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    TheProphetMark wrote:


    My post I just replied to applies to your reply also.


    In MW2 nobody complained about Ninja Pro, almost everybody used it. It wasn't until SitRep PRO, and even worse now that we have Amplify before people started taking footsteps for granted and now they can't play without ot because they want to be able to play better than they ever could without it. You people take your ears for granted, seriously. Everybody does even in real life outside of games.

    I sound whored in every cod game I have played since 3. I can take my headset off and do just as well.  You have just as many ways to augment your sight in this game as you do hearing, oh wait, you have even more.


    Take for granted... Ah now I get it, Since you cant hear other players footsteps you like dead silence to be unbeatable so it kinda evens out the playing field for you. makes sense but then goes into the realm of wanting the game to be made for them

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    Incidentally there's another thread where the mention (at my hands) of Griefing came up. It is a form of harassment, and Microsoft won't stand for it. Report him through XBL also. You can, if he ever shows up and does it again, call up Microsoft XBL Support and do it that way, they actually take it rather seriously (as they should) and will deal with the player directly rather than having a publisher/developer (Activison/Infinity Ward) go through their steps and ultimately report him themselves as a harassing player.


    It isn't as frequent as past CoD titles have had, and though Hardcore modes are filled with them (more so on the IW CoD games due to Ricochet, making it basically impossible to do anything about it except suffer), it does happen on Core, abet to a lesser extent since it's not as simple to shoot through him and you in the same volley.


    Other online games offer a No Tolerance toward this behavior and will, in certain cases, outright pema-ban the player causing the problems. Some will give them a warning first, but many simply remove them entirely and end further issues before they have the chance to continue.


    It is for that I wish there specifically was a Griefing option on the report feature in game. Boosting is a form of both exploiting and griefing, but TECHNICALLY that would be an abuse of the report system... Sometimes it feels like the developers while not supporting this form of in-game harassment, take little to no steps to prevent it. I know originally Ricochet in HC was intended to stop it, but honestly over the past two games from IW it's only proven to help, however indirectly, these chump-stains... at least with a Treyarch CoD we have the option (on Hardcore only of course) to flat out murder them and stabilize enough to save our own skins when the Angel of Death comes barreling around the corner blasting 50 rounds of an LMG at us lol they're a tough bunch to weed out in either case...


    It was A-hole night, I agree... if it wasn't griefing and tubes en'mass, it was people with LMG's, thermal scopes, dead silence, and amplify sitting in corners everywhere... the most unsportsmanlike players come out of the woodwork during Clan Wars I've noticed.. and even some of the otherwise sportsmanlike players turn into very unwholesome players. I'm not knocking a bit of camping, I don't mind, but when every player on an enemy team, in a clan no less, is doing exactly what I outlined above.. sometimes with tubes attached to said LMG's, it really makes you want to punch someone in the face until they stop twitching... lol

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    AAah okey ı will be paste my link over here

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  • 02/23/14--00:07: Re: xMOS. {Ps3} Loyalty.
  • Do you have the app? I'll invite you.

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    TheProphetMark wrote:


    Nothing because people just want everybody to be heard because they can't be bothered to use their eyes.


    OR... it could be that a good player knows to use everything they can to their advantage and not just one area... crazy concept i know... using more then one sense to gain the advantage in a fight

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  • 02/23/14--00:08: Looking for a clan
  • Hey everyone!



    I'm looking for a clan that has ten to twenty five members in it preferably a clan that is mature, has active players, teamwork based, and have kd's 1.50 and up.



    I play almost everyday for at least a couple hours usually in the mornings. I work from 10pm to 7am Eastern Time 5 days a week. Lately I've been getting Monday and Tuesdays off where I will usually play later on in the day till the morning.



    I'm also looking for a clan who is serious about clan wars. Preferably Platinum or higher. I'm a Master Prestige with a 2.074 kd and I love playing competitive. I've got nothing to look forward to but gold guns, patches, unlocking gear, increasing my kill/death and win/loss as well as being a supportive team member/leader.



    I play on XBOX 360

    My GT: J0HNNY Be Good the o in Johnny is a zero.



    Message/add me on XBL for tryouts or what not.




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  • 02/24/14--02:12: Re: Relics You Would Use
  • lol well obviously for the 4 relics you'd use one of those 2, but which one would you most likely use over the other?

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    Thanks for showing interest in our clan. Please add me on either PS3 or PS4. smokeey575


    We will arrange a party and match and go from there.



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    Thanks for showing interest in our clan. Please add me on either PS3 or PS4. smokeey575


    We will arrange a party and go from there.



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    Hey could i grab an invite please! i have applied on app and my GT: SwiftAlmighty

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    I'm a quality player that is worth at least 30 - 40 wins per day (often much more) during Clan Wars and I play every day. I need a team that the majority of the players pull their weight during the Wars. Last Clan War, I was on a team of 8 players. I'm the Clan MVP but unfortunately only 2 of us played. During that Clan War, I single handedly captured 5 areas and kept them. During Clan Wars, I'm good for at least 30 - 40 wins (often much more) per day.

    I play all of the game modes and constantly monitor the Clan Wars app to make sure I'm holding the areas as well as winning new ones.

    I'm also a diverse player in the fact that I have gold sniper rifles, assault rifles and sub machine guns. I play different styles depending on the need.

    I'm Prestige 6 in Ghosts and Max Prestige in Black Ops 2.

    I can brag about my K/D but during Clan Wars only WINS count. Win big or go home. 

    My PS3 Gamer tag is ImBeatingYou

    Add me and I'll join. Trust me you won't be sorry.

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  • 02/24/14--02:17: Re: Relics You Would Use
  • I'd probably go for the earn and carry less cash one.


    Sorry when I typed those two last I couldn't think of which one I'd prefer to use.


    I might be up for another high score run on Nightfall if you want. We can both get full teams going and complete it without downing at all which would mean a combination of protecting the 5 relic player as well as not going to far as to take all of his kills.

    I'm hoping for a score of 400k+ which is an amazing score for Nightfall. My 360k puts me in the top 1** last time I checked I think and the top players have 430k.

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    With every update my game performance becomes progressively worse. From release date all the way through till the mid December patch I played this game without any trouble at all, suddenly after that patch I get massive stuttering, now after another major patch I'm not only still getting the stuttering but I'm also now experiencing regular 3-5 second pauses. This game is beyond a joke now, no surprise then to see that there are only just over 2000 players online according to game lobby.

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    I cant apply on app for some reason but could u send me an invite through it too SwiftAlmighty! cheers.

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    I'm am a gamer but also a Youtuber and In COD BO2 i've loved to record in feather mode some game plays , or maybe I would like to see how I made a kill.

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    i play every day and search a good Clan for  Cw Wins  


    Kd 2.27  Psn: Badb0y_X-      (the "O" is a "0")

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  • 02/24/14--02:25: Re: Relics You Would Use
  • I do mine differently for sure.... Since I usually run this class in both POC and NF I adjust as such...Medic, ferals, sentries and vulture or riot.

    1 relic- handgun only

    2 relics- handgun only, take more damage

    3 relics- handgun only, take more and do less damage

    4 relics- the above plus no class

    I dread the less cash relic and its always the last to get turned on. I've seen a lot of people turn on no class last but the money is of greater use to me. I realize the handguns only first might puzzle some but the combo of sentries and a vulture help lay down more damage to make up for weakened firepower on my part. Medic class helps a ton with take damage so it gets nullified. Do less damage usually means it only takes an extra melee attack or a few more shots from my magnum to do the job so I blast a lil bit more to get it done lol.  Honestly when I drop my Med class my gameplay suffers some since Im really used to the extra regen and speed but I survive.

    5 relic runs for me change a bit but usually work well if challenges are completed and points used wisely..... I setup as follows 90% of the time on a 5 relic MP run- Magnum, explosive ammo, fast hands, IMS, machinegun turret.

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    You need 2 to make 3 or 3 to make a full team? Either way the two guys above are excellent players and great teammates so I'd look for the game invite or FR from them or hunt them down lol. add me up if you need a 4th for a team or just want some good help. GT- OFC Pugnax

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    Hey AJ,

    Sorry if this is reviving a dead thread, but I just wanted to thank you for your help.  Unfortunately nothing worked and I just had to wait for the update (finally).

    However, the app works like a dream now ^ ^




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    Hi Chap


    You sound like the kind of player we are looking for! I will be online tonight at around 4:30pm UK time. I will add you but also my PSN is smokeey575



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