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    yeah bro join OM3G omegalphawolfs

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  • 07/23/13--02:55: Re: Spawn System
  • Demolition spawns are static and you'll find lobbies where people will just camp enemy spawn ADS for the second they spawn.  It's for people who enjoy higher scorestreaks who can't get them in game modes with more sporadic spawn systems where mere spawn control is not enough.

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    Same here unless its a full day to perfect my I hate French players one.

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    which console bro

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  • 07/23/13--02:57: Re: Help
  • Someone PM ME i have fking MW3 LAG on windows 7 on my mouse,is not wirless mouse my game work perfectly on xp sp2 or 3 only on 7 i have mouse lag on mw3..........good pc vsync off

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    PsN: Fastjake

    Active: Pretty Much everyday after 1300 1400 GMT

    Im looking for an english speaking clan because basically my previous clan has moved to BO2 and i think that game is gash

    My mic is broken at the mo but that problem will be fixed in the next few days

    i mainly play kill confirmed demolition and SND but tbf im really not that bothered


    some of my stats

    prestige: 20 lvl80

    KD: 3.8

    WL: 1.63


    Im looking for a clan that has a laugh and doesnt take things so bloody seriously (by which i mean run around like a blue ass fly with a gold MP7)

    message me on PSN is your intersted 

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    Okay basically this is the third post i made as the others kicked me for inactivity, (why? .-. ) but anyway, im from the Uk, My name is Amy and im looking for a clan that doesn't mind if i dont come on for a few days.. Obviously i don't just game i go out too xD


    I'll be checking regularly so post away please c:

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  • 07/23/13--03:01: Re: Help
  • Someone PM ME i have  MW3 LAG on windows 7 on my mouse,is not wirless mouse my game work perfectly on xp sp2 or 3 only on 7 i have mouse lag on mw3 .good pc vsync off

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    u shud apply for [OM3G] omegaalphawolfs

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    @ r8edtripx ...


    I'm sorry to inform you that you definitely do not have the concept of "tactic" down. Granted, everyone comes up with their own "tactics," you still don't use the term correctly.


    According to dictionary.com, the appropriate definition for the word "tactic" that applies here is the following:



    Deciding that your are going to run from point J to point H and kill the two red dots along the way qualifies as a tactic by the slimmest of margins. On the other hand, there are run & gun guys out there that decide they are going to get across the map, flank the sniper, then duck back out of sight to plot out a new target and tactic to take out that target or multiple targets. In developing such a tactic, the "tactical" player may opt to NOT kill any other opponents while enroute to the ultimate target.
    I know. In your book such a tactic is "stupid."
    But such an opinion demonstrates extreme short-sightedness. When you watch the "Replacer" videos and commercials, pay attention. Are the Replacers replacing teen-aged boys drooling over some cheerleader in math class? Are the Replacers replacing little girls having a Barbie doll tea?
    Back when MW3 was being advertised, were any of the actors pretending to be on a battlefield muscle-bound atheletes pumping the X button while at the gym?
    The answer to all those questions is "no."
    The reason the answer is "no" is quite simple to a person of reasonable intelligence: Call of Duty games are marketed to middle-aged men that are not exactly in the greatest physical shape.
    That means that TA did not think things through well enough when they came up with BO2. BO2 is a game of physical skill and that's it. Nothing else. If you have a lot of physical agility, you do well. You don't need to rely upon critical thought, patience, and skill of mind. The game was designed for ADHD eight year olds ... and marketed to 40 year olds.
    It really is that simple.
    And that is why so many long-time players, players that were around well before MW2, have been so disappointed with BO2. We need a game that allows us to use physical skill, yes, but not non-stop. We plan out our rapid engagements, those situations where we take on three or four other players within a 20 or 30 second exchange (or less) but we can avoid those exchanges when the environment is not to our advantage.
    That's being tactical. Deciding when you have the advantage and avoiding the engagement when you don't. That's skill of mind, see?
    When the game is non-stop engagements, only physical agility can get you through the battle. And, frankly, you can laugh about it all you want, but the bulk of the community - and I mean 95% of the community - does not have the physical agility required to do as well with BO2 as they have in previous CODs.
    The game has to be balanced between physical and mental skill. BO2 was grossly weighted toward physical skill.
    @ DSDDE ... dude, your idea for the UAV is the best I have seen so far, bar none!

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  • 07/23/13--03:03: clan mw3 xbox360
  • Bonjour je recherche actuellement un clan.


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  • 07/23/13--03:04: Re: HavoC Gaming
  • Hey i would love to join:iChris1120

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    Do you play HC S&D?

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  • 07/24/13--08:41: Re: maxis easter egg buried
  • bump yet again

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    That'd be awesome if they have Deaf workers there. But problem is, so far, I have never seen or "heard" of any Deaf person works in game devolpements.

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    I am the leader of a clan MorTify_ we are competitive and a qs'ing clan. I am looking for people to join and be on our competitive team. If interested add  or message MorTify_Apex. If this isn't convincing enough, check out are YouTube channel. Http://YouTube.com/user/MorTifyTeam We hope to see you with us at MorTify.




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    You're a real asset to this forum, keep up the good work!

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  • 07/24/13--08:37: Re: AN-94 Nerfed Bad!
  • Last night I thought it was broken lag or my broken aim, and then this morning I noticed some tests and I republished the findings. The AN-94 was my favorite gun and yep before I used it against Snipers in games of peek-a-boo, kept my distance with Shotgunners, and most of the time (running backwards mind you) against Knifers. In a few games I had to resort to my 'F'em' Class of Mk 48.


    None of this made any sense to me until I saw the data.


    IF the AN-94 was going to get a nerf then reduce it's RPM by 10%~15%...


    Now the question is what do I replace it with next?? Frankly, I'm pretty perturbed right now! Thinking about the QBB LSW with Quickdraw + Stock + Extended Mags.

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    add me on PS3: iKeKoOo_ and Xbox: iKeKoOo

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    Alexconserva wrote:


    a non-sniper core playlist and un nerf all the weapons in regular core. simple everyone is happy?

    that sounds simple, yet impossible. There is no way to please everyone.

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