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  • 03/05/14--14:41: Re: COD APP stuck on loading
  • Hey Hitmanbiggy,


    Thank you for taking the time to post!

    Please provide us with your device version and model. Also, have you tried clearing your device cache and re-installing the App?




    ATVI Support

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    The Warbringers.


    Xbox One

    Xbox 360

    The Warbringers are a clan (UK based but accept all) that have just 20 members atm and we are looking to expand our community with more members on both platforms to help us advance in divisions.

    We accept people with a good and bad K/D including W/L and also people of all languages. For now we are not fussed on who we recruit until we are higher up in the divisions. Also its a first come first serve basis, so if your looking to join reply to this message and we can get you and your rank sorted as quick as possible, and we will be soon asking for people with more advanced skills and high K/D ratios... so be quick and JOIN!


    You will need to speak some English.

    You will need a working Mic. (Not vital but preferred)

    Need to be active! (MOST IMPORTANT)

    Knowledge of CoD: Ghosts.

    At least over the age of 12+. (Mature)

    Half decent at the game.

    We are also looking for players to have a laugh as well as serious and competitive players to help us advance.

    Applying for our clan:

    You can apply via the Call of Duty app by searching for us at The Warbringers. (With the full stop)

    Message me on XBL: SwiftAlmighty

    Join now if your looking for a clan that's UK based but accept all languages!

    Need Xbox One players the most!

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    yeah, strike zone.  I have three kids running around.  I am lucky i can remember my own name.

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  • 03/05/14--14:43: Re: FREEFALL for REAL!!!!
  • yes its strike zone.  I'm having an off day here people.  Work with me a little.

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  • 03/05/14--14:43: Re: Free Fall Lobby Freeze
  • I've re-installed the Update and DLC, and it keeps freezing.


    But i can play on Free Fall in a Private Match with friends or bots without any Problem.

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    I believe COD Ghosts is an awesome game compared to whats out there right now. However I know they have been busy on creating numerous fixes etc . But can we please get a realistic answer on when the dlc maps will be put into the regular rotation. I just dont want to purchase devastation if im going to have to wait months to play dom on them. Thanks

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  • 03/06/14--15:16: Re: Ps3 clan Recruiting!
  • You can add me and i'll invite you through PSN or you can apply through the app, your choice

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    Dude! we are perfect for you. All we do is play HC Dom. BoomCitySoldiers definitely wants you in our clan.

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  • 03/06/14--15:17: I need a clan!! Xbox 360
  • I am looking for a active xbox 360 (Gold to Diamond Division) clan that plays clan wars and wins, i just left a clan because they had 70+ members and only 5 were playing the clan war. I have a 1.36 KD and i am 4th prestige. I am Max prestige in all other CODs and have alot of experience. I am very active and friendly and 20 years old, So no drama! lol. I mostly play HC Search and Rescue and Domination, but i will play any game mode. Thanks !

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    Still plenty of open seats in our clan!

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    We are still accepting members we are currently in 3rd place paltnuim division level 25

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    I bought the season pass on my main account but have other accounts on the PS4. They all have access to the DLC on my one PS4. (Dog etc. all carry over)

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  • 03/06/14--15:22: Re: Ps3 clan Recruiting!
  • ok

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    I am having the same issue error image file 62 I am using an xbox one day one edition and I bought a hard copy of cod ghost from best buy. My game has worked fine until last night I started getting the error message

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    1. Moon

    2. Shangri-La

    3. Origins

    4. COTD

    5. Acsension


    ....and Verrukt as a sixth. Sweet atmosphere.

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  • 03/06/14--15:24: Re: I need a clan!! Xbox 360
  • you could join mine but its not in those divisions

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    ghamorra wrote:


    We all know Maccabi is getting paid by Activision. He is a member of the illuminati after all.

    I can neither confirm nor deny i am Illuminati only that I was once accused of being so.  (also im under an NDA from Dan Brown)




    but before someone doesn't get the forum banter.. I am not an activision employee

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    I always use the computer I only use my phone for messages do u under stand what I am saying about my problem

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  • 03/06/14--15:25: Re: Ps3 clan Recruiting!
  • i did it through psn

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