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  • 05/14/14--11:46: Re: Spectrum camo
  • Not the weaponcamo, uniform, helmet and mask  maybe. Not the weaponcamo!!!! Look it up for yourself. Sorry dude.

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    It has'nt happened to me in a while, but in saying that i expect it to pop up again soon....

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  • 05/14/14--11:47: Re: IED damage...
  • The point they are getting to with the ied's is to where it makes sense when you jump that you are farther away from the ied, meaning less damage. That seems like more reasonable logic. Its the same with the guns, the farther away the less damage. The bullets after traveling past a certain range depending on the type of gun/round will lose force behind it after traveling a lengthy distance so they enforced the same type of physics with the explosives. I have been obliterated no telling how many times by ied's even after running around the corner or 30 feet away from them because of latency and/or over powered explosives, which makes them more ridiculous than claymores with danger close in mw2 lol.

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  • 05/14/14--11:47: Re: connection
  • Your latency and ping are unstable is all I'm driving at, even LTE is not designed for high stability (no satellite or cellular can be due to how it functions), so you doing "better" than them is subjective to how the lag comp is throttling their connection to the host to keep it more in line with yours. Their skill level also has nothing to do with their connection. Your connection is not more stable than theirs, the game's lag comp is just pulling them down closer to your own stability in order for you to have a gaming experience that's a bit more fair.


    If there was no lag compensation, you would be that "easy target" to everyone with a broadband connection, the same with how it makes things more even for DSL users... without lag comp, broadband users would have an unfair advantage over everyone else.


    As for server dedication, there is none - it's listen servers and peer 2 peer all around, which, as I just said, is exactly how you do better. Lag comp is on your side my friend... I'm sure you've had games where it just seemed everyone had the advantage against you as well, where lag comp was not in your favor - happens to everyone lol those games are more in line with where you'd actually stand with your connection compared to those of us with broadband. You might be a much better player skill wise, but when the connection isn't in your favor, or in the favor of player X with a stable broadband connection, you'd lose every gunfight simply due to the fact that you'd be out of sync with the host all the time..


    A few friends of mine have "meh" connections and play very well when alone typically, but once they get into diverse groups of people with broadband connections, the lag comp favors the average in that connection quagmire, and suddenly they can't buy a kill...


    Be mindful that your connection is causing others in the same match to lag which gives you opportunity over them.


    Honestly, when you break down lag comp, it's sort of like a handicap for people like me >.< lmao I've played on a buddy's DSL before, swapping games back and forth on his account, and I do really well because it always seems like everyone is lagged behind me.. while playing at home here on broadband I have to try so much harder because I get throttled due to lag comp favoring someone like you, or him.. but I can't complain, makes it fair for him and you.. if it didn't, the CoD community would only consist of those with broadband connections.. that would be unfair for people that can't get said type of connection..

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    armor piercing

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    A little history. We started out on MW3 in April 2012 as Band of Brothers. Once Elite was dropped everyone went their owns ways some even quitting. In January 2013 a couple of us got back together on MW3 and wanted to get a ghost clan going. Since BOB was in use we did a search and re-established the clan renaming it to Elite Legends November 5th, 2013 when ghost was released. We want to build a fun, active, but competitive clan. One that will work as a team during game play and clan wars to win while respecting each other at the same time! Can't win if you don't work as a Team.

    We are very happy to be part of True Sportsmanship. This is what this clan stands by and is how the clan will be. We are not into ANY arguing, fighting, yelling, screaming, extreme cussing and or Discriminating, racial slurs ect. We plan to keep a cool, chill respectful clan for you to call home. No BS!

    We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for cheating, it is NOT allowed here!!!! We do know what to look for, so if you gotta cheat this is not the place to call home cuz we better than that!!!!!!!!

    Do you have true sportsmanship in you?!

    If " Yes".... Then you came to the right place. Join Today!

    Our Requirements:

    - Must have a positive K/D 1.0+ and above!

    - 18 or older and maturity is a Must!

    - MUST BE ACTIVE!!!! Have to play to stay!

    - Being friendly is a huge plus. Wins are easier to come by when you aren't arguing with your team. Right?

    - Must have Call of Duty app. Don't know what to play if you can't check, right? Not Mandatory, makes it easier to tell what nodes to capture during clan wars and scores is all!


    Clan stats:

    - Level: 20

    - Division: Plat.

    - Clan K/D: 1.11

    - Clan Win %: 52

    - Members: 11

    To Apply:

    Apply through the COD app:EliteLegendsGmng

    website: elitelegendsgaming.iclanwebsites.com

    Contact one of us below in game:

    Founder xbl GT: @ KcMaverick1

    Lt. Commander & Recruiters:

    XBLGT: @ HRgxLegend

    XBLGT: @ Nextpro321

    XBLGT: @ strife3k


    Clan wars starts 5-14-14, You need a home? Join Today!

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    Hey everyone i'm looking for a laid back Ghosts clan. I just recently traded my Xbox 360 for a PS3 and now i'm looking for a clan, I am at a low rank yes but I am not a noob. I've been playing COD since the MW2. I have the season pass plus a headset. I'm 24 years old so if your interested reply to this topic or message Killevon on PS3, and please tell me a bit about your clan. Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon

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    It's a beast set up, most players always want to slap a red dot sight on the Badger but the irons are probably the best in the game.

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    Thank you for taking the time to look through here. I am looking for a clan, not a group of people that only get on for clan wars and go ape **** if you are not active. I have around a 1.08 K/D as of now and is continuing to rise day by day. I can't guarantee that I will always be active, but usually I am on weekdays between 4-11 PM US Mountain time or around six PM US Eastern time and always on the weekend.


    I honestly don't care about what division the clan is in, or what color the clan tags are. I just want to play with fun but mature people.


    My gamertag is AauraKuup so please message me if you are interested or if you have any questions... or post down below .

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    So yesterday I tried to get on CoD as usual but it said there was an update first. I clicked download, so it took an hour to download, then claimed it wouldn't install. I deleted and tried downloading/installing 4 more times and nothing. Now I can't get online on Ghosts but I can with other games. Is there any way to resolve this? 2 days ago it worked perfectly but now it won't let me do anything. I can get online and see my friends on and even search for a match but it won't find ANY games and I can't join my friends and they can't join me. It's not my internet or my PS4 so I don't know what's up? Is there a way to fix this?

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  • 05/15/14--14:55: Re: Community Forum Issues
  • TL_Bare_B_V2 wrote:


    Every time I update my thread it needs moderator approval which is annoying. Could I have it made exempt?

    It's this one here: CoD: Advanced Warfare - Let The Hype Begin

    its because theres a link in it


    Also i've noticed an issue which I assume is affecting everyone else... my posts seem to disappear randomly its been happening for a while now.


    *disclaimer this post has been screenshot for my own personal records and I have tried to ensure no part of it breaks the Forums posted guidelines and rules which I found here Community Forum Etiquette and Guidelines

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  • 05/15/14--14:56: Re: What to expect (COD:AW)
  • I agree with ALL of the points mentioned. Although Ghosts had some great implementations, it ruined COD with many noob-fiendly stuff like IED, Gaurd dogs, IMS, etc. On the other hand, it lacked support for some great killl/score streaks like K9, swarm, etc. for absolutely dominating the enemy.

    The latency indication & dedicated servers are a must. Plus, it would be awesome to support LAN. (something through Steam for preventing illegal usage)

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    I will say it since that is the whole point. We have seen and experienced more than most of the people on here over the years which gives us more credibility than most. Having first hand experience and knowledge over the years is what makes us have the ability to give constructive criticism and views on the matters at hand.

    You've been on a CoD forum for two years. I bet that has given you so much more 'experience'  with this franchise now, hasn't it?


    Since my point was a relevant response to what he stated to trial, i would kindly ask you to p*ss off.

    Really, because I took a little look at what it was you were replying to and it is completely irrelevant. Just you cockslapping someone with your ego and how you clearly have more experience with the franchise than him for being on a forum longer than him for slightly more than a year (Quite a bold claim). Unwarranted Self-Importance much?

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    were in platinum division I need clan members for clan wars and I'm positive were going to win clan wars so add STABBED BY G1RL

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    Yes please!

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    I thought generally it worked. I think the game got confused with clans and parties, i.e. it would only check the party leader allowing members of the party without dlc through the net. I'm just guessing based on what I saw and read on here.


    Personally I can see the need for dlc to keep the game fresh, but I'd just prefer them to add £15 to the price of the game and give everyone the dlc when it comes out.

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    It's too bad I'm not a Playstation fanboy, sorry to invalidate your attempt at levity.


    I follow business news like a hawk, Sony is not tanking or plummeting, they just lost a lot of money with the dissolution of Vaio and the open licensing of Blu-Ray. Any company anywhere that ends a major product line or decides to take one of their patents and license it for others to use (end of a monopoly basically) will take a severe financial hit for that year. It's basic economics.


    The rest of your point, being invalid now, goes on to be ignored... as do you. Continue positing, continue attempting to push your fanboy levity with Microsoft, it doesn't really matter. From this point on, if I respond at all to this thread, it won't be to humor your nonsense nor will I respond to anything anyone else does decide to talk to you about.


    You've made your claims and points, you haven't proved anything nor have you changed anyone's mind or made them "see reason" like most fanatics hope. Now you continue to claim me a fanboy when in fact if I was, I wouldn't have anything at all to do with this forum or my 360, and I would certainly not be sitting here tonight playing Clan Wars with my clan on my 360. You don't have any idea what a fanboy is, which is a real shame considering you are one, and for my own sanity I'm going to stop reading anything you ever post anywhere on these forums since you don't follow up any claims with actual evidence... and no, just because you say it is proof doesn't make it proof, it just makes it your opinion... which is worthless once you attempt to push it on others.



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  • 05/15/14--15:03: Re: AR ownership
  • This should be on the General Off-Topic part of the forum, not the Xbox 360 one... lol

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    2 Spots left.

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