maps I really hate and they are Free Fall and Collision. Collision is still kind of new, so I'm still giving it a chance, but Free Fall I back out of whenever possible.

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  • 06/05/14--09:40: Re: How would Rambo do it?
  • Rambo after hearing the IED beep

    explosion animated GIF


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