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    First off, I'm a female, so that would be *she, also, don't call me OP, this isn't 4chan, lastly, the ONLY reason I posted this on here is because of the fact I have the video proof. As Comatose said, don't like what you see? Then stay off it. I'm well aware of the "rules" and frankly I don't really care. There are far worse things I could post on here, but instead, I choose to also be a "productive member of the community" and allow others to be aware of these two boosters. That is all.

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    Hey guys as the topic says looking for a couple of people for pub stomping mainly use sniper add my psn: dan1eLANIMAL

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  • 07/24/13--08:43: Re: Un-nerf the snipers.
  • I think that the nerf is acceptable, but maybe they could've added an extra attachment like "fast bolt" just to make quickscopers take up an attachment slot? And a lot of the sniper community that play the game are quickscopers and feeders, so I think Treyarch are on the road to losing some more players.

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  • 07/24/13--08:44: Re: Weapon Patch
  • Well I heard wrong.

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  • 07/24/13--08:45: Re: BO2 = Ruined
  • they also ***** up the search preferences. Before yestarday patch the waiting time for a league play lobby was about 3 min max to start playing that is with the search preference in ANY but now it takes more than 5 minutes and the people in the lobby are french or from brazil or from other place and im in the U.S. what tha f*****. everithing was working good intil this last patch. this it BS. all th good weapons are a joke now. BF3 time for me now.

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  • 07/24/13--08:45: Re: Temp ban question
  • Unlocked. Apologies I thought this was an appeal.


    That said, we can't answer your question. We can only point you to the Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy.


    Chief Forum Moderator

    Modern Warfare, Black Ops, Ghosts

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    Join us we are a good friendly clan that are always working towards our challenges. Any 1 Can Join And We Do Not Decline Any Apply's Started About 3 Week's Ago And We Are Level 9. Dont Be Shy Give Us A Try.


    Just Apply Here:https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/9893235


    Hope To See You Later

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  • 07/24/13--08:45: Re: So about Elite...
  • no you will be fine, elite is a side dish to this game that never really worked well.

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    The target finder blocks your vision and disappointed you cant customize the reticle on the mms. Otherwise both attachments are fine. Personally only use the mms on game such as search. People constantly complain about the target finders. But they should use the cold blooded perk as defense. However I am extremely disappointed with game maps and the amount of cheaters posing as players. Also very disappointed with the immature players trolling in hardcore game formats. Harassing team mates and forcing players to get kicked.

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    Can't even enjoy a game without scrub kids boosting and teamkilling people who try to stop them.

    When I addressed the issue about them boosting, they of course, acted very immature about it, given

    that they were young, but also said very nasty things back. Which, everyone does, but when you're

    caught cheating, you really have no room to talk. I tried several times to break it up as did other members

    on my team, but they continued anyway. They're words were "why you mad at us boosting? It's just a game

    you low life. Get a life and be mad that I did better".

    Now, this is why something needs done about them. He did it all for headshots. He doesn't deserve those stats

    and they should be reset.


    Report them please.


    ^ above video is proof, for this is not the only time I have done this.

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  • 07/24/13--08:48: Re: So about Elite...
  • Thank you, gentlemen.

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    If you are interested in recruitment, visit our website at www.HazeClan.com

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  • 07/25/13--09:15: Re: die rise helppppp
  • Well said.

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    Would you like to join my ps3 clan I will enlist to all clan ops and challenges....


    Our ash tag is 666


    Reply or message me on psn

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  • 07/25/13--09:16: Re: Richtofen side of EE's
  • u should put these details in the main message cause obviously ppl are going to ask

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  • 07/25/13--09:16: Re: What's the best LMG
  • If you are going for supressive fire then the LSAT or MK48 depending on your accuracy but I prefer the LSAT because I know how to work the kick for easy headshots and I prefer the iron sights.  If you are going for a more aggresive push in LMG then the Hammer would be my pick.  It's basically a higher fire rate Scar with a huge mag.

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    kill confirm mostly and tdm.

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    i wold like a active clan dont care how big or small the clan is and my kd is a 0.65 because my xbl account was getting used by my cuz and he is bad at cod

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    check out our website  

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