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    Your post was edited. A follow up PM was also sent to you, TRU11.


    CODBlackIce | Global Forum Moderator

    Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops II & Ghosts

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    This. I did the Shangri La EE but after we did it 2 guys starting to argue about the focusing stone, and one of them rage quit. On BO2 i haven't done it yet due to lack of good players to do it with and unsure about the outcome of the eggs.

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    Treyarch buggered up Mercenary so I have to play TDM. I don't waste my time playing any other gamemode as they're infested with groups.


    Naturally I oppose your crying about people quitting your pubstomping attempts. Here's my auto-quit checklist:


    -If it's an existing lobby note player grouping by score when new teams are selected for next match. If high scoring players are placed in same team repeatedly as players leave lobby and new teams are selected, autoquit..


    -more than 2 players with same clan name? autoquit.


    -players with mics all grouped together vs. non-mics, autoquit.


    -note top few players in lobby, when teams are selected if game puts top 3players on same team, autoquit.


    -nuketown, autoquit.


    -join game in progress, hit X, view scoreboard, team down by more than 10 points, autoquit.


    -join game in progress, hit X, see same clan tags, autoquit.


    -more than one group of split screeners in lobby, autoquit


    -join lobby and am in bottom quarter of player SPM (last 3 places), autoquit.


    -game starts and it becomes evident within first 15 kills of the match that the other team is working as a grouped team with some sort of co-ordination, autoquit.


    I don't autoquit any other map except nuketown, even though Aftermath is just round after round of a clusterF*%$ in that room above the elevator shaft and the rest of the map is ignored. Ditto Drone and that machinery room and helicopter pad. Hijacked gets on my nerves if I play it more than once every half hour but I stick with it.


    I think that pretty much covers it. I maintain a 2+ KD playing 100% solo TDM this way. Nobody in my country plays BO2 so I have to play in US lobbies which means I'm at a mandatory 0.5-1 sec disadvantage 24/7.


    I have to play choose what lobbies I play in very carefully and don't have time for your pubstomping with all your little buddies BS. I'd play Mercenary and stay in pretty much the first lobby I joined but Treyarch force this MLG crap onto me by cramming Mercenary with game modes nobody enjoys, so I have no choice.


    I trashed my SPM trying to play mercenary for a few months when BO2 first came out. Eventually just gave up and have stuck with TDM using above lobby quit conditions as above.


    In MW3 I played Mercenary exclusively and rarely would quit a lobby I was put into. Ditto MW2.

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    And in the mean time people drop out so the count starts all over again then more drop out and starts again.






    finally, 5 minutes later the game my actually start.

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    We were part of a bigger clan that recentely seperated and we are now on our own. We are looking for people that will also be willing to compete in gb (gamebattles) with us. This means that you MUST be ok with playing snd. I will list the requirements below and if you are interested message either my gamertag (RankyPankyPeas) or the other leader (QC Swift Blade).



    1. Have a mic

    2.K/D ratio of at least a 1.05

    3. On Black ops 2 for at least 2 hours a day

    4. Have a flexible schedule for competitions

    5.Be at least 15 ( exceptions will be made if more mature)

    6. Be willing to have fun!!! ( there's a fine line between being annoying and having fun. We just dont want people who will never shut up or are dead serious. So a happy medium would be great!)


    There will also be a tryout which will probally consist of a 1v1 or 2 and maybe a few snd games with a friendly clan competitor of ours.


    Thank you.

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    at the moment its mostly mw3 though.

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  • 07/18/13--12:20: RcA clan ps3 chercher joueur
  • Nous recherchon 4 Joueur Mw3

    6 Joueur black ops quelqun Qui Peux s'ocupé de black ops




    NOUS Avons des section  FPS de jeux Sur day of defeat source counter strike source et et biensur bien classe nivaux top FR

    de nombreux serveur .Pourquoi pas AVEC Une bonne Équipe sur PM3 finir top FR Alors c'est toi Qui me Faut allor  pour Nous Rejoindre C'EST par la


    Qui somme nous non clan Crée en 1999 et encor la coulée en 2013 VENIR boté le cul sur un certain MW3


    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Nous Rejoindre et faire de ce clan des un top Francais =)

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    im lookin for an active clan that will party up and play gamemodes for fun, and that also likes to complete clan challanges.Also that is mature and has team players. I have a 1.58 KD

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  • 07/18/13--12:21: Re: Looking For PS3 Clan
  • Hello,


    I hereby invite you to join me in the amazing clan I am in called


    Shadow Company


    Here at SC, we are competative, mature, and always having fun!


    If you would like to see what Shadow Company has to offer please CLICK HERE


    Thank you for your time!


    Corporal turnxnxburn

    SC Recruiter

    Shadow Company

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    2.5 k/d xbox 360. looking for league players, 2+ k/d and good objective

    GT: El Spookay

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    Claire JeepChick | Forum Moderator: Modern Warfare, Black Ops, Ghosts
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  • 07/18/13--12:24: Re: Hardcore clan recruting
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    Your current speeds might work but they aren't particularly good.  If the only device using your internet in your house is your console (no cell phones or other computers) then your current ISP numbers should be sufficient.  However, switching ISPs should help.  You might still have to wait for lobbies in MW3 simply because certain gamemodes don't have but a few hundred players in them which makes matchmaking rather difficult.  As to in game performance overall it should be an improvement with your new ISP.  Several things other than bandwidth affect game playability, so if you continue to have problems then suggestions like what the other two posters have made will be most helpful.

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  • 07/18/13--12:24: Re: Marvel Heroes MMO
  • Anybody else out there in this community playing Marvel Heroes? You would think since this community got started on MUA2 that a lot of us would be playing the game. So who do you like to play and why?


    I'm doing IM and Thor right now and like them both. IM is very flexible with ranged and melee attacks whereas Thor is pretty much wading in and smashing large groups. Both very fun. The next hero I am in interested in is Ms. Marvel.

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    most people have skulls due to doing EE so many times and exploring looking for more in maps. i was merely letting you know that there are a ton of skulls on this site and could easily be shotguns. but due to a faulty ranking system, they arent.


    i have a dagger rank btw but when your at a dedicated site for zombie fans, you shouldnt be so narrowminded about what emblem they have sitting by their name.


    and to you DBZ, i understand he can ask for what ever he wants, but you know there are plently of great players here willing to do EE and help people out who only have a skull rank. if you guys think im starting something, have at it. i could care less. im just trying to give back and help the same way people did for me when i joined. the only reason i said wrong place to ask because i have a ton of friends from the forums here who just have a skull.

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         OMG I tried a game with the door closed. AMAZING!!! Stand at the bottom of the stairs at the edge of the railing and all the zombies from the top floor will jump down and none will come behind you. Amazing spot for solo and lots of room to run if things go bad. I would say good spot for solo or multiple people, but some people are d**ks and will open the door, so ill stick with solo on that strategy.

         The quick revive one was amazing as well. I was playing with 3 other people and held of by myself there until round 35 with no problems, then got board and went to the court house and kept going to 60 before we got tired and got off.

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  • 07/18/13--12:26: search team
  • bonjour je cherhcer un clan pour bo2 , mon pseudo octo88_ ,je suis un joueur snipe , mitrallette et fusil d' assaut et je voudrais aussi partager ma passion qui recruterai ?

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