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    yes mate add us

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    I've had matches where nobody leaves and boom we've swapped factions.  I guess when that happens my team would be OP starting as one faction to the game had to balance it by swapping us sides.

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  • 07/10/13--05:29: Re: Camping and Sniping
  • People don't drop shot in the military and they don't Halo jump either.

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  • 07/10/13--05:29: Custom Games questions
  • I am not in front of my console right now so going from memory so I might not get the nomenclature exactly right.


    1.  What is the difference between Online Multiplayer Custom Games and the similar feature offered with Local or LAN mode, other than the obvious that online will allow friends to connect via the Internet?


    2. Can whatever LAN mode offers with custom game setup be saved and re-loaded like the Online allows?


    3. Still have not figured out how to force the AI Bots to used only one loadout, tried Team A / Team B options, but no luck, anyone know if this can be done?




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    I was just going to get a shower is 20mins alrite to start?

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  • 07/13/13--08:03: Re: About Navcards
  • Last question was meant for you. Also if one person in the game picks it up do we all get it?

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  • 07/13/13--08:05: Re: Dear Treyarch
  • I had an 8gb ram on my ps3, and it never froze, maybe your ps3 is broken? Get an xbox bro, way better

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    I would imagine any cheaters would play something like demo or dom so they can get a bunch of kills and attempt to impress people more.  Ive seen tons of stat hackers in this game for some reason recently, moreso than any in game cheaters.  There was some guy with crna in his name or something who had all 4+ gun kd's, but his overal was only a 2.  Many people I've seen have millions of headshots but no kills with guns, or have the gold camo unlocked with no kills.  Makes me sad :/

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  • 07/13/13--08:06: Re: Sand is overpowered. .
  • ChestSplittah wrote:


    Well if you look... he did soil his pull ups.

    Thats just gross esmorgue that he wears pull ups

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  • 07/13/13--08:07: Recording ideas for zombies
  • Hi Guys


    I was wondering if any of you have some good ideas on what to recorder.


    What do you get stuck with that you would need help with and what would you like to see.


    Also if it requires more players and not just by myself, would any of you be interested in making it with me?


    Also check my youtube channel and the quality of my Happauge HD PVR 2 gaming edition


    My channel is www.youtube.com/ArtisanzHD Also subscribe as i would like to make videos to help everyone as it is my hobby/passion and i can see that ive got your support through the process and i can give you massive shoutouts.


    Thank you


    GT: Artisanz

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    hey guys .. am looking for a golden clan .. am prestige 20 in MW3 and master in BO2 .. i play both but am more likely into MW3.. am a super player with everysingle weapon .. but usually i play with ACR or MSR .. my k/d ratio is 1.2 .. about to hit the 100000 kill soon .. i play 24 hours ALL DAY LONG

    .. if u want me in ur clan add me iNightmare-ix ( since am not on here often )

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    Listen there's players like TBNRfrags that have tweeted and keep suggesting they (AimBot) hack and when he tried playing MLG 0.50 KDR and after two game was out. IF you're seeing everyone in this video you'll forget you're playing with a Wall Hack.


    Again, one short clip with one (1) WTF Kill means nothing, and I said IF you're doing frequent kills like the one in the video throughout the game Prior Ban(s) or not folks are going to call you out as a cheat.


    Noob + Hack = MLG


    You should see this post on my feeling of Prior Ban(s) Players -> http://community.callofduty.com/message/414599285; I noted your comment and of course you feel that way, but in my experience 80%+ with Prior Ban(s) are indeed cheating in BO2 - period.

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    Yeah mate, I am down to play. My steam ID is DeathBringerZen, and my in-game ID is DB-Zen. Shoot me an friend request.


    The map is good, and visually it is pleasing, but you will see yourself how brutal it is. I spoke to Nukem again on Twitter and he said he is using the Verruckt sprinting zombies, which is fine, but not every single one needs to be like this. The zombies are overly agressive, and so fast, that reloading is where you will DEFINITELY die.


    Now I know I am decent at zombies, and have made it to round 59 solo on Verruckt, but so far, I believe my highest round on Alcatraz was round 6 or 7. Lucky to have even got there to be honest.


    For such a high profile custom map, it should have been more in-line with Treyarch style of maps and not like the frowned upon style it has adopted.


    So many custom maps are ignored due to the fast runners making it too difficult to get into, and enjoy.


    Still... would be fun to run it with 3-4. Definitely allow easier exploration.

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    1 needed

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  • 07/13/13--08:08: Re: anyone recruiting
  • Welcome to CoDMunchers

    Everybody is welcome to join, there are only two things you need to know; join in as part of the challenges and operations to increase our clan level and ultimately to have fun.

    We do not look at spm or kd, all we ask is that you contribute and in return you can have our gold clan tag CMch alongside your Gamertag.

    We are looking for likeminded, active multiplayer and zombie gamers. Any discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated.

    Send us an application https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/7531813 and you will be accepted into our growing clan. Follow us on Twitter for updates https://twitter.com/ClanCoDMunchers. Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Codmunchers. Or check out our website http://codmunchers.iclanwebsites.com. Or message me. My GT is: The Doctor 2704

    We will eventually be holding internal clan leaderboards and giving out awards and having fun competing against each other.

    Happy Gaming.

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    I was using a m27 with quick draw acog and stock. It was close medium range. My aim was dead on and I was getting many hits. He simply spun around and quickscoped me before my gun could finish him off. That's the type of thing good quickscopers can do.

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    Thanks Ban for the much needed info. Appreaciated here are some flowers you little lady


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    I have done die rise Richtofen and Tranzit Maxis. Can i do Richtofen on Tranzit and replace maxis basically turning tower orange to blue or does the tower need to be without either/reset. If it does, how?

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  • 07/13/13--08:11: Which COD?
  • So I have mw3, bo1, and bo2. I usually play bo2 but I think I might boot up one of rhe other ones today. Besides lag can someone explain which one i should play and why?

    And what is so amazing about mw2? I saw they just released it again. Thanks in advance!

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    Yo im looking to join a clan my k/d is 1.13


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