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    Whack-a-newbie wrote:


    Of course. Dating back to N64. The original N64 title "only" sold 2M copies. And it's unlikely anyone (besides me) owned a GameCube without a copy of Melee (something like 8M copies sold?). I continued to ignore the title on Wii. My only interest in it for Wii U is in the hope it will sell consoles and bring 3P devs back to Wii U...

    You're not alone.  I never played it either.  I just recently downloaded the N64 version from the virtual console but still haven't played it.  I have never once had the desire to play it.  I prefer my fighting games have some blood and gore.  Normally I play Mortal Kombat and since I own a 360 now I'll probably keep playing that.

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    I'm sorry, but it's your responsibility to keep up with that. You were always on your Xbox watching TV, so you had a way to tell me that you couldn't get on for a while. Being active is a requirement. Again, I'm sorry.

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    I Mainly use snipers but thanks for the help!

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    Camboshy clan request sent

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    I bought the first map pack when it came out, but wasn't sure I'd be playing in a few months.  Now, I would like to get the season pass.  Will I have to pay full price?  (Or should I just buy each pack as it comes out?)

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    You need to create a Cod account. You then link your Cod account with your PS account. Use cod account to enter App.

    If you go back to the main forum page you will see a couple of symbols in the top right hand corner. Click on the . This is where you link your account to the PS (the forum account is in effect a cod account). Use the respective email and password to log into the app --> your PS stats will then follow you.

    Hope this helps.

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  • 06/04/14--09:27: Re: The High Five Club...
  • Props to FalconR6: Beer!

    Kudos on reaching level 5, when both clubs meet, first one's on me

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  • 06/04/14--09:28: Re: Clan XP for Diamond?
  • You do get Clan XP for winning Diamond. If you haven't, you may need to contact BeachHead.

    Also, if you think it is tough getting through level 24 to 25, wait until you have to earn 350,000 to max out level 25. It took us a Platinum and a Diamond win to max out level 25 to get our red tags.

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  • 06/04/14--09:28: Re: why do people camp??!
  • If I'm in a laggy lobby I'll camp, if there's wtf moments I'll camp, in a lobby of run around s I'll camp. By camp I mean I'll read the map and deduce where I can do most damage. Staying in an area for a while getting a few kills then moving on is that camping? I'd say not, it's predicting where the enemy will be and taking advantage.


    Taking and holding the roof on tremor and going 75-8 now that's camping and funny when you hear the whinging. LOL

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  • 06/04/14--09:29: Zombies Theater
  • Is anyone having problems watching recent zombie games in theater? We played a game that was 139 mins long and for 3 days now ive tried to watch it and I keep getting an error message saying it has been removed or edited. Then last night we played a game and last night and today in theater is doesn't even show that we played?! Is anyone else having this problem or maybe know what  I should do or who I should contact to report this issues? Its very annoying trying to get a challenge done and cant submit my video because the server is being silly...nicest way I can say it lol Thanks

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  • 06/04/14--09:29: Re: Looking for a ps3 clan
  • Ik zoek ook een clan.

    6th prestige is wel chill man. Ik ben nog geen prestige, maar hopelijk wel snel. Ik zou graag met landgenoten willen gamen, maar je kan toch geen party starten of is dat nu wel mogelijk?

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  • 06/04/14--09:30: Re: Random thoughts thread

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    I would seriously ask.


    Sounds like you guys really got screwed by shortening of the clan war.

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    After reading my message again, I don't think I was clear. I would like to join your clan. My clan players are not playing very much. Send me a message on psn gamer tag is NAWGRANDE Clan is Dam Neck VI. Looking for a team to play on.



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  • 06/04/14--09:33: Re: Clan XP for Diamond?
  • A little more bad news for you, when you hit level 25 you don't get your red tags, there is another level above 25 to get to max level and the red tags, another 350,000 xp

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    Ok, i can understand that. Believe me we TRY to be competitive but are just players that enjoy PLAYING to win.


    Soooo let me ask you this next, as i have other clan members to consider.


    Purely Hypothetical, since you are just starting clan wars and are in a lower division. would maybe keeping your name but shifting over to my clan for status be an option. Dont take this wrong, compromise seems to be must. im not asking you to dissolve you clan, IF this is an option let me know. We have just worked so hard to get up to the platinum division, why not share the work and bump you guys up. together that would be almost 10 members. Thats a competitive squad right there.


    Lets negotiate my good man......lol im seeing a benefit on both sides if we can work this right.

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    i am an first prestige level 26 and i will like to join ur clan my ps3 name is Zyox_Triicky invite me for ur clan if u want to

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  • 06/04/14--09:37: Re: Looking for a ps3 clan
  • zou ik niet weten maar is inderdaad wel leuker als je online gewoon je eigen taal kan praten

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    what i dont get is why they show 2 maps

    have a vote

    then go to a 3rd map?!

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  • 06/04/14--09:39: Re: Zombies Theater
  • This is a fundamental problem that's always been present in zombies theater mode.  Longer games typically in excess of 2-3 hours have a tendency to result in this error message.  It seems the information contained within these games is too great for the theater engine to process it.  The best way around it is to record your gameplay with a pvr so you won't be dependent upon theater for proving your accomplishments.     

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