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    Unplayable Lag Since Last Patch.


    Before the usual people post on here saying it is your connection/internet etc, etc.

    IT IS NOT so go troll someone else.

    I am on the PS4, live in the midlands UK, have very good fibre optic broadband, wired and nobody shares my connection.  The router setup is fine so I do not need any help with this.

    Ever since the LAST patch the game is UNPLAYABLE.


    The game has been running ok for the 3 months before the last patch.  Every other game is fine.

    I don't know what they have done to the game but 9 out of 10 games are now totally unplayable.


    You empty full clips into someone and they kill you in 1 bullet, sometimes they don't even shoot on my screen.  The kill cam does show them shooting me.


    I get stabbed by people 10-20 meters away and its driving me friggin nuts. 
    On the kill cam when they stab me I am invisible.
    Dogs teleport from miles away and kill me.
    My screen never even goes red anymore.  I just get insta-killed every time.

    On the kill cam the other person has a good 1 second lag advantage on me.

    I don't know WTF has happened to this game.

    I don't know if it is a UK matchmaking problem or what, but I hope they bring out another patch quick.



    UPDATE :

    Just thought I would give you an update with my situation.


    As you may know the game has been totally unplayable for me since last weeks patch.
    Last night I was so annoyed at not being able to play, I uninstalled and reinstalled all of Ghosts.  Same thing, every match UNPLAYABLE.


    This morning they release a new patch.

    I played almost all day and it was practically PERFECT.

    I am in the UK and I play with people from all over Europe and everything ran fine.  I didn't even have one bad game.

    I would like to point out I haven't changed anything to do with my connection / internet.


    This proves to me that there was something wrong with the last patch. 
    Its strange how we had 2 big patches within about a week of each other.

    I just hope that whatever was causing the problem stays fixed.

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    We a platinum clan if interested Kool guys. Laid back but run pretty heavy during clan wars. Nola clan is name and I'm Korvan29 on ps3 and ps4

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    Hello everyone, I almost never make the time to get on  forums and make a complement or complaint.. With that said, I'm sick of COD!!  I've been along time fan of COD however the more I play the less I like it. I'm hoping someone in the company is listing.  I've watched severe youtube videos of other gamers and all have their own theory.  At this point I agree with Woody and think that is the same game as its always been.  However I've put in enough hours of COD to realize that I'm getting ripped off..  I don't mean by money but I never play a multiplayer match and think the game was fair.  Sometimes its in my favor but mostly it feels like it against me...  I play on the PS and have bought every game and add on COD has ever made except Ghost (I have the game but refuse to buy and DLC..  I bought into the dedicated servers Ghost was supposed to have.  I'm done with COD and I wish Activision, until they fix the multiplayer.  I'm sick of being in a match (not hard core) and dying in one shot with a gun I have to shoot someone with no less than 3 and usually 6 times.. I watch the kill cam and it usually shows the person shooting me several times however that is not what I see while playing the game.  More and more I find that I pay attention to the complete match (mini map and surrounds) and while waiting for someone to walk through a doorway that I know they are about to come through I simply die.  I'm there waiting zoomed in on the doorway (without some cheat they cannot know I'm there) and I die.  Not even getting a shot off.. After watching the kill cam the game says I simply didn't shot.  However in realtime there was nothing to shoot.. The game is really pissing me off.  I've been a fool!!!  For several COD's now I thought that I was doing something wrong or a bad player..  Curse me or agree with me I don't care.  I simply hope that COD and Activision are listening and hear my voice..  I will not purchase another COD or DLC again until the online is fair!!  My wishes are that you fix it but at this point I'm wasting my time trying to get better at game that was never fair in the first place!!  Sincerely Nookie

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    Your on drugs or have brain damage or something.  But anyway...

    i Just found a thread where a mod told someone to power cycle your modem if you get 4096.  I just had it so bad I couldn't get on at all.  My brother has had it all day and some people have it so bad they cannot play ghosts for a week now.

    this is a PSN problem.  Probably to do with NAT just like I been saying.  power cycling the modem would have nothing to do with then game itself I wouldn't think.  Sounds like a network issue and probably is related to packet fragmentation issue.

    if you are having packet issue or 4096 reset or power cycle your modem and see if that helps.

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    Klingner63 wrote:


    i dont kick him and he dont leave the clan but he was out of the clan...

    do you mean everyone i kick lose his war cry gaer?


    Based on your description... this one member was removed from the clan (the reason isn't the issue) in between the end of the war and the rewarding of the gear.


    It feels like you found a bug.

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    Clan - MFDD

    Most of the Clan is in their mid 20's to mid 30's  we don't accept kids. Must have mic and KDR at least 1.3 and up!.

    If you have not downloaded the cod ghost app. please download it to your phone. it's free and keeps up with the clan wars and the clan you are on.

    You must be a active player also if you got a crew wanting to switch to a active clan were down to accept a crew. We are trying to grow progressively.

    not accepted is mods or boosting we are legit players.

    Hit me up for invite PSN - uNDyiNGBReeD


    Clan level - 17

    Clan K/D 1.3

    13 Players and still growing...


    Most of the time we just eff around a lot and have fun we have a pretty good time and get win streaks like non- stop when we play together.


    our goal is to create squads that like certain games such as Kill Confirmed or Search and Destroy and TDM and ETC. So sticking those players on their favorites and having squads on that certain field that they like to play then switching them onto games they don't like. you Camp that is kool and if you like charging that is kool too!... We don't care nor judge you. You play good, make points then do it on the way how you like to play... We play for fun and bs with other clans time to time. Still we keep it competitive and are pretty organized.


    Message was edited by: undyingbreed

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    I messaged the moderator dude to see if they can provide a reasonable excuse.  Doubt it...

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    I messaged the moderator dude to see if they can provide a reasonable excuse.  Doubt it...

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  • 03/14/14--18:10: Re: Why are tubes so strong?
  • Tubes are actually significantly weaker than they used to be.

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    I am looking for a ghosts clan on ps3 to join. specifically one that just wants to have a fun time. A clan that plays regular game types like dom just to have a good time,not caring about kd so much.

    I am pretty good at the game. If you are recruiting just contact me.



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    when i play hc its cause i hate pumping a half clip into someone/ chase dots

    when you play hc its cause your an effin camper

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  • 03/14/14--18:12: Re: this gif's for you
  • Whats with posting the family pictures lately?           Fishing....            playing with balls.....         ???

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  • 03/14/14--18:13: Re: Looking for a PS3 clan!
  • Hey message beastslayer85, hed be happy to have you.

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    I might get infamous. I have never played the previous versions of it. Watch dogs seem like it will be pretty cool, but doesn't that have awhile before release? I think Destiny will be good, but that isn't coming out until some time in September.

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    If you are thinking of buying a PS4 but mostly play Ghost, it isn't worth it. Ghost has serious frame rate issues on the PS4 version and IW has not communicated about fixing it. I doubt they will. If you are a console gamer and enjoy lots of games then i would recommend a PS4. It's sound, dashboard, party system, and graphics etc. Multiplatform games  are running better on PS4 vs xbone as a general rule so far. If you enjoy great graphics, then save your money and buy a PC. It looks like PS4 will be getting pooped on again by Activision in regards to COD.

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  • 03/14/14--18:13: Re: this gif's for you

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    HC is for Terrible Players which is why I get killed so much when I play HC matches.

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    The moderators on this site have nothing to do with the banning process in the game

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  • 03/14/14--18:15: Re: this gif's for you
  • i found you



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