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  • 03/21/14--20:56: Re: Clans Boosting still....
  • I am not sure that it is boosting, or if they are cheating the "uncheatable" locked clan membership. We have encountered the same issue in our first Two Diamond div clan wars. We are matched against a clan that manages to capture with 62 wins in 20mins. Boosting, cheating rosters, whatever the issue is, it is ruining the game. We were undefeated in Platinum, now we look and feel like chumps.

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    Apply to xAmbitions we r platinum division

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    The reviews for Cap 2 are starting to come in and they're all looking very positive!  I've avoided reading any so I wouldn't get spoiled, but the ratings have been pretty high.  Only two weeks away from being able to watch it ourselves!  I'm guessing I'll be the only one that will see it on opening day?

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  • 03/21/14--20:59: Re: STOP CRYING
  • dude, campers are essential to domination, what are you talking about? you get one or two guys staking out the domination points, and they can slaughter the enemy team. anyone who has ever gotten a Kem strike, has camped at some point in that streak. you realize that right? no run and gunner will ever survive longer than 8-10 kills. especially not in competitive play, against decent players. and who cares if they brag? as long as they arent legit cheaters, let them brag. or even better challenge them to a match if you think you can beat them 1v1. ill admit that if you are a stationary player, your KD become irrelevant. you have no bragging rights about a high KD if you only stay in one place. but who gives a crap about KD? its meaningless. ive seen guys with lower than a 1 KD absolutely destroy in game. if you are trying to unlock cammos, and certain soldier customs, or patches, your KD will suffer at one point or another.

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  • 03/21/14--20:59: Re: Community Game Night?
  • I think it'll be fun. We'll just have to vote on a map, mode, host and date then we're good

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  • 03/21/14--21:01: Re: STOP CRYING
  • Depends on what game mode?


    I had some people join our clan last night who just stayed in one area, they both went 15 and 3 deaths or there abouts, did not give away killsStreaks and contributed to to half the kills required for HC TDM. Yet some other person was rushing around and went 18 and 18, he was the reason we lost and the other side got there Hello pilot.  Go figure?

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  • 03/23/14--14:40: Re: plz help me on ps3 bo2
  • thanks I don't know my ip status thing I am going to figure it out later but I tried online and it work for the first time in 3 weeks so I know it works but I need the open NAT after the game everyone disappeared and could play after that my friend got on but that's it

    thanks again plz reply as soon as posible 

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    I think I am probably one of the few who visit this forum that actually like Ghost, and have done fairly well at it. However I can see how others have grown frustrated with the game and how a large percentage compared to other COD 's have left all together.Ghost is a real good game, however I feel it has a greater learning curve than previous COD'S and your average random player can't just jump online and have a good experience. In other words whether the devs intended or not, ghost seems to be harder to play for the average COD player. If your seasoned veteran than most likely your going to excel at the game.


    Now after saying all that, ghost still to date has some serious problems that they need to address. Since day one the community has been screaming at the top of there lungs to fix what we consider major and important issues and to us it appears that we are ignored and shoved to the side. The most talked about problem amongst the community by far is the horrible spawn patterns.....or lack there of...still to this date I as many others have spawned in front of enemy's,  behind enemies, right in front of team mates during fire fights , in front of ied's ect.... spawn s have always been an issue in any other COD to date, however it would certainly seem that there is legitimate problem with this one and it's NOT being fixed. ...Since I have no programming experience I have no productive solution to fix this problem, however it would appear that this shouldn't be that hard of a fix with someone with the proper expertise and experience.


    Why have the new maps not been put into the rotation? Big complaint there....solution?


    .put the freakin maps we paid for into the normal rotation....it's that easy..


    LAG.......No need to explain...anyone that has any respectable time put into this game knows what I'm talking about ........


    If I wanted to get on my high horse I could come up with quite a few more complaints that are legitimate concerns amongst the community but in my opinion these seem to be the most prevalent on the forum's as well as conversation with other players online.


    Again I like playing Ghost and have adapted and learned how to overcome some of these issues and sometimes make them work to my benefit....However I am a die hard COD player ...it's a heritage for some of us....others it's just a way to waste time or take a break from reality ....relax if you will. ..and unfortunately for the COD franchise those random players as well as seasoned veterans are just not having fun anymore.....they keep pushing camos, and extra load out slots and guns and dlc, trying to attract a new generation of players and have completely lost track of the fact that guys like me and you have been what's kept this franchise number 1 for so many years...


    And last but not least please for the love of God please IW  give the HC players some love....HC players may not make up the majority of the population but HC players are more than likely your most devoted and loyal players.

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    Chaotic Greed Competitive







    a little to know

    we are a small clan that is run and owned by konecke259. K/D requirements are 1.2 kd but exceptions can be made and days played is 3 or more. But exceptions can be made so feel free to apply.


    Clan twitter:



    Clan website




    See you soon!

    -leader of CGC, konecke259

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    Sorry I didn't properly phrase that ,,, the additional stuff I am referring to is for the diamond leaderboard points Diamond Division Clan Wars Leaderboards that was my fault for not clarifying that.

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  • 03/23/14--14:44: Re: League Play
  • i'll play solo with you if you want i'm a master


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    I'm not going to complain/complaining considering there is now a way to dodge it

    Please learn to read, if it isn't too much trouble. My ENTIRE post was past problems.

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    I'm having the same issue with a member of in my clan. He installed the app Friday night and it was telling him he wasn't in a clan but his points were counting, then we start to play last night (Saturday) and he had lost all unlocks and points were not counting toward captures. I'm trying to help him out with this issue because I am the clan leader and know he wasn't kicked. I just hate to see someone loss everything they worked hard for. Has this issue been resolved yet? If not could someone please contact me about this issue?

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    It also shows your already in a clan?

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  • 03/23/14--14:48: Re: Looking for a clan?
  • merge with us we are a platnium clan level 19 had to kick alot of inactives could use 4 actives if interested message me CAProom mention this forum ad

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  • 03/23/14--14:49: Re: League Play
  • Problem is I can only play on certain times at night. What's your time zone?

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    I recently put together a more defensive LMG class using the Ameli.  I don't have the normal speed perks I use with an LMG as this is designed to be a long range defensive build.  So, I need a feasible weapon secondary to fall back to when I am on the move or if I need a reload.  I don't have the normal sleight of hand I like for when I run the magnum as my secondary.   So, I thought the PDW would be a viable mobile weapon for the build.  I was wondering if anybody has a good attachment loadout for it.  I am running the extra attachment perk on this build so I get two pistol attachments as a side effect. Any advice would be welcome.

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    Thank you so much for answering my questions!

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