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  • 02/20/14--18:59: Re: Enraging players!
  • Technically true. But not ethically. People are free to do what they wish with there game, however that interferes with others enjoyment of the game they spent money on. There's a reason griefing is against the tos.

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    Purchasing season pass was worth it for me since I have both 360 and One systems & disks. Microsoft makes you buy map packs twice without season pass for 360/One. XOne's player numbers aren't great late at night, so I switch to 360 without loss of access to DLC.

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    Active everyday. Just left Gold Division clan due to them being inactive. Will play any game mode necessary to win. PSN justtblazee

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    Hey man,


    Before you read anything I'm going to be honest:


    I don't play much anymore because my control is BROKEN. I cannot run/throw equipment/weapon switches for no reason.

    Haven't played in a week actually...but recently went 140-6 with the broken control LOL. (Would of been 200+ if I didn't over ride 2 of my lodestars and if my teammate didn't get K9 unit LITERALLY 2 seconds before I got off my lodestar to use MINE on the last minute 1/2... on nuketown...)


    My stats before broken control:


    2 1/2 days gameplay / 5.50 KD / 1.30 WL  500 SPM  (Solo for 2 days of gameplay)


    Stats after broken control:


    4 1/2 days gameplay / 3.65 kd / 2.01 WL   490 SPM



    To be honest, i'm probably the worst player in my whole clan. (I'm the leader)


    Still have original members since December 13, 2011!


    Our clan is different because we're not just a clan, we're a FAMILY. lol

    We have a chat we all go to, insult each other, love each other, bring ourselves down for our terrible COD skill...


    No need to sign up for those forums no one likes, no need to sign up for ANYTHING!



    Our clan is full of people who actually talk to each other and invite each other to play as a team.

    ALL are above 2.5 KDR and 2WL (They have a few days of gameplay on it, not some new account noobies)

    Most people in the clan maintain a 3KDR with using SUPPORT scorestreaks only!


    Clan accomplishments include:

    75-0 TDM black ops 1 (6 people in clan)

    201-0 Domination BO1 (3 people in clan)

    Constant 200 to LESS THAN 30 domination games in BO2

    250-3 Hardpoint (We let them in in the beginning lol)



    Come visit our website! Someone just needs to make you member(Just clicking your username and membering you in a chat; takes 2 seconds) to be able to chat.  See you soon! Maybe! MOST of the clan goes there, it's a hang out place



    The people in our chat are all in the clan, and they still play, i'm the only one that doesn't play as much



    Either come on website or add me on(I won't get on often on PSN, clan is still running though)

    PSN: xDontBackOut



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  • 02/20/14--19:05: Re: Nerf AR's
  • How is it that some people never seem to understand those simple facts... the same things I have generally said for.. hmm.. well forever...

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    nobody ran overkill because stopping power was a must have perk.

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    Looking for people who consistently play cod and actually play! Started up another clan 30 members right now. Have at least a k/d of 1.4+  if you don't play a lot or are good please don't bother. If you're interested message me "join nike clan?" to my psn nik3_pro94.

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    I would like to file an official complaint as follows:

    As the commander of a very competitive and serious clan (ART of WAR ELITE) this ability for soldiers to invite anyone to join the clan makes my life a nightmare and the success of our clan winning diamond division clan wars nearly impossible.

    In Diamond division there is roster brackets. We are in the 46-54 clan member bracket. My Lt. Commanders and I have worked very hard at finding and scheduling our members to ensure they can all participate in the clan war for at least 85% of the 12 hrs needed to compete.


    If one of our soldiers invites just one new person before the roster locks that would put us at 55 members and thus at the bottom of the next bracket up of 55-68 members. That means we would be 12 members short of the other clans we would be competing against. THIS IS BEYOND FRUSTRATING!!!

    If we lose a diamond division clan war because some random clan member invites a buddy and kicks us up into the next bracket that will cause a problem of epic proportions. We have kicked 35 members to get to 54 85% and higher participation clan members. That is not easy.


    Please revert the system back to only Lt. Commanders being able to invite new members immediately!


    If you are reading this and you agree please like this post.

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    I'm guessing it's because they didn't implement lag compensation until MW3

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  • 02/21/14--20:54: help
  • can splitscreeners go into parties/ clans if they both have ps4 online accounts? it just says unable to join party

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    I don't think it was, the app seems to have shut down entirely... Plus it's not really level if we can't see the app when others can. Fair enough we have a big lead, but we worked hard for that and we have done well to hold it... I don't see why such effort would/should be punished. It's bizarre because it read as an error, then said we weren't participating in the Clan War, but we were in Diamond Division, yet another clan members app told him he was in Bronze Division... and our clan leader definitely stated that he was not moving us up into Diamond until he had certain patches and camo. I'm assuming it's maintenance similar to last clan war.

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    you can search #TEAMTOXIC# for the name or TTOX for the tag how ever sometimes it doesnt want to show the clan that way so you can look up my gt (HoneyBadger2213) and you can find the clan that way

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    I paid for season pass on pc but it will not show up when I play. I was supposed to have free fall but it never showed. steam says it is an activision problem but I having trouble getting support. Help?

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  • 02/21/14--20:59: Re: New update changes
  • They fixed NF, making platinums defeating the breeder quickly, bronze slowly. However, they somehow managed to flip around PoC at the same time.

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  • 02/21/14--21:02: Re: help
  • Its worked for me in the past, but I was the party leader.

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    Hey everyone, I started a new clan. Its called the I Syndicate I Clan. If you want to join message me. And remember we have the cookies






    GT: Mythic Royalz

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    Yeah it's annoying, especially common in Domination in particular... My clan usually run a few people with Air Superiority, the amount of times we've beat people trying to cheat is actually pretty funny. They suck so bad they can't even win when they're cheating. You can almost guess who they are, you'll go into a lobby they'll have high stats and be talking about how 'amazing' they are, you kill them a ton then all of a sudden they get scorestreaks from nowhere.

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  • 02/21/14--21:03: Re: LEVEL 25 CLAN RECRUITING
  • PSN: Fayfries-

    KD: 3.21

    W/L: 2.1

    Active player

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  • 02/21/14--21:01: No more whining
  • The game has its issues, no doubt, but let's focus on something else.  For those over 21 what is your drink of choice while playing?  It can be more than one.


    For me personally my favorites are Sweetwater 420 (a local beer in Georgia), Bulleit Boubon w/ coke and Wild Turkey.  In a pinch I'll do Bud Light.


    Granted I might not be the best teammate in the world, but I certainly enjoy the game and my teammates a bit more.  I'm curious, does anyone else have my zest for life (and gaming).

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  • 02/21/14--21:04: Re: No more whining
  • The past few weeks was Bell's Hopslam for me, but thats sold out now. Columbus IPA is my go to. (Ohio beer)

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