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    My Gamertag for Xbox 360 is MortalTech9

    My KD is 1.65 and WL is 1.4

    I play the objectives, do call outs and know the maps well

    I'm looking for a clan which is competitive and wins clan wars, would like to make a push for diamond division. I'm a good team player and would like a team that does some competitive gaming, clan vs. clan or GBs.


    Please let me know if you any clans would be interested in me as a new member.

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    I want to know if you can play 3 player split screen in special ops on MW3 is that possible or does it have to be in multiplayer only? if anyone can tell me that will help full thank you

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    Yep it's been down, they did something similar in the last Clan War which almost screwed us... hopefully it won't be that drastic this time. Most of us just quit when it happened today, the only other thing we could've done is play blindly... I mean we don't even know which nodes we were holding since we'd only come back on from the night before. It'll be harsh if the other clans get points for holding those nodes because we have no idea what they are or who has them...

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    If all they did was to pair up KDR's into [ranges] it would fix the majority of issues and many (many) more players overall would actually have the opportunity to enjoy the game.


    Both my and several of my clan-mates KDR's are higher than most but not anything stupid high. When I play say legit 1.5~2.5 K players none of the hackusations are flying around and I 'get' their thinking (less the hackers), but when I play e.g. 0.3~0.9 KDR players frankly it's not any fun for any of us. I want a challenge and they get understandably tired of being killed.


    Most of them have a disadvantage from PC related issues, time played, (PC) equipment disparity, set-up, ISP, or etc versus someone that will take a few hours to fine tune and tweak a PC's FPS for every map, a good ISP and has thousands of hours playing FPS games.

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  • 02/21/14--21:08: Re: No more whining
  • Is this the same Bell's that makes Two Hearted?  Sorry for the naive question, I'm down in GA.  BTW, Bells Two Hearted is fantastic where I can find it.

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    Any help?

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    Hello, I am currently looking for a MW3 Elite clan. My Psn I.D is Jaydn2kk. I have a 1.561 K:D Ratio, I'm 14, and I am 1st Prestige level 42. I overall prefer TDM or Free-For-All, and occasionally I play Team Defender. I am on almost everyday for at least an hour. Feel free to add me on PSN. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would be nice enough to allow me to join their clan.

    -I am calm

    -I don't rage a lot

    -I usually get around 20 kills per match

    -My K:D Ratio is 1.561

    -I'm obedient

    -But I don't have a mic .-. I have to find it

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    nice username. you paid for the game and as long as you arent doing anything intentional to be detrimental to your team i would say play however you want.


    I still am not going to congratulate you if you happen to kill me across a map with a SR. You will probably hear me screaming an explicit word that mean poop, or to have intercourse. I wont send you hate mail. I get enough of that myself.

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  • 02/22/14--23:56: Suche nach Clan
  • Hey Leute,


    Ich bin 16 Jahre alt und spiele Hauptsächlich COD BO2 auf Ps3. Ich komme vom PC und habe viel Erfahrung über Liga und generelles Online-Spielen ( 2mal Prestige Master gewesen). Nun suche ich jedoch einen guten Clan für die Ps3, ich habe Momentan eine 1.43 KD, jedoch steigt diese stetig da ich zZ eigentlich ingame nurnoch 2er KDs spiele. Mein Ps3 Name ist BL4CK_SPIRIT_121 (ich weiß ist scheiße ^^) und falls ihr interesse habt, könnt ich mich ja adden oder pipapo.

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    We are looking for people to help get us in the diamond clan wars. Send an Xbox live message to Aeserath or MEESTER TICKLES If interested in joining. if you are on xbox 360 send a message to MEESTER TICKLES. Xbox one send message to Aeserath


    Clan Lvl: 8

    3 Active players at the moment don't care what you kd or any other stats are as long as you are an active player

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  • 02/22/14--23:58: Clan to Join
  • PS3 clan on the East Coast of United States. Members so far consist of me and two others. We use to be in a Gold division clan but looking for new recruits since the clan wasn't as dedicated as we had hoped. If you're an avid player contact me so that we can see how you fit within the clan. Thank you

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  • 02/22/14--23:59: Re: Clan to Join
  • Hello, I am currently looking for a MW3 Elite clan. My Psn I.D is Jaydn2kk. I have a 1.561 K:D Ratio, I'm 14, and I am 1st Prestige level 42. I overall prefer TDM or Free-For-All, and occasionally I play Team Defender. I am on almost everyday for at least an hour. If you would allow me to join your clan it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!:)

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    ToDMoose wrote:


    I would appreciate ping times for player being posted. If I am playing a game with my North American buddies and with players in Europe (or farther) the lag becomes so bad you don't know if it's lag or hacking. If the pings are posted and I have a high ping - I leave - if not immediately then after the current game. Also, why would you ever put default pings to connect at 800 mS? Anything over a hundred is bad IMO.


    They don't want you to see your ping, as that way you can see just how bad the matchmaking is and that there really is no dedicated servers.


    Infinity Ward lied when they mentioned Dedicated Servers, in fact they have lied and obtained pretty much every pc players threw false advertisement and fraud.


    No doubt this post will be deleted because it's the truth and they don't like people telling the truth on here.

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  • 02/23/14--00:00: Re: Since the update
  • I've typically had no issues following a patch, but I have a couple friends that do, one of which I know doesn't complain about... anything.. and I'll hear him gripe a little here and there, but nothing major. Also have to keep in mind, most people are complaining due to the amount of hits (especially in HC) enemies take sometimes, and I always remind them there's another form of lag beyond basic connection/compensation lag. Host Synchronization lag can be a pain in the ass since it doesn't manifest like typical connection jitters... a sync lag, and this is especially for HC players, will have you blasting someone's back from close to medium range and getting nothing but hitmarkers (no vest marks) and then they cap you in one shot on a turn around. What's actually happening is your sync to the host is off by up to a second, but the client continues allowing you to play until it either disconnects (rarely) or catches you up with what the server is seeing. So all those blasts you got were only on your console, what actually happened was you wound up coming up behind said guy, sync lagged and stopped for about a half second, he turned casually and shot you standing perfectly still... which probably puzzled him a bit lol then he moved on. The server doesn't count anything you did from the moment you synced out slightly, it accounts for the last action you took while synced to the host and caught you up. That happens a lot on pc online games and MMO's where it continues to allow you to see things and preform actions, then suddenly catches your sync up and something completely unexpected happens.


    This happens to certain people a lot on my friend's list. The one game I was able to spectate my above mentioned friend and according to him, from his perspective, he ran up and knifed a dude in the back, then suddenly died and the guy was walking over his body. From the spectator cam, which is what the server sees, I watched him run up, stop for a moment, the guy turned, shot him, then moved on. He never knifed at all. I've had this happen to myself, but I know what it is when it does. I just glare over at my modem and move on lol with full connection lag, you see the laggy effects because your sync is actually still up to par with the server, but the connection (it may not be yours but someone else) is dramatically dropped.


    Now this is not an excuse by any means, because I know more people that just blame their poor hand-eye skills and timing on something that really had nothing to do with their true frustrations, so... I mean, when I see a buddy of mine constantly complaining about lag or it was BS this or that happened, 9 times out of 10 it's because he isn't nearly as good as he might hope or believe... sometimes just looking at their K/D can give you a pretty good perspective as what you should expect.. by no means fully trust that the guy with the 1.0 is going to be a fairly average, if that, player (I've had plenty of 1.x's roll my ass).. but when that same guy is constantly complaining about this or that or whining and blaming things like lag... yeah, sometimes it is hard to tell a friend they just aren't good >.< I usually try to compensate for one or two of my buddies that die more often than kill, and despite their complaining and blaming we'll pull off a W for the chart... but yeah, there are times when the complaint is legitimate due to their sync dipping briefly... it's just difficult to tell if that's the cause or not since it only affects you and not the people around you... unless of course you're the host, in which case you're the reason everyone in the match is jittering or rubberbanding all around since the server is trying to sync you up, and we're all connected to you.. LOL I've won games for my team during massive rubberbanding before... wholllllleeee different playstyle required to pull that off with more than pure luck haha

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  • 02/23/14--00:01: Re: xMOS. {Ps3} Loyalty.
  • Murder On Sight

    LVL 16, 27 members 1.9 kd

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  • 02/22/14--23:56: Re: You guys need to stop.
  • I had to log in and make my first post on this. I have ALL the codes and tools hackers use, there are dozens more websites that have them, but 1 forum I follow (and I am no hacker, but I like to see what they are up to since I am a programmer myself, not to mention they have good info about the up coming games coming out) is NGU here are the relevant links to the C# codes and offsets, dvars and etc they use.


    If support wants me to narrow down the threads more, I will be happy to, they even have anti-ban software they are attempting to use. Demonware I believe it's called is used to ban the console, they have access to that now as well.


    Call of Duty Ghosts - NextGenUpdate

    Call of Duty: Ghosts Mods, Cheats, and Glitches - NextGenUpdate

    Call of Duty: Ghosts Glitches and Tricks - NextGenUpdate


    Now these links are to the the main areas where they are posting tools (you can pay for more access but I don't pay since well, I don't have a need to). These are all for the PS3 version of the game, not Xbox, not PC.


    All that truly needs to be done is very simple in concept, but tough to execute in a quick fix update. What they need to do, is have the system check the dvars, offsets etc etc upon loading into multiplayer. If anything has been changed, don't allow the console access (or do what other games have done and have a "cheater" pool). Once in a MP lobby, if you try to mod, the game will once again check things before loading the game. Once again any change and they are denied. Now we can take this one step further because some people do RTM (real time modding) and have the system monitor itself so see if things are happening that shouldn't be, ie spawning people in a spot that shouldn't have a spawn. Now lets take this one more step further, if running checks during the game would slow it down to much, they would need to talk to Sony about blocking off memory access so while in a game nothing can be changed. That is a different and a much more uphill battle. Till memory blocks are blocked there will be no 100% fix.


    Now I don't know how much any of this would slow down the console with all the checking, but if there MUST be a fix, these are some options they can look at. The truly big issue is that PS3 is so hacked to hell that it might be to late to stop them. To be honest, there is only so much IW and Acti can do without Sony doing updates first, and that, will be very unlikely.


    Sorry if I rambled, its 3am, I just got home from work, and my mind is running 100mph.


    Take the links, take the info and lets hope IW and Acti can do something with what I have provided.


    EDIT: If you want to re-post this information to a better thread location, or if you want send it directly to IW/Acti please just make sure and quote me, since this is my theories and ideas, and I would love to help support from either of them get more knowledge of whats happening, and or even give them more ideas, since I have quite a few others.

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  • 02/23/14--00:04: Re: xMOS. {Ps3} Loyalty.
  • Interested - message Sam12Ash on PSN

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    maccabi wrote:


    and herein lies the problem with cod campaigns nowadays.. they have great set pieces and levels that really are amazing.. but they are tied together with such dire storylines you lose total interest playing them as a story.


    to me the single biggest mistake cod ever made as a franchise was removing the actual basis of COD.. the campaigns were so much better when you followed your character/characters through actual historical events and battles.

    Agreed! They could create a "COD Historical Battles" and I would not even need to have a story line. Just before each battle give the background and strategy that actually took place. Kind of like playing the History channel.

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  • 02/23/14--00:04: Re: No more whining
  • usually alcohol

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  • 02/23/14--00:05: Clan to Join
  • PS3 clan on the East Coast of United States. Members so far consist of me and two others. We use to be in a Gold division clan but looking for new recruits since the clan wasn't as dedicated as we had hoped. If you're an avid player contact me so that we can see how you fit within the clan. Thank you

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