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    Homicidal Gaming is an 18+ adult based community.  We have close to 100 Xbox one members and Over 100 Xbox 360 members. You will never have to run with randoms again.

    We are a rank structured community with Privates, Corporals, Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains, Generals, Section Leader, Division Leader, and Council that make up our community. With two clans for xbox one Exhumed and Decapitate. Xbox one will soon have our own Diamond roster as does our 360 side. Although clan wars are not mandatory its just an extra.

    We hold bi-weekly community fun nights with occasional prizes. Weekly squad meetings and player of the week. Monthly clan meetings.

    Who we are looking for:

    • Must be 18+ and mature
    • Have a headset so we can communicate
    • Looking for people with leadership skills who have the time and knowledge to move up the ranks.
    • Active players both on the xbox and forums


    Contact me on the Xbox One: HG WASABI

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    mayday is easy because the new seeders give a lot of money. The "Pros" complaining are complaining not because they cant use it every match only when they try to raise their top score because with 5 relics you are pretty much useless to your team unless the carry you. With a PT it was so you still could bring something to the table so the other didn't have to worry about you really. I think that is what is really the issue. Before nerf. 5 relic was easy pretty much if you played it right. After, it is just going to be a little harder to be useful and not be a burden to the team. Solo is a different story.

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  • 05/13/14--11:31: Re: Why is mayday so easy?
  • I Thought nightfall was the perfect difficulty .... wasny guaranteed victory Everytime ...I was hoping the next two maps wpild be as hard maybe a little bit hatree than nightfall ...i think mayday is a fun map but it's not challenging

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  • 05/13/14--11:31: Re: Mercenaries playlist
  • I used to hear the same thing about sucking it up and joining a party.  Here's my thing, I'm in my mid-thirties, kids, family, etc and I don't have time to round up friends to play with nor would I make a particularly good clan member.  Without question if there was a Mercenary playlist I'm certain I would increase my play time.  As it is now I'll play 3 - 4 rounds a couple nights a week, get tired of the slaughter and move on to another game.  I have no problem playing with randoms as long as everyone is on equal footing, going against clans or parties as a solo player is an uphill battle.

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  • 05/14/14--11:31: Re: IED damage...
  • I've been trying to stay positive and only involve myself in topics that won't bring out the clown in me, but..........., i.ed's sweet bejeeebus, who?, why?, how?.

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  • 05/14/14--11:32: a0x is recruiting (xb1)
  • Hi all a0x is recruiting active members in order to expand our roster. We currently have 9 members broken down into 2 teams of 4 (and 1 sub). I am looking to add one more competitive team and maybe one practice squad. What I need is people who can get on mainly Tuesday and Thursday at 5 pm pdt for our clan v clan practices. You also need to be able to communicate and call out what is going on in front of you, and you need to be mature enough to handle possibly being placed on a practice squad if you don't perform. We will mix and match people till we get the perfect balance of skills, we care more about teamwork than individual skill. Our clan win percentage is 50% right now thanks primarily to our competitive squad (it was down around 40% a couple days ago). We are also level 7 but like I said that is mainly because of our comp squad. If interested in trying out message me on xbox live at YOURxSAVIOR

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  • 05/14/14--11:33: Re: connection
  • I'd love to see everyone who is above average in call of duty play on the same connection as me. Im sure people who rage because of lag on their usual connection would throw hella fits haha

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    i have a wireless broadband router like you are talking about but im not sure how much data i use with it because my internet plan is unlimited and max speed @ $60/month

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    Lemme know if you are interested in joining my clan! I'll send you an invite or you can search me up as "HellsMercenaries"  It is a level one clan with a fresh clean slate. Just needs warm bodies. So hmu!

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    i do have a bit of latency( minor lag) that is noticeable but its not bad, and like you mentioned its not anywhere near as bad as using phone tethering but its definitely not the same as playing on a stable dsl/cable connection haha.

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  • 05/14/14--11:39: Re: Riot Shield - Buff It
  • I know i am bringing up a dead subject but this is ridiculous.


    I just tried in 5 matches to use this thing but only got 1 kill out of all those games with the shield. the shield is completely useless in matches. Even if my WHOLE body is covered from head to toe, somehow, when the enemy hits the shield with bullets, i die after a few shot being deflected off the shield.


    I know NONE of my body is exposed yet somehow, i die anyway even if the enemy is always hitting my shield.


    If this is the way the riot shield is going to be, then Sledgehammer might as well not even put it in their game due to how useless it is. And IW game might as well not have it either.


    This is ridiculous.

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    My experience for a 2 or 3 day stretch I feel like I am on Seal Team 6 and never have one bad game always having games like 15-1 to 25-3 games like that.  Then then next 2-3 day stretch I feel like I am an infant who doesn't even know what a video game is and feel like I am playing again navy seals and have games like 10-12 or 8-15 almost never going positive.  I don't get it.

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  • 05/14/14--11:41: Re: Did you know ... ?
  • Please do before I completely go back to the 360 (It's kind of fun and refreshing).

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    I play on xboxone, gamer tag : Leiju

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    The same as you

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    Honestly, I want something useful. They can keep their figurines and comic books.


    How about do what MW3 did.. and include the Season Pass with the Hardened Edition? How about an exclusive Camo or Customization element....and by exclusive I mean will not be released to the public in any other form or manner.


    One thing I don't want- Early Map DLC. Hear me out on this. Free-Fall and Nuketown 2025 were a waste to get early. Why? Because you could only play them in a limited capacity in a very limited playlist or in Private Matches. It does us no good to have maps we can't use.


    In addition, I'd wait to see what you want to ask for until we know a bit more about the game. There may be a cool element in the game you'd like included that we just haven't been made aware of yet.

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    my gamertag is xtx phenom xtx i dont care what division your in or what clan lvl you have although it helps if your somwhat high but i mainly care about your wins an kd. i have a 2.6 kd 3.4 wl an im a tenth prest with 8days played. i play mainly tdm and s&d im 22 years old an can be active during clan wars. message me on xbox thank you =)

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    If you over write it will fix it, the error still pops up from time to time but just overwrite it when it happens

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    King of teh OT

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