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    Off-topic: MLG isn't regarded as a proper tournament sponsor for the CoD pc version. They host 1v1 quickscope matches for that matter...........


    On-topic: could you clear that first alinea about TBNRfrags up a bit? I did not fully understand. I know he was a somewhat competitive player in cod4, but he never achieved high ranks on the ladder.

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    my gamer tag is Meetryan

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  • 07/13/13--08:13: Re: anyone recruiting
  • PUBLICENEMY4 messaged me about you and just apply

    DO IT JOIN!!!

    Just post on here if you do apply so i can accept or send message to my gamertage nautralmystic830 all lower case or our clan leader is headsNot6


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    I didn't keep an eye out for those kidna cheats really, so I might have come across those. Who knows. Then again, I don't really bother with those kinda things as achievements/camo's are pretty much worthless to me anyway xd.

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    PR3D1T0R clan is a levle 8 clan almost level 9. we play black ops 2 on ps3. we are a lightweight clan and have 6 people in the clan at the time we will only allow 6 MORE people in. our clan tag is [PR3D]


    • must play as a team
    • be good
    • play often
    • play the objective

    PR3D1T0R clan is recruiting today at anytime. the tryout will be first a quick scope match and second match is a regular match.

    if u join we are working up to our lvl 10 in our clan soon enough we will have our gold clan tags

    We will be doing:

    • league play
    • public matches
    • clan ops and chalenges
    • we will tr to do clan matches
    • we will have fun


    • No fighting with people in the clan
    • if you are interested comment and message get_pwned123 on ps3 we will try and get back to you ASAP.

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    I truly did chuckle a little when I read this title.  You do know that there are only 5 levels in Zombies, right??  Please tell me you do, please o' please!! 

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    so excited

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  • 07/17/13--05:19: Re: Lets play?
  • Looking for skilled players to.  I'm fed up with kids on Dom not even playing objectives!  I will add or PM you tonight 8.00pm ish.  I am Master Prestige 1.37kd SPM 318.  Not great but not bad.  Core Dom my fave.  My PSN is Bystander10

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    i bounce around lobby because:

    1. i hate splitscreeners on my team
    2. the lobby i was in was to easy
    3. parties often screw up the connection so no tnx
    4. i just hate some maps
    5. Removed by Moderator


    Message was edited by: codblackice

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    What bothers me is you admit she's 14, now for the sake of "Humility" lets say you are an Army Ranger, and your brother Is a Scout Sniper. You've probably ended a lot of lives between the two of you. My question is why the hell would you encourage your neice? Its NOT a video game, there is no respawning there. You should be pushing her to be a doctor, SAVE lives not end them. Especially for America when half our men, sons, brothers, fathers, are out there dying and they don't even know why they are fighting!


    As for your posts. I still call into question. Like I said on the internet, anyone could be anyone. Look at "To catch a predetor" you get people in chat rooms (This is really no different) and the pedo thinks hes talkin to some hot 14 yr old, Uh no its a 30 yr old cop......So you say your a 22 yr vet, in reality, you can be some 16 yr old obesed kid chomping on mc donalds.

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  • 07/17/13--05:23: Re: starting to get annoying
  • Actually I agree with Izzy


    Should it be happening? Good lord no

    Should something be done about it? Good lord yes


    But if you have have an issue, doing the same thing over and over is not only NOT going to solve it, but will harm the PS3.


    Izzy is not saying : Do Nothing. He is saying, Do something different.


    A suggestion : Delete everything that has to do with BO2 on the system and reinstall everything (the game, the textures, then the DLC if it is applicable... and in the right order, then any extras)


    "Winners never quit, and quitters never win... But people who never win and never quit are idiots"

    - unknown


    (and the ATM example is incomplete.  Instead of continuing to use the ATM, go into the damn branch, get your money and tell them the ATM is broken.  Using the ATM over and over is insane)

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    I would love to see the XM8 and G36C, also the MSR

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    There's are reason that you can't obtain certain items on easy mode while playing Z's, just the same reason that you cannot complete EE's, it's already WAY TOO EASY!!! 


    You will only get better if you challenge yourself.  I've been playing tons of grief lately, it's been easy mode, games ending in round 2, 3, 4, hardly ever get past round 10.  When we finally get another group in our lobby that is ranked knife or above, we know it will be a challenge and don't back down.  That is what all the practice is about, those all star match ups where only the best will survive and win. 


    There is no challenge with playing z's on easy mode and you'll never really improve your skills unless you stop handicapping yourself. 

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    TRU11 wrote:


    1. Removed by Moderator

    I thought you were my friend *sniff*


    Message was edited by: codblackice

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    I would love to see the XM8 and G36C, also the MSR

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    argue for the sake or argument? and how is that? asking people to prove what they talk about, to actually show it? thats arguing for the sake of arguing? Sure, why actually do more to help your argument and bring legitamacy to your claims. I mean its not like other claim stuff simply because they are upset. its not like theres a reason why other might doubt this cause so many cry wolf.


    Its funny how you complainers never want to show what your talking about. thats whats funny. funny as hell actually. funny that if stuff like this actually was a problem, that it would likely have been looked at and adressed by now if not for people like you.

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    I think the pistol challenges should have been halved. 50 headshots, 15 revenge kills, 75 kills no perks or attachments, 10 double kills and 5 bloodthirsties.


    I attempted to get diamond pistols but trying to get headshots with the executioner is a real pain. There have been time where I've snuck up behind someone looking in a window, ADSed at the back of their head and for some reason it doesn't count.


    There are also a couple of other poorly thought out challenges such as getting a bloodthirsty with a crossbow (really Treyarch ), getting a triple kill with an RPG, destroying dragonfires (a streak that nobody uses unless they get it in a skill package).

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  • 07/17/13--05:29: Re: looking for clan
  • Hey... Check us out.. I just cut 20 players to make room for players that want to make a difference.. We finished 9th in last weekends TDM clan op and have 80 members playing daily.. If you are interested please goto out elite page and apply..




    Then goto our website and register..





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