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    Some times on the operation where is says your reward it gives wither a "F" or "M", but sometimes you need to go to your characters uniform and check to see if you have the right operation active.

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    you normally have to use preferred gender character to unlock uniform/headgear that's how u know

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    TheDarkOne123 wrote:


    Liar isn't an insult if it is then everyone who has disagreed with you or said you were wrong has insulted you. He did lie he said quickscopers aren't a problem and that he doesn't make a stereo type about them and that they don't need a nerf. Then he started saying they are a huge issue because they sometimes cause him to lose. Then he said he thinks most if not all of them are under the age of twenty. He then had an arguement with deamonic saying they needed to be nerfed so they could be realistic. Where does religion play in this? I have been coming up with reasons I even compromised a debate check my posts before I called him a liar. He's the one who offers no debate all of his posts are one sided and can't be debated. Liar is referring to the verb of lying all it means is person who lies that's it. That's not an insult cause he can prove he isn't a liar and it's not meant to be hurtful or offensive.


    I can understand two parties disagreeing then, through the use of context and quotation, pointing out discrepancies and contradictions in the other's statements, but I can't agree with one party exceeding said interaction by calling the other a "liar" or stating that they are "lying." At that point it becomes somewhat ad hominem. Whether intended or not, one, at that point, has begun assassinating the character of the other . It can definitely be considered insulting. Especially in matters where subjective/empirical data is used to argue points.


    Generally speaking, it's better to avoid calling someone a "liar." It's tricky enough navigating online debate, but it's always best to dismiss the other's argument by agreeing to disagree.

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    Congratz. Now you only need a few more wins for that uniform everyone wants, but me lol

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  • 02/25/14--09:01: Re: camping
  • My keyboard, does it look like I 'camp?'


    <a href="http://imgur.com/bUTWD2E"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/bUTWD2E.jpg" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /></a>


    If you want to camp go for it, but in games like DOM you're going to lose.

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    Adam1234567897 wrote:


    They should make it where it goes down a list of maps with out the ability to vote that way every map gets played.

    that system would see people dropping lobbies more often as they knew their fav map was a long way from being played

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    If you want you can play with my clan. Currently level 20 and in Diamond division. Although, this Friday i wont be on the 360 for about 2 weeks, but i will be on the one. Spring Vacation. We have 5 members. Clan KD 1.62 and WL is 85%. We normally play dom but we play anything. GT: xRSLxTurnAround

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    Hi please add Sammy Vee   on facebook. OR Nefarious5150 on PSN

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    "its fine to disagree, it is not okay to negate a complaint by being condescending that just because YOU dont agree with what someone says its okay to undermine them and call a complaint "whining " or "crying" etc. if you give a jack ass response, expect one to come back at you.."


    Practice what you preach.






    "I have very good stats, I will not make a class to counter shottie game play. if a player is that much of a unconfrontational social degenerate to camp in corners with a bull dog and ieds, they need to not be able to play the game.. period,


    and if i had it my way, they would be banned permanetly"




    "this was derived from your imagination and hold no credibility.. nice try i play the game correctly.. i have a 5.1 kd and 3.4 w/l  i do very well at both killing and winning, which shows that im not a camper..  what about you ? u bad ass gamer you .. mr master of counters, whats your kd? *** cough cough 1.0 cough*"




    "no my 5.0 is from Sh&** on 2.2 players .. nice try though.. if you kd had cheeks, my kd would pinch them.. soooo cute "




    "lol typical bad player.. when ever they see high stats  they "skewed them" modded them.. in some way shape or form they are not legit lol then they get destroyed, and its something else  lol


    so much misconception just because you have a problem with wuss tactics, you automatically get get beat by it? thats hilarious. i Play cod because of the fast constant action.. well suppose to be fast action.. campers ruin the experience not just for me, but for the majority.


    I have been on this forum since mw3, and have talked to some really cool people, then there are the majority of degens. that act like good boys and appreciate "play styles" then go home and scream in the mic, writing nasty messages to other players lol then come back on here the following day saying " HEY! they can play how they want!!. lol whatever maybe you guys should start being honest with yourself, .. either way i cant be beat




    I have also played this game since mw2 and grew and learned the game.. maybe there are better players than me on this game.. i dont know I havent seen one.. pro stats do not compare to mine, i even have higher stats then every youtuber.. not saying I would win against these guys in every match, but statistically im a  better player, and since my stats have not been manipulated.. numbers dont lie you can hate it all you want.. it doesnt change,a nd my kd/wl keeps going up


    i win"

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  • 02/26/14--10:24: Xbox One [Dire] Clan
  • EU Ireland and UK exclusive.

    Ages 15-19.


    I aim to create a large gaming community where

    people of similar age and time zone can game

    together. Xbox One only. Mic required.


    Add - Adam296

    Clan - Dire Pack IRL

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  • 02/26/14--10:25: Re: PS3 I NEED A CLAN
  • Hey man gave you an add on PSN, we are a small clan around 8 members based in europe but have 2 americans so we are always looking to add to that! Let me know man!


    [DGS] [PS3] Level 13 clan looking for active members

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    What game mode are you talking about?

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  • 02/26/14--10:27: New clan ps3
  • Started a new clan called HomocideWardens (HcW). Lookin for any players that are active..hit me up on here if you are interested or add me on psn i_Marq_u11

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  • 02/26/14--10:27: Re: Tranzit idea
  • that is a great idea. Try killing him with emp as bus goes through tunnel and have the hole above him. I'm down to try that!

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    Not myself nor the 6 of my friends that have this title. We have decided to not buy any DLC.

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    UPDATE - if you'd like to apply to be the next Support Spotlight, email activisionrewards@activision.com and tell us why!

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    Please only serious applications as well its getting annoying seeing the application message pop up on my phone and thenI check and its dissapeared because you have joined another clan already!


    Thanks guys!

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    We have just come off another big clan war win and are looking to boost our ranks with more active PS3 members! We are a gold division clan, level 15, with 20 members and counting. All members are active and there is someone on every night. We all use mics and the app, and we communicate very well. We are laid back and like to have fun, but we win alot. We are very competitive in clan wars and look to remain undefeated. Hit me up on here, the app, or PSN to request an invite.

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