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    What would be the point if there's gonna be more

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    Once again I turn to the ATVI forums in hope of finding like minded individuals interested in running BO2 EEs, with a slight twist... The randoms I bring in never know the steps, and can rarely hold their ground... If you can do the EEs with minimal assistance and aren't too scared to do all steps with waves of Zs chasing you, then MSG me on XBL: YdaJdiMstr


    The ones I've found the most entertaining are DRise, MoTD, and Origins--when it isn't being a piece of ****... I have found some serious entertainment in getting EEs done without holding any Zs for any reason at all... It is difficult and may not be your idea of fun, but if you've grown tired of the monotonous training and teammates holding Zs after EVERY round to PaP a different weapon then please join me for some chaotic gameplay... I've also been trying to do Origins EE with no perks, and have yet been unable to... Per usual, if you would rather your gameplay not be live streamed, featured on YT, or other Zs forums, then tell me ahead of time...


    Also, if you think the idea is stupid as hell, voice your opinion and perhaps we can make a change... I'm just sick of the old tired played out challenges...

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    have the same issue and just got told by Activision Live Chat that there was a corruption in my account an it was the only way to fix it!

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  • 05/16/14--15:20: Re: Money Problem
  • In Nightfall you receive half money after the first breeder fight on coop so that is normal. On Mayday you earn half money when you enter the top deck of the ship so that is also normal. For PoC, I have no idea why that would happen. Typically you earn 1.3 times the normal amount of cash when you enter the cabin.

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  • 05/16/14--15:20: Re: What is GT?
  • Georgia Tech

    Goodyear Tire

    Game Trailers


    Groove Terminator

    Gross Tonnage

    Gas Turbine

    Google Talk

    Gin & Tonic (my personal favorite)

    Gullivers Travels

    ....OK OK...yah I just Googled GT...couldn't resist...my bad..it's Friday

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  • 05/16/14--15:21: Looking for clan on ps4
  • I am looking for a good clan to join on ps4.

    I have a 1.49 kd and i can play 3-4 hours a day

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    nicedrewishfela wrote:




    I could care less if I ever get to customize my character ever again. I would rather see challenges brought back for unlocking weapons and attachments and see more interactivity in maps. I can't see my character anyways.


    But your character is what everyone else sees.


    The things you are looking needn't be at the expense of less customization.

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    My steam ID: STEAM_0:1:27894864 or 76561198016055457


    20 minutes ago I was playing the game, lost connection to server because of "transmition error" or something like that,  went back in the game but my rank$stats were reset back to 0. I was prestige 3, rank 41.

    Restore my stats as soon as possible.

    I demand an answer ASAP.

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    TThis should help out some Diamond Division Clan Wars Special Rules

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  • 05/16/14--15:27: Re: Looking for clan on ps4
  •   BullzEye Gaming is a new clan I started im search of committed regular players. I'm not here asking for your soul or anything just advising you that if you're looking for a fun, competitive clan than you can stop searching now and join BullzEye Gaming. Since it's only me right now I want to find a member that I can automatically promote to Lieutenant General  and help recruit.  You can send me a message PSN at KingTavi2 or email me if you want luis.claudio2@yahoo.com. You can also search for BullzEye Gaming on the Ghost app and request to join.

    Requirements -

    - 1.00 or above KD

    - mic is preferred not required

    - sense of humor but not childish

    - to have fun and compete

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  • 05/16/14--15:27: Re: I need a clan!!!!
  • SSounds good. I'm on now

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  • 05/05/14--02:22: Re: Ideas for Future CoD's
  • short....


    NEW GAME ENGINE not refreshed


    no special wishes



    -dedicated servers

    -same player card as mw3 had (previous game prestiges historry)

    -anty camping system

    i will add traveled miles ratio to kills, and that data goes automatycly to player card , if smoeone have less traveled miles and many kills should have another color on lobby leaderbords or special element on player card and that can say ,,those player is truly camper or another side thise player is truly assulaut solder... (many traveled miles and kills)

    And that system can say for players leave thise lobby here many campers... If noone play with them maby thay change playing system for moire assulaut ...


    - less aim devices type target finder etc than beter

    -I think they shold make for each Cod,  player emblem generator !

    I love show my final kill cam when i aiming without aiming device and everyone in lobby can see my emblem ( I have made my based on clan name )

    -I think they shold make for every cod player emblem generator ! i love show my final kill cam when i aiming without aiming device and everyone inn lobby saw my emblem ( i have made my clan embem )




    - clans special player card with clan level and name and special title like mw3 had( maby with previous game clan level also)

    -clans rewards (many clan tag colors for clan leveling up, and final tag -diamond !)

    - clan wars with region select

    - they have to keep our clan data, now they removed ELITE and our hard work is gone ....

    -If they don't write in game app i wish ,,refresh clan stats button"  i have to close game to se refreshed clan stats



    - diamond weapon camo !If are You Season Pass holder  that means solder is ,,rich ", if is rich he have diamonds simple....

    - no remakeable maps , We will pay for brand new maps !

    - remakeble maps shold be a bonus for all players (free) to celebrate when new DLC shows up. I think they even dont have to change map (maby cosmetic) same as with terminal that was good idea !

    -same playlist system as mw3 had, when i want play normal playlist i push select and new maps are disabled ( when you play less popular mode have to many time wait for match ...)





    Aliens, robots etc. that isnt same ... it have to be game mode with same rulls, movment system(dancie macabre with ZOMBI, we dont wanna ja umping aroundand and biting alliens)  with rounds and special wird things to do.....

    Basicly same game mode as Treyarch made ....


    And that is all ....

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    Agreed. But I think the focus has turned to Customization and away from Quality.


    I'd rather see Customization be an after-thought to a spectacularly designed game.

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    You will need to leave some more info like your psn etc.

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    i am looking forward to gaming with you. I will be online tonight around 8pm PST. let me know what system you are on so i know which one to get on 360/XB1. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the clan!

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    Hey everyone we are looking for members to join chaos hunter, we are a new ps3 clan that is active and growing there are no requirements to join our clan, just look for us on the ghoust app or message myself at Drkninja666 , our leader sir_capachino , or a co-leader fshrmn11, cooldude5643, or ice-ice-breaker through psn to join. No mic needed, no k/d or w/l requirements, no level requirement. Come join us and take the cod world by storm. Like our motto says "Fight to WIN, Not survive" ! see you ask in game.

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    Before The Simon "Ghost" Riley Mask was released for everyone it said: "Exclusive Unlock" now it has been changed into micro Dlc and now it says: Buyed from the Store"

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    now today for the most part I played hctdm running solo on xbone and overall people were polite win or lose. Even heard someone say good shot. Numerous games within 3-7 kills of each other lots of fun. Only heard one person complaining about split screeners.

    internet bravery is a comical thing .

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    Funny, the comment wasn't aimed at you, and I definitely do not have a problem with you, but okay:


    More than a mere two years. Some of us have been here since way back in older games like WaW and MW.. the so called best games of the series.. So yes we do know how the game works more than someone that may have been playing it for only a year or so or less. And yes we know more about what has gone on in these forums over those years too.

    What goes down on forums based on opinion is meaningless to whether you know how the game works in relation to someone else. That's about as self-righteous as you can get.

    And yes that time does give us a greater understanding of the game and the franchise for we have seen how it changed over the years, seen the complaints, the whines the crying about one thing or another. Know when and why the competitive lists were even added to the game and franchise. Fought with the devs over nerfs/buffs, play list changes, removals, additions.

    Just like everyone else who is rational outside of these forums. Although, clearly they aren't as experienced with this franchise, as they haven't joined our little cult now, have they?


    Just because you may wanna try and think or claim it means we know little, just proves how little you really know; which basically makes your credibility here lower because of that.

    1) Feel free to twist my point, I do enjoy it. Never did I once claim that any of you knew 'little'.


    2) I do not care for my credibility here, this is the internet. Either you agree with me or you don't. Deal with it.


    Many prefer to try the other posters arguing mentality with me and always fail. Those who grow smart learn it never works with me because I dont give a damn what anyone here thinks about me at all. I can dish out just as much or even more than I am given at any point by anyone on these forums. That person calls me an idiot because he does not like what i say or how I say it. Which just really proves himself to be the idiot in the end.

    Why are you telling me this? I honestly couldn't give a **** for your little spat with that guy, and whether he can't hold an argument without resorting to ad hominem. Leave me out of it.

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