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    Onslaught is the first of four map packs. So ,, in total there will be 16 maps, plus the bonus content. I believe that the second map pack is due for release on PS on May 8th.

    For more info click the Season Pass from the menu on the very left of the screen.

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    Yeah same here. I'm not pre-ordering util there's a poster to be had.

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  • 05/02/14--18:24: Re: this gif's for you
  • amazing animated GIF

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  • 05/02/14--18:24: Game Vs. Game
  • Ok, so normally i hear that people like ghosts over battlefield or vice versa. Now that COD Warfare is coming out will it be Advanced Warfare vs. HALO? The new game seems to "futuristic" in my opinion, will this be the new complaint coming up as Advanced Warfare seems to be less of "war style" playing and more "Futuristic Maybe It Will happen" playing. Personally I like the "old school warfare" style. Thoughts?

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    It's not a security lapse. It's artificially created hype. Makes people feel like they are in on a secret. It was done purposefully.

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    We still recruiting!

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    Hey guys so I was playing nightfall with friend and twice this situation happened to us. We were inside the factory and just completed the last hive at the top before facing the final breeder boss. Right when it tell it tells us that we completed the challenge all of a sudden the screen starts flashing "Regroup with your players" and counts down from 10 seconds. It made no sense we were both at top of the factory right next to each other. So instead of getting all of our stuff ready to face the breeder it out of nowhere transports us to the breeder where we are unprepared and die. Usually Everytime I have played it the breeder stage wont begin until you enter that one room. Has anyone else experienced this? Let me know?

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    I vowed never to buy DLC after Blops 2...I shall continue to uphold that.

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    Of course it will be on the 360. Just like ghosts, the game was created for the 360 and ported to the xbox one. The only difference being slightly better graphics on the one.

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    Damn, I'm almost a total COD hipster. Dont have a significant other, but I fit the bill for the other items.

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    How active how many members

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  • 05/02/14--18:29: Looking for fun gamers
  • Looking for fun gamers to join our clan on [ ps4 ] [ Aus ] our clan tag is [ AUS7 ]

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  • 05/02/14--18:29: Re: 100% Dedicated Servers?
  • lewdmouth wrote:


    Host dashboard, cheating, consistancy in connection strength, bad hosts (not strong enough connection to host yet made host anyway), local resources not being used by players console to host a game, host advantage/disadvantage.  Besides that nothing.


    On this we agree (consistency)... but everyone forgets/ignores what it introduces:


    • Server maintenance downtime
    • Less than ideal ping if a given population is too far from a server farm
    • Shelf life of game functionality is reduced (they will retire the service)


    And what too many think they do fix or solve:


    • Latency
    • Lag compensation (or client-client connectivity)
    • Overall experience
      • Titanfall and BF4 are very recent examples


    Here's to hoping the AW crowd is more informed than the Ghosts crowd.

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    I'd love to say I'm certain about this reply, but the fact is I am not because I haven't tested it yet. So here is my theory. (P.S. If you would care to help me test it someday soon, that would be greatly appreciated. When I do, I am going to record it. And then probably post it on here).

    Anyway, the theory:


    The recoil is the same, regardless of control types. It differs based on the gun/attachments and that is it. It still is an Aim Assist thing. I feel that sometimes we forget and assume it relatively only pulls right or left, and that's because that's what we feel in the vast majority of situations where it applies. Reality is, it pulls in all directions, including down when a gun is kicking up (recoil). Most die-hard Wiimoters I talk to, including yourself and others on this forum, say that it is extremely easy to break the "Aim Assist lock" with the 'mote due to natural hand movements. And there is where we have the difference that has gotten you so convinced that the recoil is higher.


    I just vote remove the Aim Assist altogether. It could be just for our versions of CoD, and that wouldn't bother me either. Cuz it's all a vicious cycle when it's there. And there wouldn't be separate recoil coding for control styles. There's coding for the guns and how they work.

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  • 04/28/14--20:14: The Amazing Spider-Man 3
  • Too be honest, I feel pretty bad for making this thread just as soon the second game released. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 looks amazing (no pun intended), but what I saw of the game in walkthroughs, there just isn't enough to justify a $30+ price tag.

    I can't even write this thread correctly because I feel so bad for posting this. I'll fix this thread up soon, when I feel better about this.

    EDIT: Disregard the previous sentence.

    EDIT: ► WTF Is... - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ? - YouTube -He makes some good suggestions.








    Feature Request

    • More Crime Variety/Activies - At least ten different activities and crimes.
    • Ubisoft-Style Towers - Hack cop communications for crimes in the area. (Hero-Menace can't go past a certain level if a certain number of towers isn't unlocked)
    • Task Force Outposts - "Liberate" different regions of New York to get rid of most of the task force in the area. (Hero-Menace system gets low-moderate boost from liberation)
    • Day-Night Cycle - This will add a sense of immersion.
    • Weather System - Just rain and clouds. No snow.
    • Black Suit - Allows to attack nearly anyone and use cars as weapons (To be honest, this idea doesn't make sense, but at least it's something).
    • Morality System - I'm not too hot on this one. But if there is one, then there should be gameplay choices that affect the ending. (Web of Shadows/Spec Ops: The Line-esque; choices in gameplay).
    • Arial and Wall Combat - To have active combat against possible Symbiotes and the Task Force drones.
    • Emergent and Dynamic Crimes - Some crimes occur in real time. Speeding cars, gang wars, muggings, etc.



    • Expanded Hero-Menace System - Make the player work for their reputation, don't let them stop two or three crimes just to increase their level by one. Low to Moderate XP or suit bonus' for being good. Cops go after Spider-Man, maybe? EDIT: Actually, don't let the meter go down as fast in the third game. It's annoying to have the meter be down after one mission.
    • Faster and More Varied Combat Animations - Just to feel more super-human.
    • Slightly Higher Difficulty for All Difficulties - The game seems too forgiving now. Maybe add two more difficulty levels.
    • No Sky Swinging at All - Increases the strategic element in mission hubs. EDIT: I noticed there's still minor sky-swinging, even in the city. Beenox, can you guys learn about ray tracing? Please? And have collision detection for webs. Thanks to TimFL274 for reminding me of this.
    • More Web-Swinging Animations - Procedural animations based on web swing vertical angle and speed?
    • Penalty for Poor Web Swinging - Slightly slowed movement and damage on high-velocity impact.
    • Expand Stealth - Web traps?
    • Wall Crawling - Seems to be funky when playing the arson/fire missions. Currently need to web rush to enter some windows.
    • Longer Story - Two to three hours of story can't really justify a $30+ price tag. At least ten hours.
    • Camera - Camera collision detection, so there isn't clipping, or awkward lock-ons.
    • Graphics - Distant LODs on trees and light posts, so there isn't obvious pop-ups (2D textures). More defined art style, because people still think the game's supposed to look realistic.
    • Expand the Arcade Machine - Challenges for the various Spider-abilities. X-Men Origins: Wolverine Weapon X Arena to practice combat against enemies (4:33 in link) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S5LwJ2xTS4


    Suggestions (These are very, very little suggestions)

    • Chameleon Boss Battle(s) - Have at least three superhumans (one ally and two enemies) in a boss fight? Adds confusion when Chameleon is switching faces and outfits. Maybe Mysterio could add confusion to the fight.


    Message was edited by: Bluedonut00 on 4/29 -Fixed minor annoyances, added some descriptions, and added "Task Force Outposts", "Expand the Arcade Machine", and "Suggestions".


    Message was edited by: Bluedonut00 on 5/2 -Changed the "Expanded Hero-Menace System" description. Added "Emergent and Dynamic Crimes". Will expand later.

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    When i was younger i was cool, now i cant remember whats cool anymore and it scares me

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    lewdmouth wrote:


    It's not a security lapse. It's artificially created hype. Makes people feel like they are in on a secret. It was done purposefully.


    That is pure conjecture. Control of confidential media assets such as this are a critical and key focus for companies which are spending millions of dollars for a planned marketing approach.


    I would presume SH management and executives are trying very hard to plug that leak.

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  • 05/02/14--18:34: Re: New Ps4 clan!
  • HEllo,we have some people active during the week but i can say we are mostly active from friday -sunday because i myself have school and work.

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    Clan KD is 1.63...win 64% of the time, if not more. I recruit players on being a team player that pushes to win, active member and preferably a KD of 1.30 or higher. If you wanna see our stats and the clan roster, look us up on the cod ghosts app. MUTILATE gamers, clan tag MUTE. I'm not looking for 100 members. We have 16 now and I want just a few more. My main focus is to get us established and play gb.

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    There are going to be much more players playing cod advanced warfighter then ghosts and the reason is battlefield 5 is not coming out this year. Last year there was gta5 online, battlefield 4. Destiny coming this year but i dont think its going to be a huge success if it same kind like halo games.

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