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    someone actually accused me of hacking today, ya I hacked all the way to 1.2 K/D  LOL


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    This is not the right place I know but I don't know how to open a new topic " SORRY ". I have my own clan on level 5 with 7 members, but we have a problem. We don't know how to join clan war games, on COD APP we are 4th platinum division with 1 territory held + we have +30% in game xp DOM. Please tell me how to play on clan war with my clan, so we can unlock red mask, and everything. " WE ALL HAVE THE COD APPLICATION ON OUR MOBILE."  Thank you in advance. 

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    Hello everyone!


    As of last night i created my own clan iClarity Gaming. Right now we have 8-9 members which is including pending requests offline players will eventually accept. We have already reached level 5 and plan to push for level 10 by next week. We are looking for players who have WORKING mics, and a K/D of .95 or higher. I only make K/D under 1.00 because i accepted many team players that come in to WIN. Their win losses were trash coming in but since we have created this clan i feel like overall our winning % has gone up.


    Right now i am merely looking for people who want to win. K/D is NOT a big needed factor in this clan so do not be afraid to talk to me in comments or message my XBL GT.


    We could also use some graphic designers for future purposes, like creating a true "emblem" for us that looks amazing for when and if i decide to create a website. (which will only happen if we can grow this clan into the great community i hope it will be!) If anyone is interested in joining add my GT: DOMx Chaos or HoosierTB (Co-Leader). Age is also not a factor as we want this clan to last and grow/develop into something great as we go through all the things needed.


    So please if interested in knowing more/or wanting an invite to give our NEW clan a shot please as i said above add either one of these GTs and send us a message saying you are interested in joining iCG!


    GTs to add: HoosierTB (Co-Lead) and DOMx Chaos (Me/Leader)!!


    Hope to see some of you at my side on the battlefield, for those of you not interested sorry for wasting your time on the forums and goodluck to you!


    DOMx Chaos.

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  • 04/07/14--00:57: Re: Clans ruining Ghosts
  • good post man, i play solo most of the time and alot of clan members come into the lobby with higher w/l than me or KD. either theyre actually a good clan (only come across a couple) or they have high stats because theyre in lobbies.


    still smash them playing solo with that amplify doe

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    usually play solo. looking to play in more lobbies with people.


    from melbourne add me PSN: pitskees




    no im not some squeaky voice kid haha

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    Get at me bro im from London but can be on for the times stated


    K.D 1.8


    Im 24


    GT: CeejayYoung

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    This game does seem to be getting worse and worse, the lag was non existent when it first came out, now I am behind a half second at least, which is certain death with the fast TTK in this game. This weekend was probably the worst I have had, so bad in fact I actually popped in MW3 and we all know the problems of that game.

    Elitist clans were talking **** about moms, calling me with my 1.2 KD  a hacker of all things, spewing out all kind of insulting garbage...now onto the the game play itself, Thermal LMGs everywhere sitting staring down sights, or NOOb tubes with danger close, or Riot shield C4 dudes...I dunno,  this was a bad weekend....

    When did COD not become COD?? we now have duckys and Kittens, and MIke Myers, Predators and aliens running around on the maps, somewhere along the line they've lost sight of what COD was IMO

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  • 04/07/14--01:05: Re: LAG
  • A few times yesterday I was in games where it was like the game was playing at 1 frame per second. Everything was in slow motion. The count down timer at the start took about a minute to count down from 17 seconds! Near enough everybody left the game before it started so we did the same. Until yesterday I've never encountered such a thing on this game.

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    Remember Me! PrEsCoTtLaaaaD

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    @ GuyPA: Actually if you read my post, they stated that IN GAME MATCHMAKING puts you with players of equal skill, CLAN WAR matchmaking puts you with clans of EQUAL DIVISION. I proved none of your point. its fully possible for clans with diverse activity/stats to place against each other in clan wars if they have a similar CLAN WAR HISTORY AND DIVISION! my clan had NO CLAN WAR WINS, the clans we were against, probably never won a clan war EITHER, regardless of how many clan wars they have been in, in the past. i don't see ANYWHERE, where i proved your point.


    @Slayer2291: people complaining is what created the eSports rules and the game battles rules. a bunch of kid complaining about something they dont like so loudly that they cant hear the logic in "HEY IF YOU USED INCOG THAT TRACKER SIGHT WOULDN'T SEE YOU" or "IF YOU HAD BAST SHIELD, MAYBE THOSE IED's WOULDN'T KILL YOU SO MUCH!" its a common thing on here and everywhere else little kids on CoD go. its impossible to avoid, and telling them to grow up or explaining it out doesnt seem to matter to them because they will read your entire post and hear only what they want to hear. for example, read my post, and what guyPA replied to it, then read his original post... see if anywhere in there, i was proving his point. and yet, for some reason he thinks i was.

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  • 04/08/14--01:12: Re: Clan Hoppers-
  • Hahahahhahahahaha. .. so true.


    Been there,  lesson learned.

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  • 04/08/14--01:14: Re: need a clan!
  • can anybody join   if so then id happily sign up

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    I thought the main complaint about BO2 maps were that they were too small(which they were)?

    Apart from a couple of maps I quite like the maps in this game.

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  • 04/08/14--01:19: Re: Dying too fast?
  • In stanard mode (core) most weapons take 3-5 bullets per kill.

    In hardcore, most weapons take 1-3 bullets per kill.


    Best demonstration,  marksman rifles take 2 shots to kill on standard, in hardcore, it only takes one bullet.

    There still is a difference in damage.


    This applies to everyone,  no one gets an advantage over the other. You will get use to it with the gameplay.

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    Please read original post and feel free to add me for a game tonight 8th April and future games thereafter. I'll get online somewhere between 7:30-8:30 GMT for roughly 2 games. Haha yes, I run a tight schedule. I should already have 1-2 more people to join but the more of you likeminded extinction players I have on my friends list, the better to be honest. Please add me GT: ManicRUSH with a short message saying what times your on for.

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    Because it's not a compatible device. You find a list of all compatible devices here: https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Call-of-Duty-App-Compatibility

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    Where is your blast shield now Motherfu##er?

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    No my friend. If I'm a fanboy of anything its cod! I love call of duty and have always played pretty much year round!  It's just that ghosts sucks! It's slow and boring. No getting around it! Doesn't even feel like a cod game!  I think I'm done with what's left of infinity ward cod for good! Treyarch seems to make the more fun games now

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