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    BobbyMcGee wrote:


    nintendon't wrote:


    The AA on DA in Ghosts is so light that it might as well not exist...

    at long last, we agree on something. its better btw...

    I missed this little statement, and what I find strange about it is Nintendon't said you need AA on DA's, yet in ghosts it barely exists yet he still found it so easy. No wonder then, there was so many kids quick scoping in BO2, that must have made it DEAD easy.

    Seriously Nintendon't, it would better to admit you're a troll, otherwise you just come across as an idiot. I'd prefer to believe the first part, but I believe that any way..

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    any places availablestill,psn:jukebogxsi

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  • 04/22/14--10:06: New Update Rested My Stats
  • My Gamer tag is iTzz RoBoCoP  I've been playing call of duty ghost since 12am launch date...I've been legit the whole time. When I reached prestige 8 I played in a random lobby and when I came out I was prestige 9 and I had 8000 squad points. My extinction has been reset also. This is what made me really upset. The countless hours and blood sweating from all the escapes and achievements...I was 15th prestige and I had purchased a lot of upgrades with new teeth system. This is so wrong of infinity ward and Activision to do this to loyal customer since cod4 who bought there game and purchased the season pass and extra downloads ...camos...characters...etc

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    Worked for me too.

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    Hi Normandie1944,


    I've opened a Customer Support case for you regarding your issue.  Can you please log into support.activision.com, My Support>Cases for further assistance.


    Thanks ^AH

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  • 04/22/14--10:10: Suche Clan
  • Hey!

    Bin auf der suche nach einem deutschen oder österreichischem Clan. Da ich selbst noch in der Schule bin wäre es gut, wenn es im Clan akzeptiert wird, dass ich nicht immer zocken kann.


    Zu meiner Person:

    Bin Österreicher

    Bin 16 Jahre alt.

    Bin eine ruhige Person also kein Rager.


    Zu meinem Account:

    KD: 1.01 (Tendenz steigend!).

    Prestige Master.

    Psn: WtF_iS_lt (am Ende bei lt ist es kein i sondern ein kleines L.)  addet mich einfach im game.


    Besitze ein gut funktionierendes Headset.



    Freue mich auf Rückmeldungen.

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  • 04/22/14--10:06: Re: Has anyone noticed ---
  • Well you can always look good Frag Movies.

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  • 04/22/14--10:11: Re: Has anyone noticed ---
  • Hey! At least I didn't call myself wise. I only feel comfortable insulting people I like. Funny how that works.


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    Message MeS Spuds on xbl.for UK 360 ghosts team.

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    Lower rank doesn't mean anything. I sometimes play on a second account because it's funny when people get butt hurt about being beaten by Lv15 non prestige player.

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    only lag i found was when EVERYONE experienced it.

    The cause - unknown (as every smart arse im playin with already knows it all )

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  • 04/23/14--10:06: Re: Different Colors
  • Did you know this idea was in RESISTANCE FALL OF MAN MP back in 2006

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  • 04/23/14--10:06: Re: Difference between Mw2
  • If you read my original post the streaks are basically the same except the harrier, pavelow, and precision airstrikes are gone. In ghosts there is some version of every other streak though+ there are the maniac and the assault jug and the support streaks.

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  • 04/23/14--10:06: Re: this gif's for you
  • How many goats must i sacrfice for his card !?


    Ok not really im too lazy.

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    I did that here: Spending forum points. but thats because I answered my questions. From what I can tell there is no benefit from marking your own answers, they don't count towards badges and you don't get points. Maybe some users believe they do.

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  • 04/23/14--10:10: Re: Different Colors
  • Banhammer,, are you trying to tell me there are other games besides Cod. Wash your mouth out

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  • 04/23/14--10:11: Help
  • Help!! I'm a clan leader in the diamond division .  I tried to redeem a code from monster energy drink. When I logged in here it asked for me to link my account so I did the email in my psn network is different then when I initially registered. So when logged in again lo play it kicked me out of my own clan!! How do I get my clan back it has no leader now great ..

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  • 04/23/14--10:11: ESQD - xb360 Extinction Clan
  • I highly encourage players of any skill level to join myself and some great players in Extinction on xb360. We currently have 40 members who really enjoy this game mode and have made huge strides in gameplay and game information!


    - no requirement to join except a positive attitude and team based playstyle

    - any age is welcome but please be mature

    - we can and will help you with completing maps and or achievments


    STOP wading through lobby after lobby of randoms who don't know how to win or blow off challenges. We have members from the west coast of the USA all the way to the UK so finding someone online is very easy! Find me in xb360-land at OFC Pugnax or apply directly through the ghosts app and I will accept you! thanks everyone

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  • 04/23/14--10:12: Re: Random thoughts thread
  • what a bunch of old hags

    reaction animated GIF

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