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    They are afraid and cant play. Almost every game in ghosts are like that one, full of cowards.

    So campers tell me this:

    I wonder how its to sit in a dark corner and watch on same walls entire game long about 10-15min?????(Boring)??

    I have not patient for that so idont even really want to know!

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    The same issue started happening on the 24th for me on my sons sub account.  I can't believe its taking this long to fix; not to mention of course their customer service is closed on the weekend.  I would highly recommend people call into their customer service on Monday at 310-255-2050 until they fix the issue.  I already worked with PSN over the weekend and it isn't an issue with them.

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  • 04/27/14--21:49: Re: COD News lied...
  • No sorry, it was like 2 month ago or something I really can't remember.

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  • 04/27/14--21:49: Re: Looking for GB Team U.S.
  • If those two or three want to opt in to my clan my whole clan is fully dedicated and active and accept everyone. Unless you are not very active.we are leading our gold division 463-0 across the board Young Royalty

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    Hello Ghosts players, I wanted to see what other people think of this, well I bought the Hardened Edition of Ghosts and I have been trying to get the spectrum camo but the cheapest I can find them is like almost $100, and I thought it would be cool if maybe all collector editions purchasers could get the camo too, I mean I know we got the patch, player card, and background for our squad members but I think there should be a weapon camo that comes with it, like spectrum or some other camo that only people with the collectors edition can get. Please let me know what you think of this.

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  • 04/27/14--21:50: Re: Virtual Mafia Recruiting
  • ADd me

    kevin_says_hi im on ps3


    20 KEMS

    2.00 kd (in my old acct that got stolen) mow is .94 from my bros old kd (.65)

    i am in the top 10 for fastest time to get gold gun 477kills for all except net with the vepr



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    These are what you call bad players. If they aren't moving then don't run towards them. I hate teammates that just rush a camper in a straight line over and over again.

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    banned for not knowing I gave that up long ago


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  • 04/27/14--21:52: Re: Looking for GB Team U.S.
  • The 2-3 are the founder, and close friends. It's OUR clan, so we're just booting the inactive players. Gotta keep at least 4. That's why the clan is so small. You don't play, you don't stay.

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    Forget the courthouse. Yes, it's good, but the saloon is so much better IMO.



    Here's the game plan:



    Indubitably, some one needs the paralyzer. Either have the 'lucky' player take one for the team or cycle through players. Seems to take too long though. -_-



    Don't open the doors to the saloon. Use the trample steam to get up there.



    Place the SVU-AS up there as well. If you've got unskilled or inexperienced snipers, play it safe and go with the AN-94. Snipers make it much faster and funner (and it's much safer if you've got skilled snipers).



    One part I must stressed is…honestly, don't use the traps. They completely defeats the purpose of the game. You get to round 50 and some of you haven't even breached 1,000 kills. Plus, you've got that 'ANIM ERROR' to worry about.



    It's flawless. It's got a great escape at the back of the hallway. It's perfect for 1-4 player (the more, the considerably merrier).



    Hope this helped. Courthouse seems to be over rated, as it gets overrun by the mid-30s.

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    If you "lock down" an area for too long and you have a good means to leave but you choose not to then it's camping.


    Also did you just admit to using IED's?

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  • 04/27/14--21:54: Re: Thoughts on Chaos Mode?
  • Idk, with PC getting it BEFORE Xbox you would really think PS3 would have it by now.

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  • 04/27/14--21:55: Re: nerf the usr
  • Kiddies need their easy guns. It's not gonna be nerfed. There's too many sniper communities that would send IW death threats. Once black ops 2 catered to snipers I knew this franchise was never going back. Most of the snipers are balanced, but the USR is the one gun for people who need a crutch to snipe. IW left it that way on purpose for bad players.

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    Exactly, campers are bad players.


    If you get killed by a camper either avoid that area or tactically flush him out such as by trying a different route.


    I've seen there a bunch of campers in this discussion and it's a shame they try every excuse imaginable to justify it instead of admitting they're bad players.


    Then again as someone might have already mentioned, to run into campers and IED's adds to the experience. Perhaps it might feel weird constantly running into other tactical rushers? We need to know though that the camping that goes on in ghosts is overkill.

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    You can do allot better ditching anything but a primary weapon with the extra perk slots. IEDs are dumb, I can side step them and not die 90% of the time. [ no damage perk]

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  • 04/27/14--22:05: Re: DLC idea
  • true that, i see the hardened edition in stores or the elite edition "the one with the camera" for 120 plus and i chuckle because only the most die hard fans would buy it, i can barely justify spending 50 on a new game. if they were to jack the price up of it, COD would fall right on its face and lose a huge chuck of its customer and fan base

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    You are a camper. Do us all a favour and sell your game and don't bother buying the next call of duty that comes out.


    Are you having a laugh. Since when is camping "a legitimate tactic in an fps game"?


    The only time is when you're defending bases and stuff but your reply stated it's a legitimate tactic in every game mode pretty much.


    You are a camper and are trying every excuse to justify doing it.


    You are one of those ruining Call of Duty. Instead of making others rage and stop playing Call of Duty, do us a favour and you stop playing Call of Duty if you're going to continue camping.

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  • 04/27/14--22:05: Elit3 Task Forc3!!!
  • Come be a part of building s clan from the ground up. We are a small clan but are recruiting heavily. We are a TEAM DEATH MATCH CLAN!!!, 




    18 or older


    K/D .90  or better


    Must be active during clan wars ,(as much as possible)


    Must add and play with clan members ,( This is how we will level our clan up)


    If our clan is the one for you please apply on the COD app or message me on Fear_My_Revenge

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  • 04/30/14--15:48: Re: Random thoughts thread

  • tropic2.gif.jpeg.gif

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    Pretty sure that the number for "a ceo" will not be posted. You will probably need to start with a CS rep and go from there but talking to the ceo will be an impossible target.



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