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    Id like to join your clan, im always playing cod ghosts my gamertag is ToxiiCSh0ts,  the o in Sh0ts is a zero xD

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    I have attached links to 2 of the videos that I have posted on my YouTube channel. I am having an issue with the brightness on split-screen multiplayer. I am having to switch between the 360 and the One to play Ghosts. It's really quite annoying. I have tried everything from getting a new disk, new console and TV. I have replaced the HDMI cord. I contacted Activision and they have offered ZERO help in resolving this issue. I have sent them screen shots, etc. All they will say is that they are going to "forward to the tech department". If you have had this issue or are having this issue, let me know!


    YouTube Links: Call of Duty: Ghosts XboxOne.. Why so BRIGHT?!?!?? - YouTube

                                Call of Duty: Ghosts XboxOne .. BRIGHTNESS Problem Multiplayer Split-Screen - YouTube

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    im having the same problem i have the app on my ipod touch dont know what to do to fix it

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    yellow red and green are not hacked. You can choose them from app on clan page

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    I have that same router.  You should change your DNS servers if you haven't already.  I have Comcast for internet and their DNS servers are horrible.  I've been using the GOOGLE DNS server lately and things are at least more stable.  I dunno, just my two cents.

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  • 03/30/14--21:51: Help
  • Our clan is small. The guys wanted gold clan tags and I'm only 1 with smart phone. I downloaded ap and put our clan tag in for the colored tag. It didn't change anything. We are at level 17 when they made me leader, any ideas?

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    Bump Still looking

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    Yes this problem is increasingly frustrating. Having paid for the season pass also and now I haven't been able to play for weeks. Is anything happening from Activision about this? Their silence is deafening. Nothing about a patch to fix this problem? Come on. There has been many complaints about this yet we hear nothing. Even just to hear they actually acknowledge the problem and to know they are doing something about and not just sitting on their hands because not everyone is affected.  Come on!!!! Give us news!




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  • 03/30/14--22:03: Re: Cod Ghosts
  • ^^i do, i do


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    i might start keeping a little diary then

    its becoming increasingly difficult to have a good game of cod

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    vmr sight is my suggestion

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    We are looking for dedicated players to join us and play in the Diamond Division Clan Wars. Currently we are only looking for 2 excellent players but may be looking to expand in the future.


    We are undefeated in clan wars, 5-0 in Platinum and 3-0 in Diamond. Our clan is full of friendly, diverse, skilled players who are devoted to Straight Edge* and are very enjoyable to play with.



    • Must have a mic + headphones
    • Mustbe able to play 4 hours each day during Diamond Division

                             (Fri, Sat, Sun 12:00pm - 4:00pm GMT)

    • Must have legitimate stats on your account
    • Must be a very experienced player, stats aren't everything
    • Must speak english
    • Must be friendly and respectful


    To Apply:

    Message our clan leader, stevenshar_08, on PSN with your days played, win/loss ratio and kill/death ratio. DO NOT SEND A FRIEND REQUEST. He will then send a friend request to YOU.


    Before adding any members to the clan, you will have to meet our clan leader and members in game.



    *Updated Diamond Division leaderboards are unavailable

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  • 03/30/14--22:08: Re: Bring back Mercenary TDM
  • JDM_DB8_VoltageB wrote:


    Foxhound-Pro > Well my thread was about Mercenary TDM and i dont need players telling em how to live my life and make new friends. That player puts negative comments on all my posts and doesnt have anything nice to say to anyone. If you dont want people saying negative things keep them off the forums. I will defend myself if someone wants to talk crap to me. Thank you!

    If you re-read my post, I addressed that. I totally get that someone created conflict worthy content. It was addressed, by multiple moderators it would seem, and was removed. Again, people are allowed to disagree with posts within reason. That's all I'm saying. - The person in question posted some unreasonable content and we understand that's why an exchange happened. We're just pointing out that people can and will disagree with a post or idea and that's okay.

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    1.52 kd

    1.66 w/l


    im on psn btw

    im 18

    i have a mic and the app

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    It's not that the don't like the idea , I think they got far bigger issues to settle before deciding on adding a, create your own camo,

    There could be a down side to this thou , what you redeem as "cool" or "individual" may in turn be very visible during game time.

    For now maybe Spawns , Lag , and other complaints that riddle these forums are, and should be top priority

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    You do realize that the average gamer knows very little about how the internet/online gaming work ?

    You also realise that an even bigger portion have zero idea what "lag comp" even is/does.


    Here's a big problem with your story. You claim the game is "unplayable" yet you claim to have a kd of almost 3. That in itself is a contradiction. I'll stop there for now.

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  • 03/30/14--22:16: Re: Next Clan Wars??
  • To correct myself, Diamond says it will go until Mon, April 7th, a four day war, and a first for diamond.  However, I believe that could be a typo in the news feed.

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  • 03/30/14--22:16: recruitment
  • looking to join a clan for xbox 360. That plays mainly nights

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