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  • 02/09/14--00:01: Re: PS3
  • Sure thing, let me know the details

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    I don't drink much whisky these days, but when I do it's usually Glenmorangie, Dalmore or Balblair...The 3 of them are pretty much on my door step.

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    You only need 1. And let me tell you a funny story about mismatched teams.


    We started to do Clan Wars TDM tonight, but the first three matches were a laughingstock. Particularly the first one. Get this. The first lobby had a 3 person party, a 2 person party, and two solo guys. So, after waiting forever for an 8th player, I kid you not, the 3 man party ... backs out of the lobby as soon as they spawn. Why? Because their 4th man ended up being the guy with the worst stats in the lobby. Well, no way my bro & I were backing out - guaranteed win. Then, just as quickly, another random gets dropped into the lobby on the side with just 1 man. They start off losing, naturally, 6 to 1. Again, we assumed the win and actually just started goofing off. Well, one guy on our team was still all serious and proceeds to get slaughtered by the one guy on the other team. So that guy on our team backs out. Bro & I get serious again because the score tightens up and then the late arrival to the lone wolf team backs out. We had a really hard time playing because we were laughing so hard. Even my wife was telling me to quiet it down I was laughing so hard. By the end of the match, the lone wolf on the other guy was still there - by himself, me and my bro were still there, the score ends 19 to 17 in our favor, and we had lost our initial third man but picked up a new third man.


    I felt bad. The lone wolf guy had the true final kill, but because he lost it didn't show in the final kill cam. And he had a glorious ending. My bro and I had decided to "sneak" up on the guy and let him think he was about to kill me while my bro knifed him from behind. LOL. Best laid plans ... So I end up actually chasing the lone wolf guy over half of Sovereign without him even realizing I am LITERALLY bumping into him from behind. He manages to round a corner to see my bro and catches bro by surprise (because we were laughing so hard). The lone wolf kills my bro and 180s to regroup. That's when he discovers me - and knifes me cold! But wait! There's more! By this time, our final third man has caught up to the fray and has opened fire on the lone wolf guy ... but somehow the lone wolf guy manages to kill our third man, as well.


    I haven't had such a good laugh playing COD in a looooong time. Guy kills an entire opposing team of three in about 3 seconds to end the game. He should have gotten the final kill cam just for the glory of his luck. We won, but just for being a good sport he should have been awarded the win.


    The funny part? I have a 1.9 or so TDM kdr, bro has a 1.7 or so TDM kdr, and I don't know what the 3rd guy had. But the lone wolf?


    He had a 0.44 kdr. That's why the 3 man party backed out. Granted, we were not being serious in any way, but the guy never gave up and he held his own.


    Best match of COD I've had in Ghosts so far.


    Sadly, the next two matches also had parties that backed out as soon as they got down by 6 or 7 kills at the start of the match. They were boring matches, though.

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    I just started the game and it booted straight into the final stage of the last level in the single player campaign which I finished months ago... wonder if they're fixing the profile issues.

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    Banned for not banning under the Accusation of fanboyism act 1999, section b) clause 4.1

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    as long it's a rock band

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  • 02/10/14--00:08: Re: platinums on night fall
  • i think it is time inverted , the more time you use to kill the breeder , the higher the medal you get will higher.

    i haven 't yet get the " Speed Slayer " and i haven 't yet a bronze medal.

    the first time i beat the breeder and didn't know about the flowers , it take me a lot to kill it and got the platinum medal.

    now i have 1 platinum , 2 gold and 2 silver..

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    You've misisions left. I only got support section missions. And that section is bollocks. Hard to get them.

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    yeah but it doesn't work,and yeah I did,and now this new account isn't in the clan!

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    you are spot on

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    yeah you are correct.

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  • 02/10/14--00:23: Re: Nervous of VAC
  • Well thank God  that no one asked for your opinion. Build a gaming pc and then come back to argue with ones who already have one. If you do not like pc and it`s possibilities maybe you should buy a console. Do us a favour leave us alone! Stupid idiots? You are out of mind. You are the only idiot here. 

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    Adam1234567897 wrote:


    Yes because handguns use bigger rounds so it makes perfect sense these assault rifles aren't using suspension systems like the AA-12 so they need to have recoil more recoil then the pistols even. Cause the pistols in this game aren't powerful except the 44 Magnum and it's single action and still has more recoil.  Still complaining about quickscoping are we? I will say what I said two months ago all guns have sticky aim and aim assist all guns go out of their ranges and do things they aren't intended to. Quickscoping isn't an issue because the fact that the guns have faster damage per seconds now. All snipers need is sway and flinch boom fixed.

    To be honest the only time you will hear me "complaining" about a quickscoper is when they are on my team. I don't often see anyone doing it these days though... Last week I went 35 kills and 4 deaths in a core TDM and lost the game because two Faze wannabes were streak feeding the other team for the whole match while they were trying to get that 1 epic kill for You Tube I guess...


    As for the handgun recoil thing? Well I live in a pretty civilised country where we don't really need guns, so I've never fired a handgun in real life, but I'm pretty sure that rifles are more accurate than handguns, that to me would equate to less recoil among other things...

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    How to fix this thread.


    1. Remove tampin.

    2. Get better.

    3. Repeat 1 & 2

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    I've noticed this since launch but it wasn't as common.  Lately it's always wrong.  Iv'e noticed it affects invites as well.  Example:  I'm waiting in lobby, not matchmaking lobby but just regular pre-game lobby.  I send an invite.  Friend accepts invite but is told invite is no longer valid or something to that extent.  Friend pulls up friends list through game and it say I'm in a match or not online.  Very frustrating.  I love sending invites and waiting like chump only to check the main friends list from the dash and see they are not online. 


    While we're on topic why can't I just send an invite instead of it having to load and ask for some pointless message?  It was so much faster in the old COD's on 360.  I know it's a Sony thing but still a PITA non the less.

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  • 02/10/14--00:26: Re: Nervous of VAC
  • if you understand human eye then your know  fov65 is not good for some as it makes them ill  .as for giving edge you need it with all the hackers in game ,

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    What's ur psn little bear?

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    Just go apply ill look at ur stats

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    What does this have to do with Ghosts XB360?

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