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    Yes you are right. Maybe I was thinking to corperate. I would just be happy if we could have the same modes in hardcore as in core, hardcore has so little choice and, imo, is a more enjoyable way to play.

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  • 04/10/14--02:07: Extinction May Day bug
  • Hello guys, im an avid extinction player, and most recently i noticed a bug on the new map.

    Whenever im using the Kastet launcher, and i throw down the team explosives, it doesnt actually give me ammunition for it, i think this isnt intended because on Nightfall it DID give ammunition, please notice this and fix it, it really bums my playstyle at the moment.

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    Mw2 was very good and ranks to me as number 2 or 3 all time cod.  Bo2 is 1 and the  mw2 and Bo1 share 2 with lag hurting Bo1 and glitches and oma hurting mw2

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  • 04/10/14--02:11: Re: 10. Prestige icon fail
  • has brought nothing......I had thesoundnotheardwhen Iwasmaxprestige

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  • 04/10/14--02:16: Loosing rank again.
  • What is going on last time I was on ghosts I played for two hours started at rank 36 and ended at rank 53. I get on today and im back to rank 36. I also unlocked my last squad member and now he is locked again. Im getting really mad this is very irritating I love the game but I play to rank up not down. FIX IT please. Anyone else having this problem?

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  • 04/10/14--02:22: Re: more dlc wii U?
  • I'm sorry, I felt duty bound and simply couldn't help myself

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  • 04/10/14--02:22: Re: drop zone
  • Everyone moans about the spawns, but they still take the kills. Isn't that a bit contradictive. Just make an unwritten rule within the CoD community that if someone spawns in front of you don't kill them, instead you run 20 seconds in the opposite direction to them and if you kill them after that all is good.



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    I also think a lot of people are playing it because like me it was part of PS4 deal or it is the only game they have. I would never have gone out and bought this game on it's own. Like I said before. I got this game with my PS4 because it gave me a years free membership to PS Plus and I knew 100% that I could trade this game in at a different store after I had bought it and then get something else.


    I have had this game almost a week now and I have figured that if I do anything but camp I will get shot in the back by someone in a window or a corner or wherever they are concealable and hidden. I don't expect the game to be easy and getting my ass whooped by other players doesn't worry me at all, I have never played CoD before so it is expected. Being shot 99.9% of the time by someone hiding/camping and forcing me to do the same just doesn't make my gaming enjoyable.


    If I wanted to sit in a corner and not move for a while I would go out and buy a Chess Set .

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    1 to 5 - I'm with you


    but 6 and 7 i've got an other opinion.


    Medic regen and feral stacks all together even if you got 4 medics (4 x times regen) and also feral for insane regen.


    Does having multiple Medics stack up?

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    I have had this FROM DAY ONE

    as soon as i installed ghosts

    blops 2 MP is a no go freezes my system

    ghosts freezes random- i cannot get back in for EXACTLY 47 mins

    disc read error the usual rubbish which cut a long one short = send the unit for a service with sony

    its the game- the disc,there are endless posts of disc read errors

    all they tell you to do is clean an already clean disc-then spend money gettin a perfectly serviceable unit serviced

    shares in sony by any chance???

    I stopped playin few weeks ago & dont miss it at all,its not a black ops game its a gateway to spending more money on crap & 2 overpowered guns that basically trumps anyone NOT PAYING.

    BF4 is a better MP game takes some gettin used to but the maps are massive,they have vehicles,planes,helicopters & land vehicles-something ghosts does not have-or any black ops save for the odd helicopter that lasts 25 seconds.


    waitin till mid summer then gettin ps4 & a new set of games,black ops 2 was a great game but ghosts negates this .

    Many games companies have seen this gap & are goin for it.Its like drugs,once you are off ghosts,youll wonder why you wasted sooooo much time on a truly awful game!

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    not the disc its the game

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  • 04/11/14--02:56: Clan Issues
  • This is quite complicated but I will start from the beggining, I recently removed 10 or so members from the clan since we are not performing well in our current bracket anyway that's not the problem,the problem is 2 of the removed members are still showing up on the COD Ghosts game under Barracks and Clan details (We should have 29 members but it says we have 31) and when I go on the COD App the 2 players show up but they cannot be deleted from the clan as when I access their profiles It says no data and it will not allow me to remove them from the clan. Does anyone know what is causing this issue or how to fix it, also is there a direct way I can contact Activison/Beach head about the issue?


    I know there is a form that exists to contact them about the issue but I can't seem to find it, could anyone link me to it or something similar?



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  • 04/11/14--03:00: Re: Anyone up for league?
  • Hey man I'm down for some league, I know all the callouts and rotations but im in iron division for some reason. Add me my psn is RuthlessHazard

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    simple answers to this

    noboby bought the DLC,(very very low sales)those who have are disappointed.

    the game is truly awful

    people complete once & get bored

    i was in original map last month just after DLC & couldnt get a game for 20 mins

    NO ONE IS PLAYING THE GAME its that simple .

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  • 04/11/14--03:02: Re: Need Friends
  • Hey man add me my psn is RuthlessHazard, I'm looking for some decent players to team up with

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    Domination needs one thing


    if you do not attempt to cap you should have a kill removed every 30 seconds

    no kils & no caps= booted for inactivity.

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    I agree that the integration of the onslaught maps has caused 'fractures' with game finding at certain times and like the idea's you have put forward. In all reality I don't see them putting the map packs or season pass on offer just yet and as for giving loyal customers a form of reimbursement if they do this would it be highly doubtful (as we've seen when offering items for pre-ordering, then they've given them away at a later date to everyone).

    I honestly can't see why they didn't implement the option to disable new maps as they did with MW3, this could help at times with the matchmaking and also sort some of the forum issues out. As much as enjoy playing the new maps, I would happily sacrifice playing them to find games quicker and stop lobby hoppers (who don't want to play the new maps).

    I know this much, this will probably be the last season pass I invest in, next time I will probably wait for 'a fire sale' and buy then, knowing that more people will probably have it, hopefully.

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    I have recently changed my email for this and it says it's already been registered to a platform account, i am frustrated only because the fact my clan has won 2 clan wars and i haven't been earning the rewards for this reason, any help?

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