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    Sure , twenty time I reapeat that I never said that there wasnt a problem and the twenty times I never said it was definitely the game, and the one time I supposedly said it was definitely not the game and that one time it was deleted. Yeah right.


    you might someday learn how to read like that part when you think I said there wasnt a problem. Many people on this forum know me enough to admit when I make a mistake and I wouldnt delete my post if and I were wrong. I would have the balls to admit it.


    I know enough to post something as actual fact without some evidence to back it up my theory.


    Oh and the part where I said "it was not the game" wasnt deleted. Its still there. I posted its not the game because everyone is not on the forums crying about it. Twitter would be flooded with it.


    "And no its not the game because I yet have been dropped in a game on Tremor." Tremor is not a problem for most gamers out there. So they wont fix it unless they find it otherwise . If they cant replicate the problem then they cant fix it.

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  • 05/07/14--10:16: Average number of players?
  • Can someone tell me what the average number of players on ghosts is on PS3 around 6 to 8 pm on PS3 Pacific time?

    PS4 has just died.

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    thebiindsniper wrote:

    The graphics of a console are not important.

    So then why bother with the next gen consoles? Why bother with new engines? Why bother with advanced motion capture technology? Why bother with IMAX and 4k? Why bother with anything if no one cares how it looks? You post couldn't be more wrong.

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    I play extinction and love the load out and D PAD. It will be nice to see this integrated into Advanced warfare. Very nice. I like doing more in the game, hence extinction was born.

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  • 05/07/14--10:18: Disappearing DLC
  • I have a xbox elite and have downloaded the new maps. They do not show up the next time I start the game. I redownload them and the system says they have previously downloaded. Sometimes they will then show up, sometimes not. When I turn the system on the next time, they are gone from the menu again. Any help, please?

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  • 05/07/14--05:30: Re: can i join a clan?
  • Hey man,

    If you're on Xbox One, check out Veritas Gaming! We have two level 22 clans, a casual squad, and a clan dedicated to making Diamond Division. Check us out at http://vghq.org

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  • 05/07/14--10:19: Re: Where is the comps @
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    With blood and rage of crimson red, ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, together with our hellish hate, we'll burn you all, that is your Fate !


    This is a new clan created for the sole purpose of fun with friends we are the red lantern corps.

    With your help we can create a network of people who just want to play and have a good time doing so.

    Our Clan has no requirements other than being at least fourteen years of age and play on playstation.

    K/D Ratio, Accuracy, W/L, doesn't matter.

    This game is about having fun and that's what the Corps is about.


    Join at sector666.enjin.com/recruitment

    And Let Our Rage Be Your Rage.

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    Someone brought up a stat for time spent on a flag capturing it. I like that idea. Cap assists are good too because it adds incentive not to just occupy the flag the actually take. I often felt defeated putting effort into capturing a flag only to get hit by two grenades right before it was captured. My team survived, I died, and being the one who did most of the work I didn't get anything for it.


    Hopefully they look into this and add a stat. I think it would greatly change perspective of players who have low captures and lots of kills. Someone can easily have 5 or 6 cap assists with 2 captures and it really changes the outlook of that player.

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    Thanks, I'll take a look at that.

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    What do you guys think this means? Certainly the PS4 has more raw power but the Xbox one is a pretty solid console too and with Activision being in bed with the Xbox these last several years it seems we have an affair brewing.


    I think it's great that the PS4 will be the focus and favorite for the developers. It'll be interesting to see if the game will function any differently now that it's mainly developed around Sony's console.


    Your thoughts.


    ‘COD: Advanced Warfare’ PS4 To Be ‘Definitive’ Console Version

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    apehangers wrote:


    And don't listen to that Izjar11 ..  He just likes to hang out in here and tell people they are wrong and play bully of the boards. 

    He never has any real input but to try and belittle people.

    Right, listening to another (hater) complaining about a game they can't stop playing, makes sense.


    The truth,


    haters gonna hate animated GIF

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    Don't bother. He does the same thing on Twitter. It makes no sense what he says. He has a X1. Yet graphics enhancements don't matter.

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  • 05/07/14--10:25: Re: Gun Classifications
  • Assault Rifle

    • Honey Badger
    • AK-12
    • ARX-160
    • Maverick AR



    • Vector CRB
    • MTAR-X
    • CBJ-MS
    • Bizon
    • Vepr
    • Ripper


    • MTS-255
    • FP6
    • Bulldog


    Marksman Rifle

    • MR-28
    • SVU Dragunov


      Sniper Rifle

    • L115
    • VKS


    • M27-IAR
    • LSAT
    • Chain Saw



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    Banned for missing out on an 'O'.............................I am talkin about the 'to'

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    ChestSplittah wrote:

    He has a X1. Yet graphics enhancements don't matter.


    Gee, I wonder why

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    What I think is it's pure, speculative BS. Until someone goes on the record from SH... I don't care. And even then... I don't care.

    i'm really tired of console wars.


    Here's pure facts:


    1. Sony has sold more next-gen consoles.
    2. Sony reported $1.3 billion in losses for FY14.
    3. Sony does not have as mature a cloud infrastructure as MS does.
    4. Sony will not have the OPEX needed to improve it.

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    The fact that Bunkie and Activision slapped the Definitive Console label on the PS4 for Destiny, all the while ATVI made it rain with $500 million for the game over the years.

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    Banned for even noticing what i wrote above that gif, turn in your man card

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    New video is up! Still looking for more players to record with. I was trying out the cog scope in this game. At first I found it to be pretty difficult but after getting used to it, I love it! surprised I haven't seen many people using it. I'm also playing FFA games only using throwing knifes, you have to try that if you haven't, it's actually a good strategy, speed and almost complete silent kills, it's fun ok


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